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  • Microsoft (And Nokia's) Window Of Opportunity To Close The App Gap [View article]
    Good points on appland. You osborned an article I was preparing : ) but Nokians are used to getting osborned... very good!

    I would add that, judging by this report, which can be downloaded for free, and recent developer conference reports, it is also the SDK and IDE which are holding app developers back.

    As you rightly mention, the U.S. situation is only the tip of the iceberg; hardly any usable apps for consumers in other nations exist - or have even been pulled.

    Retail, municipalities, entertainment, fast-food, public transport - fuggedaboudit!

    After digging through appland reports and conferences for some days, I do not see how the situation can ever be improved. It could well be that Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co. who was previously bullish is right:

    "The argument has been made ad nauseam that carriers would like to see a third major smartphone platform emerge to compete with the iPhone and Android. However, Nokia’s second quarter results raise the possibility that consumers are content with just two platforms. If so, this does not speak well for the Microsoft/Nokia duo going forward. It appears that the market is reaching the now-or-never moment for the Windows 8/Nokia duo. We expect Microsoft to throw enormous resources behind Windows 8 to prevent its demise. But with a single digit market share, the challenge will be enormous. We thought the “Modern” (Metro) user interface, featuring live, continually updated information relevant to a user might turn the trick. The reality is that so far, Windows 8 has been a bust despite the advertising Microsoft has thrown behind it and that the Modern user interface is not a must-have feature in the smartphone market. In other words, it suggests that we misjudged the enthusiasm of smartphone owners to the Modern interface. The failure of Windows 8 to gain meaningful traction also suggests that smartphone buyers are content to choose between high-end iPhones and Android smartphones in mature markets and between Android and feature phones in emerging markets."
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  • Nokia Corporation's (NOK) Quarterly Results: Blah [View article]
    I believe that a substantial number of Asian feature-phone purchase candidates will continue to forego Ashas and aim straight for $50 Androids or used/refurbished ones, thereby leapfrogging the feature-phone product category altogether.

    The used/refurbished market is growing substantially, even in the U.S. Samsung and Apple now have world-wide trade-in programmes, making even iPhone purchases more viable for those with a severely constrained budget, using it as a glorified feature-phone.
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  • For Nokia, Stephen Elop Is A Flop [View article]
    "I am a Mac. I am a PC.

    Apple's timeless Get a Mac advertising campaign, which aired between 2006 and 2009, still defines the consumer electronics and technology market. These series of advertisements personify the Apple Corporation as a chic, yet eager-to-please and helpful hipster. Alternatively, Microsoft is juxtaposed against Apple, as an office park relic in a tweed suit - who demands help simply to stay out of his own way. Apple is art, while Microsoft is staid functionality."

    I am Kofi Bofah from ONYX Investments. I copy and paste from my SA articles.

    : )
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  • Tesla: Many Unknowns And Moving Parts [View article]
    I disagree. The vanishing middle class on both sides of the Atlantic can call itself lucky to afford a new car at all. I rather think the Tesla EV and most others are fun vehicles for niche applications and the occasional hipster, but with no mass appeal, until such cars perform as their fossil fuel equivalents. I would not drive from Warszawa to Prague in a Tesla, in late Autumn, to be there in time for a meeting : )

    To me, the Tesla story smacks of fandom, quasi-religious belief and exuberant projection, not unlike it was present in Blackberry investors until recently. It seems a good stock to short soon, doesn't it?
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  • History Lesson: Buy Nokia On July 31, Sell On January 31, 2014 [View article]
    Agree. After Friday, MSFT makes for a good Monday morning trade opportunity indeed.
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  • History Lesson: Buy Nokia On July 31, Sell On January 31, 2014 [View article]
    As SA commenter ewmpsi appears to having found out (see his Instablog), Nokia will not be prominently featured in BestBuy shop-in-shops.

    As far as Microsoft is concerned, I would be very cautious, after they 1. osborned their "partner" in 2012 and 2. put no decisive effort in WP8 and the developer community.

    In the words of Andy Grove, former Intel CEO: “To understand a company’s strategy, look at what they actually do rather than what they say they will do.”
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  • BlackBerry: Shut It Down [View article]
    "Have you noticed the number of articles on BBRY is fading?"

    That's because there is nothing more to write home about.
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  • Tesla: Many Unknowns And Moving Parts [View article]
    Lucky are those who can afford an EV as second car.
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  • History Lesson: Buy Nokia On July 31, Sell On January 31, 2014 [View article]
    The better point-and-shoot cameras, like Canon's IXUS, are superbly pocketable yet feel substantial in your hand and offer good inertia compared to flimsy smartphone cameras, helping against shake.

    If all the lightweightness would be the core issue in handheld items, Rolex, Panerai or Omega would not sell more and more hefty Swiss watches - we'd be all wearing plasticky ultra lightweight Swatches : )
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  • Long 3D Systems Corp [View article]
    Exactly. But DDD/SSYS investors like exciting stories around eludium, wishalloys and unobtanium ; )
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  • Tesla: Many Unknowns And Moving Parts [View article]
    I fuel at Statoil. Gas in Sweden is not much more expensive than in Denmark or Germany, for example. The government will tax any form of fuel, in one way or another : )

    Even the Nissan Leaf, which is the best EV by miles, is seen rather as an urbanist's toy - nothing for regular people that have to work, have children, that are not an elite.

    And, honestly, would you like to be seen in a car designed like the Teslas ; )
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  • BlackBerry: Shut It Down [View article]
    "Quite honestly, at ~$18 book value, it may be time for BlackBerry to consider shutting itself down, selling the assets that it can, and returning the cash to the shareholders."

    Yes! It is not 1997 and the company is not Apple, but Blackberry should be given the infamous Dell treatment : )
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  • Does Microsoft Get The Message Yet? [View article]
    "Microsoft sees mobile device as a little desktop."

    That's putting it rather mildly. Even then, the lack of core functionality in WP is astounding.
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  • Tesla: Many Unknowns And Moving Parts [View article]
    Absolutely! They share a 1630km long border. Norway is a wonderful country with 4.9m well educated inhabitants.

    They have bought ~10k EVs from Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Citroen in recent years, with up to $8.200 governmental subsidies per year, making it viable for about 1% of car purchasers suffering from Norway's car "super tax" that, like in Denmark, makes any car a luxury. The top-selling EV, the Nissan Leaf, is subsidised down to 240,690 crowns ($42,500).

    Find out more here about the unique Norwegian case : )
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  • Nokia's Fighting Hard To Get Back Into Positive EPS [View article]
    I would think that ALU, ERIC and Huawei will see to that ; )
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