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  • The Paradox Of Target's Recent Share Price Gain
    Tue, Mar. 11 TGT 14 Comments


    • Target was trading quite low before its recent earnings call, for various reasons. The day after the earnings call, the stock price went up 8%.
    • That rise was incongruent with the results announced. The company announced two different EPS figures, one that took into account the Canada/security breach losses (GAAP-EPS), and another that didn't (adjusted-EPS).
    • The greatly inflated Adjusted-EPS figure was the one that has been used as a comparison to the analyst estimates, which seem to have used actual EPS.
    • This resulted in what seemed to investors to be a 60% increase of estimated/reported EPS, which misdirected the public into thinking that Target did much better than it was estimated.
    • This confusion was partly the media's fault for misreporting. However, Target had a big role to play in the situation by putting the adjusted-EPS figure in the spotlight.
  • CarPlay Has The Potential To Bring Long-Term Value To Apple
    Thu, Mar. 6 AAPL 71 Comments


    • Apple is introducing an iOS-powered infotainment system for cars later this year called CarPlay. It will be connected to the iPhone and make use of its functions.
    • CarPlay will be implemented by most of the major car brands, which is currently a strong headstart compared to future competition in infotainment.
    • By connecting cars and the iPhone together, Apple will promote its successful mobile devices and at the same time strengthen its future survival.
    • However, Apple's navigator application Maps will need to be focused on. It will have difficulty challenging the fast-evolving competitor's equivalent application, Google Maps.
  • Signs Point To A Costco Negative Surprise
    Mon, Mar. 3 TGT, WMT, COST 35 Comments