Alexander Paslawsky

Event-driven, special situations, long/short equity, contrarian
Alexander Paslawsky
Event-driven, special situations, long/short equity, contrarian
Contributor since: 2012
Company: Banzai Trader, LLC
Using naked call options to hedge for spikes in oil prices is genius especially at only a cost of .04 a gallon.
OUCH Zhang..You never short a stock with 15% short interest making a 52 week high. You're wrong and so are the other 150 million shares short.
Long call options…a whole lot of them!
-Alex P.
325 is target for completion of the large head and shoulders pattern.
429 is the 50% retrace of the entire move up from $233.82- 622.90.
Thanks for the page view! What do you call yourself?
They way overpaid. What are they buying anyway? A brand in demand. No IP. Apple should have bought Sennheiser, at least they would have walked away with some decent sound quality.
And it's at a 52 week high and still 200 million shares short. There is a lot of covering to be done. If the May 6th report is positive look for a 20-30% move to the upside.
long $FTR call options
Doesn't look like $FTR puts are panning out to well. You may want to rethink your bearish take on Frontier Communications.
disclosure: long May $6 calls
Finally someone that gets FTR! Maybe you should be the one writing the article.
Something is definitely brewing behind the scenes. There is high interest in the $14 & $15 Nov calls, but I think the real news will come after Nov OPEX. Maybe a news event or catalyst pre Thanksgiving?
Exactly! Also, one aspect to keep in mind. $BKS always seems to gravitate toward the highest open interest strike price starting Monday of OPEX week.
There should be another great entry point in the future.
Nice analysis Peter! I sold my entire position of call options deep in the money on Thursday based on my target price. Also, if you remember last year Whitney Tilson of T2 partners made a very quick and profitable exit from BKS stock/ calls when news broke. So, I took my large profit and cashed out! Pays to follow the pros :)
Wow this is huge for NOOK and $BKS! First upside targets to watch for BKS are 19.67 and then 20.59.
Is Google readying a bid for Barnes and Noble???
That's a good question...An article came out this Saturday on Barron's that supports this valuation and also poses the possibility of MSFT acquiring all of BKS. We will have to see how the stock reacts on Monday's open.
Whitney Tilson's T2 or David Einhorn's Greenlight could easily gobble up the remaining float and put on a major short squeeze.
I totally disagree with your analysis Zhen Lu. According to your disclosure you don't have any position in BKS or plans to engage in one, therefore you recommending BKS as an "excellent short candidate" is completely absurd.
Shorting a stock with this high of institutional and insider ownership with a very small float (that is not shorted already) and a potential buyout on the table is crazy.
You are dead on RHMASSING. Barron's article nails the valuation of BKS. Not to mention they propose a total buyout from Microsoft, which is definitely in the cards.
Absolutely! You can see how well BKS has done since I wrote this. From $12 a share to $17.
Ok, interesting points but BKS will have positive earnings in 2013. Mark my words. By that time AMZN will be missing earnings and revising down starting with their next call later this month.
Disclosure long BKS + BKS calls....
Nailed it! Amazon is going to take a big hit on Kindle. They don't have or make enough $$ to give Kindles away to consumers. Razor thin margins already.
Great data! I like the long BKS and short AMZN trade also. I would wait until AMZN's next earnings to go short (late october)...Good Luck.
I am expecting a much wider than anticipated LOSS next quarter for $AMZN! (no position)
Exactly! Digital content can always be updated also, meaning students are getting the most current factual information in their course material. Did anyone even mention the environmental benefits from going from a hard back textbook to a digital textbook? That's a lot of trees!
Good Point. For most students buying and selling textbooks is a pain in the butt. Having a one stop shop on campus makes it so much easier for students, especially when they realize they can buy the digital content from Barnes and Noble for much cheaper.
I definitely agree that Apple iPads are very popular among teachers and students. I do think that Barnes and Noble management is doing the right thing by offering its NOOK study on other platforms including Apple products. When it comes to downloading and studying from a tablet, laptop, or computer, NOOK study is superior to other digital textbook reading applications.
Thanks for your comment,
Very good point! Initially, what made Facebook so cool was that only students with a valid email from a College could access the site. College students were also a huge driver to the success of the iPods and iPhones. It really does help that Barnes and Noble has a bookstore ON many of the large universities already.
Thanks for the comments!
No thank you for the reply! I always like to hear other people's perspective and you're right maybe Facebook's management should be listening too. I've heard quite a few people that aren't happy with the timeline. The "freemium" model could work, I just think it would take an initial hit to the monthly active users.
Zuckerburg is cashing out of Facebook. This once was baby now it's not.
I did not really explore the "freemium" model because I think ultimately FB users are looking for a reason NOT to stay on Facebook. The success of Facebook is its growth and large user base and anything to disrupt that would be a killer for the stock.
good find! $JOE's board seem to get what they want. I am long $JOE currently.
Excellent Analysis! I am very interested to see AAPL's Q2 earnings and the market's reaction.
Just showing the longer term positive divergence, nothing more. I have noticed the VIX has been filling its gaps up and then mving higher intraday.
There is no rational behind AAPL's earnings, just that it will be sold and not bought this time around. My point is that due to AAPL's weighting on the SPY and the QQQ's, I suggest that some investors stick to the sidelines and not risk a post earnings slide.
The stock market as of lately has been coined the NBA (nothing but apple).
Maybe keep an eye out on the weekly puts for QQQ or SPY during the time frame that AAPL reports. Any AAPL may puts / calls will be very pricey before their earnings.