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  • Alimera Vs. pSivida, A Comprehensive Comparison
    Mar. 21, 2014 ALIM, PSDV 1 Comment


    • Alimera and pSivida are partners on ILUVIEN. 16 articles have been published focusing on pSivida since June. Only 1 has focused on Alimera, resulting in a brief Alimera discount.
    • In order to fully grasp the potential of ILUVIEN in terms of ROI, knowledge of both companies is essential.
    • Alimera gets 80% of ILUVIEN revenues, pSivida 20%. Alimera is trialing ILUVIEN for macular degeneration and retinal vein occlusion, while pSivida is developing fourth-generation insert Tethadur.
    • Alimera is a more leveraged play on ILUVIEN specifically, while pSivida is a more varied play on ocular implant technology in general.
  • Excess Reserves: The Elephant In The Room The Fed Doesn't Want To Talk About
    Mar. 8, 2014 BND, DBA, UUP 275 Comments


    • Excess reserves in the financial system currently stand at $2.5T, or 95% of total reserves, historically unprecedented. The previous peak was 55% in 1935 during the Great Depression.
    • Any tapering or increase in QE is therefore meaningless, as the money is not entering the system anyway in response to Fed actions.
    • The Fed has effectively lost control of the money supply, and almost any way you look at it, bonds will soon be crushed.
  • China On The Verge Of Deflationary Crash: Primary And Secondary Plays
    Feb. 11, 2014 FXI 26 Comments
  • Is A Patent War About To Erupt Between Evolva And Stevia First?
    Jan. 14, 2014 ELVAF, STVF 7 Comments
  • Cervical Cancer Should Not Be Ignored By Biotech Investors
    Dec. 24, 2013 ADXS, ONTX, GSK 4 Comments
  • Cyber Security The Next Big Thing In Internet Stocks; Lessons From The Tech Bubble
    Jun. 5, 2013 FIRE, INTC, PFPT 5 Comments
  • Market Running On Fumes, Prepare Your Exit Strategy
    May. 12, 2013 GDX, GLD, SPXU 88 Comments
  • Athersys Has Some Promise, But Controversy And Doubt Remain
    May. 2, 2013 ATHX 28 Comments
  • Pandora, Groupon, Zynga And Mobivity: Hard Numbers Show They're Turning A Corner
    Mar. 14, 2013 GRPN, MFON, P 15 Comments
  • The Bottom Is In For Gold And Mining Stocks
    Mar. 6, 2013 AGQ, AUMN, AUY 52 Comments
  • New Developments In Ophthalmology Indicate Likely Surprises
    Feb. 27, 2013 INSV, SCMP, ABT Comment!
  • Some Lesser Known Healthcare Prospects For 2013
    Feb. 13, 2013 AMSG, CGHC, UGHSQ Comment!
  • Technology Revolution To Shape EV Charging Landscape
    Feb. 5, 2013 CCGI, ECTYQ, EV 1 Comment
  • Pershing Gold Is A Good Guy And Great Buy, But Not For The Reasons You Think
    Jan. 29, 2013 PGLC 22 Comments
  • Gold Stocks Are A Minefield, Pun Intended
    Jan. 25, 2013 GDX, GG, GLD 20 Comments
  • How To Invest In Patent Holding Companies
    Dec. 18, 2012 ATVI, PTNT, VHC 14 Comments
  • Catching The Tail End Of Nutritional Supplements' Massive 3 Year Run
    Dec. 5, 2012 GNC, HLF, MSLP 5 Comments
  • The Fed's Powder Keg Is Locked And Loaded - Gold Armor Is The Best Defense
    Nov. 15, 2012 ABX, GBG, GDX 4 Comments
  • Not Enough Cash For Sunshine Heart
    Oct. 16, 2012 SSH 16 Comments
  • Pfizer, Novartis And Northwest Biotherapeutics In A Race For IVF Inspired Cancer Cure
    Oct. 2, 2012 NVS, ONXX, PFE 2 Comments
  • What Does The U.S. Trade Deficit Have To Do With Chinese Education?
    Sep. 20, 2012 AMBO, EDU, GXC 2 Comments
  • An Acquisition Opportunity For Small Players With The Right Stuff
    Jul. 24, 2012 A, ABT, ALK Comment!
  • Opko, Bristol-Myers, Teva And A Frosty Debate In The Mix
    Jul. 5, 2012 OPK 26 Comments
  • Hooters Vs. McDonald's, Chanticleer's Fast Food American Dream
    Jun. 27, 2012 HOTR 1 Comment
  • The Hidden Value In Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
    Jun. 27, 2012 ECTYQ, NRG, CBRL 8 Comments
  • The Israel Discount - An Opportunity To Pick Up Teva, Prolor Cheap
    Jun. 6, 2012 TEVA, PBTH, ACT 7 Comments
  • Colony Collapse Disorder As Part Of An Acquisition Strategy
    May. 15, 2012 ADM, MON, AGU 6 Comments