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You are right Alex. Thanks for the correction. I meant Lebedyansky, ...not Nidan. Sorry about that.
Thanks for the comments everyone. I learned a lot!!
Good point Alpha Author. The inverse is true for businesses that rely on revenues in USD but with costs predominantly in CAD. Those that are not hedged certainly feel the pain...
Two quick responses:
"Will for-profit universities gain enrollment if the trend for declining enrollment at private colleges continues?"
This will depend on the value proposition of for profit universities - e.g., whether they provide value for their graduates and/or tuitions are affordable.
"You are going to read the same books and learn the same things at Texas as you will at Harvard but Harvard has the better name. You are buying the name ( for 120K, more when you factor in living expenses.) and you are "signaling"."
True enough. You are likely exposed to similar curricular material. But in addition to the pure "signaling" effect, there is also the networking effect. To the extent that your peers at Harvard will become Masters of the Universe, you can/may derive greater value from the social network.