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These are reports on lederhosen manufacturing. :)
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Easy, tiger
On Nov 06 02:04 AM aussiereader4 wrote:
> Does that include condoms, forex.
Thanks for the kind words about my weekly outlook. SA made a mistake last week and deleted the article, but there will be a trading week outlook for the new week coming up tomorrow...
On Oct 14 11:15 PM overbet wrote:
> Hey All Things Forex, where is your weekly outlook? I dont see it
> on SA. Do I need to go somewhere else to get it? It is one of my
> must reads for the week. I feel off without it.
Nope, I'm not Paul McCartney but I am the 5th Beatle... :)
On Sep 27 11:08 PM Joe Shareholder wrote:
> Are you Paul McCartney:?
Good one! :)
On Sep 28 01:10 PM cyclingscholar wrote:
> Wow man! Keep an eye on those New Zealand Building permits! I hope
> the data doesn't overshadow the VITAL release of Shanghai Skirt lengths,
> Bollywoods' latest bellyflop, or of course, Jimmy Carter's latest
> habitat for humanity.
Thank you for the kind words!
On Sep 14 03:02 AM softwaresoda169 wrote:
> It's excellent of your article.
Thank you for the kind words!
On Sep 13 04:13 PM tripleblack wrote:
> Excellent information, I must confess the ready accessibility of
> neatly organized and compiled information like this could make one
> lazy doing research and trying to keep track of events...
> Thanks to the authors.
Hi Joe,
Please, check out my Instablog and listen to my daily All Things Forex broadcast for outlook on the USD. Thank you for the follow.
On Aug 10 02:34 AM Joe Shareholder wrote:
> All things forex, what's your prediction on the drain-swirling dollar?
> Pull through? Sucked down?
Thanks, ik1. I'll make sure to add the nat. gas inventories next week...
On Aug 09 10:04 AM iknow1 wrote:
> ATF,
> Told you this was well presented. More followers and more following.
> Next week try to remember the crude AND gas inventory reports. I
> know its not Forex but it does influence currencies.
> Good job
> ik1
Perhaps a new range- 1.5237-1.5447?