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  • Andreas Hopf
    And... pfff - down goes the $BBRY hot air balloon, having enjoyed a brief encounter with $8 that is the new $10 that was the new $12.
    8 hours ago
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    • Andreas Hopf: And... pfff, again. So good.
      7 hours ago
      • Andreas Hopf
        Another good $ALU quarter. Check the numbers Shareholders are truly betrayed by the $NOK all-share deal.
        Thu, 2:57 AM
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        • Davidoff: Well sell if you're unsatisfied with your investment. As an atomistic investor you don't have the power to influence NOK's management anyway
          12 hours ago
        • Andreas Hopf: Of course we retail investors have no pricing power.
          12 hours ago
          • Andreas Hopf
            $ALU $NOK Bruxelles just approved the takeover scam.
            Jul 24, 7:07 AM
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            • Andreas Hopf: One failue follows the next. You may contemplate buying puts here. Nokia has turned into an underperformer, thanks to "Sleepy" Suri.
              Sat, 7:57 PM
            • qdmj6: Sorry AH but I believe more in ugly duck tale here than your analysis
              Sun, 5:12 AM
              • Andreas Hopf
                Nice to watch - $BBRY one-day pump & dump. Looks like $8 is the new $10 : )
                Jul 22, 12:38 PM
                  • Andreas Hopf
                    Again more job cuts and $BBRY, although John "Next Quarter" Chen said no more were necessary in 2014. What a clown!
                    Jul 21, 9:49 AM
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                    • tiger8896: Can't question the need for layoffs. The next nail in BBRY's coffin is if they announce no traction in BES12 and competition is fierce.
                      Jul 21, 2:05 PM
                    • Egon Zee Research: They also seem to be doing a fair bit of hiring on the software side...
                      Jul 22, 1:47 AM
                      • Andreas Hopf
                        A Finn's view on Microsoft's dismemberment of $NOK and the soon 7800 jobs lost in Helsinki.
                        Jul 10, 3:35 AM
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                        • twogo:
                          Jul 10, 6:29 PM
                        • Andreas Hopf: Microsoft osborned and cheated their "partner". The D$S purchase alienated the last interested Nokia purchasers. Well done.
                          Jul 11, 3:54 AM
                          • Andreas Hopf
                            $NOK $MSFT watch those undertakers once again
                            Jul 8, 6:25 PM
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                            • User 8474661: Elop never worked for Microsoft...
                              Jul 9, 2:38 AM
                            • Andreas Hopf: Elop was salmon fly-fishing all the time! I knew it!
                              Jul 9, 5:07 AM
                              • Andreas Hopf
                                $DDD $SSYS $XONE selloff continues. Will all three manage to decline below $10? The chances are good!
                                Jul 7, 10:18 AM
                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                    $AMD self-destructs. Where are the console, APU, HSA and server pumpers from 2014? So glad I sold this terrible stock long ago.
                                    Jul 7, 9:45 AM
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                                    • Andreas Hopf: Good speed!
                                      Jul 7, 1:48 PM
                                    • jibje2: I'm still here, but I switched side lolz ehehehe :)
                                      Jul 7, 10:19 PM
                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                        Now, $LNVGY collapses entirely - down 8% in Europe this morning. I hope you did not sell $HPQ to buy $LNVGY based on the recent article!
                                        Jul 6, 4:38 AM
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                                        • ChiefKing: I'll be a buyer at the 200 day moving average. Lenovo i far from broken.
                                          Jul 7, 3:42 PM
                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                            The pub fight goes on, bald polo-shirted lads have $BBRY pants down to the knees ; )
                                            Jul 2, 10:42 AM
                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                $BBRY nearly there, sellers are pulling its pants down alright.
                                                Jul 1, 3:31 PM
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                                                • Andreas Hopf: Like a good Sheffield pub fight at closing time ; )
                                                  Jul 1, 3:33 PM
                                                • whataday222: I can just see you and ES in a corner of that pub...tru luv.
                                                  Jul 1, 8:00 PM
                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                    Nice day today, the flabby white behind of $BBRY will show even better under $8, eventually the break-up sale tattoo will be seen ; )
                                                    Jul 1, 11:15 AM
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                                                    • tiger8896: You can almost bet we're going to see a $7 handle on BBRY soon. I said it a year ago, Chen hasn't done crap. The stock price proves that.
                                                      Jul 1, 2:36 PM
                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                        Soon below $8 we can see even more of $BBRYs flaccid white behind.
                                                        Jul 1, 10:58 AM
                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                            Good reasoning why averaging down in $DDD is a sucker's folly
                                                            Jun 30, 9:45 AM
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                                                            • happyguy: It's a " value trap"
                                                              Jul 6, 10:13 PM
                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                $DDD could take out the $20 today - and then we have the floodgates nicely open.
                                                                Jun 26, 6:35 AM
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                                                                • Roco1: Appreciate your prompt answer. I'm still holding the UBS Solactive 3D Print Index tracker. Maybe sector bottom is near. Again, thank you! cu
                                                                  Jul 2, 9:51 AM
                                                                • Andreas Hopf: Beware of the pumpers and their storytelling. Be careful.
                                                                  Jul 2, 3:49 PM
                                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                                    $BBRY 52 week low finally within reach - good news!
                                                                    Jun 25, 12:05 PM
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                                                                    • Energysystems: lol, keep pumping, LY. And I'll keep calling you out.
                                                                      Jun 25, 8:29 PM
                                                                    • LYogi: keep researching my past posts and you'll see I also loaded up at $6, $7, $8
                                                                      Jun 25, 10:48 PM
                                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                                        John "Next quarter..." Chen's shenanigans and tricks don't pay off - $BBRY is well en route to collapse. Chris Lau's pump to buy backfired.
                                                                        Jun 23, 10:47 AM
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                                                                        • Andreas Hopf: Last night's AH volume was telling, fascinating to watch the blocks going in and out on my terminal today.
                                                                          Jun 23, 1:25 PM
                                                                        • tiger8896: I don't think the volume is unusual on an ER day. It needs to hold $8.80 tomorrow, otherwise continuation down pattern.
                                                                          Jun 23, 1:52 PM
                                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                                            Good to see $9 from below, $BBRY flaccid white underbelly, nicely exposed.
                                                                            Jun 19, 9:35 AM
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                                                                            • Andreas Hopf: The pleasure is entirely on my side, on this triple witching day!
                                                                              Jun 19, 9:46 AM
                                                                            • anonymous1234212: Oh I'm sure it is. See you on Tuesday morning. Don't forget to bring some pants - you might get scared out of your shorts.
                                                                              Jun 19, 2:57 PM
                                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                                Maybe $BBRY will see the $9 from below today? That would be excellent news.
                                                                                Jun 18, 3:52 PM
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                                                                                • Ivan Jimenez: I'm buying more today :-)
                                                                                  Jun 19, 9:30 AM
                                                                                • Andreas Hopf: Buy the dip. Average down. Pull up the truck. And end up where the other long time bag holders merrily suffocate - under water.
                                                                                  Jun 19, 9:35 AM