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  • Apple beats estimates, guides in-line [View news story]
    Good evening, Michael Blair.
    Jan 27, 2015. 04:35 PM | 71 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla's Non-GAAP Fairy Tale [View article]
    Teslarites don't have to worry about finance. All they have to do is to believe and worship at the Church of EM. Elon Musk, the contemporary rocketeer, has taken over as Chief Executive Wonder Boy from the late Steve Jobs.

    If only every SA article would be as thorough and healthily harsh as this one...
    Aug 9, 2013. 11:48 AM | 64 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AMD's Kaveri Looks Like A Dud [View article]
    I was afraid of that to happen. By tomorrow evening, AMD will be history, quite possibly three minutes earlier.

    And, yes, I admit: I am guilty, o Ashraf, having fallen for the AMD hype, too. I did not buy Intel, like I should have, as the scriptures demand. Instead, as so many retail investors, I walked the wrong path, into darkness. Confusion clouded my mind, tortured by 11 years of no enlightenment by Intel. But, I will repent, one day, by doing good with the profits I made with this forbidden fruit.
    Jan 5, 2014. 03:41 PM | 54 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Investors Take Note - Samsung And Xiaomi Are On The Attack [View article]
    Oh dear! I am frightened! The end is near!

    By the way, dear author, how is your short position in Apple these days? Are you still in love with BlackBerry's antique business model? Just what is it that makes you averse to selecting stocks that make you a tidy profit? Or are you a stock market comedian? In any case, your articles always provide much welcomed entertainment. Please keep them coming more frequently; I like them!
    Feb 23, 2015. 05:06 AM | 48 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple beats estimates, issues strong guidance [View news story]
    Michael Blair beats himself, issues strong remorse
    Oct 20, 2014. 04:38 PM | 45 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: More Data On The iOS/Android Struggle [View article]
    Good corporate, consumer and leisure apps always appear on iOS first, year after year. There is a good reason why this is so. Visit a developer conference and find out.

    Too many consumers are wary of Google disregarding all privacy whatsoever, also no longer providing updates for the majority of Android devices used, thus leaving them high and dry in the face of the barrage of Android spy- and malware.

    I am happy not having sold my Apple shares after Paulo's previous Michael Blair impersonation article.
    Jan 31, 2015. 11:39 AM | 40 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's EPS lifted by $687 iPhone ASP, 39.9% gross margin [View news story]
    Good evening Michael Blair, would you like a click?
    Jan 27, 2015. 05:00 PM | 34 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: A Reversal Of Fortune Seems Inevitable [View article]
    "There are three keys to long term success in maturing markets. Market share, market share and market share. This axiom is as old as the study of economics."

    There are three keys to long term success in maturing markets. Sales figures, pricing power and innovation. See Audi, BMW and Mercedes. See Alpes, Gaggenau and Siemens.

    The author, from Canada and a yesteryear technology advocate, bemoans the irrelevance and shareholder value destruction embodied by perennial loss-maker BlackBerry. The attempt to negate the inevitable, the break-up sale, by short selling the most successful contender from south of the border, is nothing but a vainglorious display of kamikaze investing.
    Aug 9, 2014. 06:55 AM | 32 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Fiscal Q1: Eye-Popping Results To Come [View article]
    Only when you're from Canada and a BlackBerry fan.
    Jan 22, 2015. 07:56 AM | 30 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • For Nokia, Stephen Elop Is A Flop [View article]
    "I am a Mac. I am a PC.

    Apple's timeless Get a Mac advertising campaign, which aired between 2006 and 2009, still defines the consumer electronics and technology market. These series of advertisements personify the Apple Corporation as a chic, yet eager-to-please and helpful hipster. Alternatively, Microsoft is juxtaposed against Apple, as an office park relic in a tweed suit - who demands help simply to stay out of his own way. Apple is art, while Microsoft is staid functionality."

    I am Kofi Bofah from ONYX Investments. I copy and paste from my SA articles.

    : )
    Jul 22, 2013. 04:25 AM | 28 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple Acquiring Tesla Makes Sense [View article]
    This article should definitely not have gone past the editors. Terrible.
    Jul 3, 2014. 09:48 AM | 27 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Time To Buy Nokia? I Recommend Sticking To BlackBerry [View article]
    "Many expect that diehard BlackBerry fans have been holding off purchase..."

    If your thesis is that 1. Blackberry fans were not in the market for a new device over the last year and 2. are eager to now shop for a Z10 or Q10 device but not Lumia - how can potential customers not very inclined to purchase Nokia devices anyway have a negative effect on Nokia's sales from now on? Your argumentation is flawed.
    Mar 31, 2013. 09:08 AM | 27 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Dear iPhone 6, Meet Desay Mirror X5 [View article]
    "iOS ecosystem faces long-term risk"

    The app store billings increased 50% in 2014. But, yes, in January 2176 it may be over.
    Jan 15, 2015. 11:49 AM | 26 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Was Apple Spooked By The BlackBerry Passport? [View article]
    Today, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech stopped reporting BlackBerry market share.

    With such a device - without ecosystem, goofy product design and bad keyboard ergonomics - BlackBerry is well en route to accelerate its demise. The "innovative" form factor means, for example: Watching vines and videos with big black bars on top and bottom. The author must be kidding to see any value in this.

    Surely, BlackBerry longs will now lecture us that BlackBerry is no longer a device company, while cheering the article claiming that such a dead-at-birth device will save the business while scaring competitors, the latter being one of the most outlandish claims made pro BlackBerry yet.
    Jul 31, 2014. 03:03 PM | 26 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple sends out invites for March 9 event [View news story]

    a long-winded way to say you are upset having missed the boat.
    Feb 26, 2015. 01:45 PM | 25 Likes Like |Link to Comment