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Alan Ellman  

Qualifications/Background Information:

1- Authored three books on the subject of covered call writing.

2- Produced a 4-part DVD and CD Series based on the seminars presented

on the same subject.

3- Presented over 50 seminars during the past two years on the subject of stock


4- Filmed Speaker at the LIREIA Deal Panel Forum in 2006.

5- Featured Speaker (along with Than Merrill of A&E's Flip This House) at the

LIREIA December meeting.

6- Author over 200 journal articles published on my website (blog link) weekly on

the subject of the economy and stock investing in particular

7- 20 years of ...More
  • Description: Independent financial planner/advisor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: ETFs, Options, Stocks - long
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