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Allen Phatimer is a short term trader and long term investor and lifetime student of the trading and investing game. A former financial advisor at a top tier New York brokerage, institutional broker at two shops, and equity and option trader, Allen focuses on using quantitative screening methods and fundamental and technical analysis to identify and exploit asymmetric risk/reward in equities, futures and options. Allen is big fan of Buffett, who believes in rigorous financial analysis aimed at identifying value creation potential and valuing businesses, but is also a big fan of a number of traders who espouse money management and market timing techniques aimed at achieving outized risk adjusted returns. He is also a fan ...More

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COMPANY Contrarian Investment Ideas and Trading Strategies for Individual Investors, Opportunistic Traders and Professional Money Managers. Value Investing focused on risk adjusted returns and Trading Strategies focused on assymetric risk/reward. Stocks, Bonds, Funds, ETFs, Option Strategies, Futures Trades & more. 2 ...More
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