Amal Singh

Long/short equity, event-driven
Amal Singh
Long/short equity, event-driven
Contributor since: 2013
Delta offers better connectivity between the destinations, making it convenient for travelers...
IBM can still manage to provide returns to its investors. It might have lost a contract to amazon but cloud market is phenomenal and the race for
acquiring more customer is always on..
Oracle can never let you down.. Oracle SaaS applications can be catalytic.
GE will always be a good bet for the investors and We also see its interest in energy saving LED Lights which has a huge global market
I would soon be writing one on Ford Thanks for you suggestion
Stocks is all about timings...
Wall Tyler who is VP, General Counsel at Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BRCD), sold 97,175 shares at $7.88 per share for a total value of $765,369.
My article was published on 05-SEP-2013 on that day, Netsuite traded at around $99 and its $106 as on date, that can even be the bottom line of my article, Netsuite is ready to go higher :)