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  • Andreas Hopf
    More chaos at $LNVGY after the Motorola head already resigned - now the enterprise chief resigns
    23 hours ago
      • Andreas Hopf
        No more $YHOO pumping articles. A good sign. Eventually, MM must be fired.
        Thu, 1:06 PM
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        • matratra: I won't happen & it might be a candidate for TWTR, if it is not acquired.
          Thu, 2:31 PM
        • Andreas Hopf: Yahoo! buying Twitter? I don't know...
          Thu, 3:19 PM
          • Andreas Hopf
            $BBRY $6.66 - the devil has entered the room.
            Wed, 12:56 PM
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            • La Rue: It's a big shed and he's still in it :)
              Wed, 5:02 PM
            • Andreas Hopf: Better a tool than a twerp.
              Wed, 5:34 PM
              • Andreas Hopf
                Bye $LNVGY - another nail in the coffin
                Wed, 9:50 AM
                  • Andreas Hopf
                    And... pfff... the collapse of $BBRY continues. The Android device PR-efforts fell flat on their face. Nice.
                    Tue, 2:53 PM
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                    • rasputinboy: My Dad was Swedish
                      Tue, 3:54 PM
                    • Davidoff: At the current market, even if AAPL presented its new iPhone today, it would not raise its share price. So making any conclusions on BBRY...
                      Wed, 8:48 AM
                      • Andreas Hopf
                        $BBRY finally breaks the $7 barrier on sell-off and declining emerging market smartphone sales. So good!
                        Mon, 7:35 AM
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                        • Andreas Hopf: Put owners are indeed laughing. Longs not so much.
                          Mon, 1:39 PM
                        • NBohrQM: I think you forgot the "z"
                          Mon, 1:46 PM
                          • Andreas Hopf
                            Good SCMP article from SA user alpine here with big implications for $YHOO
                            Sun, 4:46 PM
                              • Andreas Hopf
                                $BBRY attempts a new 52-week low, hopefully the $7 barrier is broken soon.
                                Aug 21, 10:41 AM
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                                • Splenosis: lol Couldn't have said it better NBohrQM.
                                  Aug 22, 9:37 AM
                                • dalatinIJR: Muppets don't eat meat. Can he be veggie burger ? >)
                                  Aug 22, 9:49 AM
                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                    $BBRY enterprise value (TTM) divided by shares outstanding = SP of $4.73 - the day Prem Watsa can take $BBRY private cheaply approaches.
                                    Aug 21, 4:25 AM
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                                    • Andreas Hopf: John "Maybe next quarter?" Chen is exposing himself in broad daylight. No need for wizardry here.
                                      Aug 21, 5:29 AM
                                    • dalatinIJR: *
                                      Aug 21, 5:35 AM
                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                        Einhorn has sold his $KEYS holding, and the stock pops 11% on no proper (takeover, merger, etc.) news? What's going on here?
                                        Aug 21, 1:26 AM
                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                            $DDD can't keep up, despite the recent pumping efforts. It is nicely back on track to see $10 and hopefully below.
                                            Aug 19, 9:55 AM
                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                $AMD self-serving executive bonuses under fire by analysts
                                                Aug 19, 6:12 AM
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                                                • jibje2: I think there should be rules where in negative-profit quarter, the Executives get nothing.
                                                  Tue, 5:36 PM
                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                    Good to see the $ETSY scam tanking today after its tax-evasion ploy came to light. Put owners are rewarded for patience.
                                                    Aug 18, 1:28 PM
                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                        $ALU $NOK hit further this morning by China recession fears. If you have some profits left, a good time to sell.
                                                        Aug 17, 8:34 AM
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                                                        • Andreas Hopf: You saw Hewlett-Packard's filing yesterday? If China is as f+#§ed as it seems, you ain't seen nothin' yet. A currency war is on.
                                                          Aug 21, 5:17 PM
                                                        • Andreas Hopf: The current money flow - away from Asia, South America and emerging countries in general - is insane. Look at Brazil, it's f+#§ed.
                                                          Aug 21, 5:19 PM
                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                            Ok, that was behind the April-May setup - Einhorn dumping his $KEYS after a quick flip.
                                                            Aug 15, 12:43 PM
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                                                            • musicmaker: Everything that idiot buys goes to hell
                                                              Aug 15, 11:48 PM
                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                On top of selling Chinese pseudo-handmade wares, $ETSY betrays its B-Lab certification
                                                                Aug 15, 9:50 AM
                                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                                    $LNVGY collapses further since being recommended in ealy June. From there, it has to rise 43% from here just to break even.
                                                                    Aug 13, 6:23 AM
                                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                                        China just devalued the Yuan again, although the first devaluation was supposed to be a "singular" event. $AAPL will collapse further.
                                                                        Aug 12, 3:59 AM
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                                                                        • sonicted: Yes the fair price is in my head. That's why I invest in the stock market. Wouldn't make sense otherwise?!
                                                                          Aug 12, 11:41 AM
                                                                        • Andreas Hopf: See? q. e. d. ; )
                                                                          Aug 12, 1:46 PM
                                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                                            China just devalued the Yuan again, although the first devaluation was supposed to be a "singular" event. $NOK $ALU will collapse further.
                                                                            Aug 12, 3:54 AM
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                                                                            • Tessa1234: I guess the deal for $ALU was in yuan. $ERIC has the smaller exposure to China than $ALU. NA market matters much more and it looks good now.
                                                                              Aug 12, 3:18 PM
                                                                            • Andreas Hopf: Whistling in the dark. Both $ALU and $NOK will get hit hard by Chinese and European recession.
                                                                              Aug 17, 8:41 AM
                                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                                And... pfff! The $BBRY hot air balloon is losing gas again; it can't even hold flight level $8 these days, despite valiant pumping efforts.
                                                                                Aug 11, 1:50 PM
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                                                                                • caligrowthresearch: You like $AAPL or $NOK better today???
                                                                                  Aug 11, 5:24 PM
                                                                                • Andreas Hopf: Not yet. I sold AAPL after earnings and NOK is gone too. I prefer cash and real estate. The March € low was an important signal for change.
                                                                                  Aug 11, 6:00 PM