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Hmm.. I just saw that. Interesting development.
Nice call there.
Bill, I see your points. I just think the incentives aren't aligned with shareholders so there is a high risk of shareholder unfriendly actions by management. Their incentives aren't linked with shareholders so why would they act in a way that rewards shareholders and not them?
His yearly salary squashes that $600k in shares he owns. His priorities are his bonus not the value of his shares.
I have been wondering that myself.
I think the potential for the candle business to be worth more is there but since it has been in a multi-year decline, I'd like to see some turnaround in the operations before assigning it with a higher multiple.
They can roll over the debt. Find a private investor in ViSalus. I agree with abh3vt's options too.
Hey - thanks for the comment. I was looking at the shares outstanding for a while and couldn't figure out why the numbers weren't matching up with the shares repurchased. I thought it was due to options but I guess you answered my question. This definitely looks even better now.
There is no double counting going on but they are NET not burning cash as you suggest. The value of $3.20 a share is sum of the parts/break up of cash - liabilities + RNF stake. They expect to receive $54.4 million from RNF and burn $42-44 million which is a net GAIN of cash of $10.4-12.4 million before taxes. The present value of those cash flows is not included in my break up valuation as you suggest.
Thanks for the comment - I am suggesting that it's tough to sell patents when you are in a distressed situation.
I agree with you but it seems like they're taking some steps to return capital to shareholders. Furthermore, the $40 million cash burn is a drain but with the RNF dividend, they're running about a small cash surplus.
Good article. If you/commenters are correct that there are 2 patents a family on average for 8x8, that suggests a patent valuation of $6 million/patent. It's possible, but it seem a be a very inflated figure figure. All of the comp patent transactions I have seen come out at between $100k-$1 million a patent (Google/Motorola, Microsoft/AOL, InterDigital/Intel, and others). Taking the high end of that suggests that EGHT's patent portfolio is worth $80 million not $600 million.
More than likely, there are were more than 2 patents involved in the transaction.
No problem - thanks for reading.
Thanks for the comment. I am looking to buy in.
For additional information on silver companies view:
Forgot to add the link to the press release:
Good stuff. Thanks.
I like the article. My only question is on the value of the patents. It seems like its hard to estimate it without having insider information.
Good article. I also agree that the value of the assets is north of the current market price. How did you come up with a value of north of $70?
Thanks. I didn't realize that they sold it until just now.
Good article. How do you get to the valuation of each shipwreck? Did the company provide the valuation somewhere?
After looking further into this, I don't think the two new deliveries should be included in the valuation. The company does not own them yet but has only put down deposits which are on its balance sheet.
Hey, really good discussion + article here. Here is the link to the more updated ship prices:
Hi, thanks for the comment. I really don't have a price target for ALXA but there are a lot of catalysts in the 2H of the year that should make it a good play.
Great article. Quick question - how do you come up with the 50% liquidation value for the ships? Thanks.
Thanks for the feedback.
Hi Matt,
Thanks for the comment. I don't really know anything about ANDS but I will put it on my radar and take a look soon.
Hey, thanks. I left out ANX because of the recent price run-up of when I wrote it. I will consider it in the next few weeks as things settle down.
The company continues to generate solid cash flows from their paper. Yes, they messed up, but so did everyone.
If that's the case then that's great. I will be thrilled. I think the bottom line value here is in the $9 range.
Thanks for reading. He said he wants to and would be love it but the price of the shares has to meet the requirement for listing.