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PRO articles cover stocks that fly under most investors' radar screens.
  • Extendicare: Better Late Than Never, Especially When At Least 30% Upside Is Likely
       • Wed, May. 21 EXETF 9 Comments


    • Extendicare has been a value-trap for the past year, with a substantial discount to peers.
    • Management may finally be on the cusp of realizing fair value for the Company through a sale or spin-off.
    • In the interim, you get paid to wait with a healthy 7% monthly dividend.
  • Radcom: A Boomerang Ready To Launch Again
       • Tue, May. 13 RDCM 5 Comments


    • Radcom is a baby that has been thrown out with the bathwater in the recent small-cap correction.
    • Transition to software business will result in higher gross margin, stability in quarterly releases and higher sales.
    • At its current price, RDCM offers significant upside.
  • Radcom: Second Chance Entry Offers Significant Upside
       • Dec. 8, 2013 RDCM 6 Comments