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Special situations, medium-term horizon, event-driven
Andreas Hopf
Special situations, medium-term horizon, event-driven
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Good article from a year ago on the cash-bonfire, the Model 3 pipe dream and Tesla's route to bankruptcy; paper courtesy of the British "Economist"
Ok, a two-wheeler then?
But, really, three-wheelers ain't altogether bad
Many years ago, at the Geneva, Frankfurt or Tokyo motor shows, companies presented concept cars in form of fully-finished clay models, the only discernible difference being an opaque glasshouse and lighting clusters (for obvious reasons).
The "rest of the world" certainly cares about more pressing things than toothbrush battery powered toys for the wealthy, financed by the common man.
Apart from that, the company is not successful (no shareholder value generation, profits and dividend), the company makes cars (correct), the company and business idea was not created by Elon Musk (he financed it and then trampled over the founders).
I'm not listed on the stock market and not subject of discussion.
Imagine how many quality jobs could have been created, would that swindler not have found ways, helped by friends in high places, to tap citizen's coffers year after year.
See the collapse of the German solar industry, having existed solely on the back of subsidies and incentives, not because it made sense commercially. All those thousands of jobs are now gone (and so is management, that was paid handsomely).
"Successfully started a new car company."
Car company, yes. Successful, certainly not. Started, no.
With every wrong prognosis, MH has become more of a stroppy twat.
He can "unveil" a painted clay model ; )
He'll roll out a 3D-sketch - a painted clay model, and the underwriters for the next secondary offering will salivate and commence with the necessary pumping.
"Or someone manipulate the market..."
Sure, I can hear the black helicopters homing in.
No, there is a glut of oil because OPEC is no longer united, many countries like decrepit Russia relying solely on commodity export, pumping like there's no tomorrow, similarly to Venezuela, Nigeria and others. Even our chief-beheaders in Saudi Arabia don't know how to finance the "keep quiet" premium for thousands of princes and the plebs. In parallel, Iran resurfaces on the scene. Imagine if there ever were peace in Iraq, oil galore. At the moment, it is an "everyone unto himself" situation, oil exporters desperate to out-export the competition.
Maybe, Tesla somehow manages the elusive 60k, promised for 2015.
I am quite hopeful the German government will not fund Elon "Vodka" Musk's hobby for the wealthy, but rather spend it on public transport and other issues that benefit society as a whole, not just the 1%ers.
In any case, what good would €5.000 be for an EV with hardly any use value for the average citizen?
As BABA falls, so falls YHOO.
In the parallel universe of Teslarians and Teslarettes, cylindrical means prismatic. Or whatever.
"Outside of the Tesla universe, that is actually known as a "prediction."
Thanks. Reminds me of those highly lucrative predictions related to DDD, ETSY, FIT, GPRO, SHOP, SSYS, XONE, ZNGA... to name a few fellow hipster MOMO-stockz.
Looking at his vodka'ed flabby face of late, I believe he is burning his candle from both ends, probably even in the middle. Eventually, it will snap. There could be a closet depression present.
Tesla's "Linkedin moment" is not far off now.
The Motley Fool was also behind the most unethical "3D Printing" hype from 2012-2014.
Didn't do anyone good (apart for put owners and short-sellers).
So, receiving 30k deposits for a car is a vision? Is 187 million consumers in Europe depositing for their next summer vacation a vision, then, too?
In Germany, they have a good saying: "If you have visions, go see a doctor".
$70m taxpayer-money for a snake-oil salesman's hobby.
Denmark/Norway have a HVDC (HGÜ) coupling since 1977
Lutz probably knows why Tesla Motors, after so many years for re-fitting, cannot even produce 60k cars per year in a factory that was geared towards producing 400k vehicles per year, like posted above.
It's called "native advertising" or "advertorial" or "embedded advertising", a misleading scam each one of 'em.
Who cares about pesky revenues? It's all about the bigger picture.
Like, Mars, humanity, energy, costly hobbies...
Not only the U.S. taxpayer - taxpayers in many countries have to finance wealthy people's joy-ride equipment, public transport suffers with EVs blocking the lanes, preferred parking, etc.
A most unethical scam of a business.
The level of this scam is beyond belief. How can one get away with a solid string of blatant lies? One must have many friends in high places as investors. That's the only reason why this unethical business has not yet been shut down.
But Tesla Motors is not fostering sustainability, quite the contrary; considering the energy consumption to make the car and batteries, the toxicity of materials used, the catering to the unsustainable individual transport paradigm.
The only thing happening in front of my eyes is a cash-burn-bonfire, kept up with the average taxpayer's money, the taxpayer getting nothing in return than a stare into the rear lights of a wealthy individual in "ludicrous mode".
Tesla Motors is a cash-burn-bonfire. The "Gigafactory" and most other announcements solely are there to massage the stock, to prepare for the next secondary offering, that is dearly necessary to keep the bonfire burning for a few more quarters.
Apart from analysts talking their book, to generate fees, here's a good take on the three taxpayer-funded hobbies of Elon Musk:
What "vision" would that be? Which "people" want "it"?
Please elaborate, thanks!