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  • Andreas Hopf
    Another harrowing account about $BBRY ineptitude and demise in the NYT
    Mon, 6:46 AM
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    • Seppo Sahrakorpi: The rest is history... :)
      Mon, 12:01 PM
    • Tobias Schmitz: That article is about as old as it gets. It mostly about the Storm back in 2008.
      Tue, 12:58 AM
      • Andreas Hopf
        $BBRY has to lay off more employees in order to preserve cash. Expect again lower device, service and software revenues.
        Sat, 7:00 AM
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        • Andreas Hopf: See and notice: Device business employees will be sacked. No wonder. Devices are a complete failure.
          Sat, 6:11 PM
        • Energysystems: Shhh! Chen went from talking up revenue growth and now talks up revenue stabilization. The revs are going...down, down, down.
          Sat, 6:12 PM
          • Andreas Hopf
            Enormous $KEYS spread here in Europe today. Up on volume usually means a good thing. But the spread is ridiculous here to accumulate now.
            May 21, 3:26 PM
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            • Andreas Hopf: The U.S. volume is crazy, again, as at the turn of the year. What is going on with this business? Most peculiar.
              May 21, 3:26 PM
              • Andreas Hopf
                Look at that $KEYS volume without much movement, like at the turn of the year. Why all that churn?
                May 21, 3:12 PM
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                • Andreas Hopf: Many times, the volume is outrageous on days when the stock is nearly flat. Who is buying and selling and for what reason? Very odd.
                  May 21, 3:13 PM
                  • Andreas Hopf
                    See my longer comment regarding $YHOO and the new situation. What do you think? Benefit or not?
                    May 20, 4:12 AM
                      • Andreas Hopf
                        $ALU $NOK post-deal decoupling (€) still in effect
                        May 19, 4:12 AM
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                        • BruceLee1984: NOK at 7.12 should equal ALU at 3.90 not sure why ALU is behind a bit...good to see both going up!
                          May 20, 10:54 AM
                        • Andreas Hopf: ALU is the blue line in the €-based chart.
                          May 20, 12:37 PM
                          • Andreas Hopf
                            $NOK HERE sale - TOM2 just renewed Apple agreement, while Apple buys more mapping and telematics businesses.
                            May 19, 2:53 AM
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                            • qdmj6: TomTom Q1'15
                              May 19, 11:53 AM
                            • Andreas Hopf: TOM2 is a great stock over the last 12 months. The Volkswagen deal helped.
                              May 19, 12:21 PM
                              • Andreas Hopf
                                $NOK Samsung settlement... an U.S. court just further reduced Samsung's payment to Apple ($1,05bn > $930m > another reduction).
                                May 18, 11:35 AM
                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                    $NOK HERE sale to Apple, fairly unlikely, becomes more unlikely now, with Apple buying more mapping and 3D cartography specialists.
                                    May 18, 4:22 AM
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                                    • Jari-Pekka Koivisto: The closure of the deal probably happened way before Nokia announced that Here might be sold so I wouldn't make any judgement based on this.
                                      May 18, 8:30 AM
                                    • Andreas Hopf: See also (scroll).
                                      May 18, 9:05 AM
                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                        $ALU $NOK if you like lesser losses see since "the deal".
                                        May 17, 12:34 PM
                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                            $BBRY put-buying time again - the company is run well: On press-releases and buy-out rumours Big fun!
                                            May 15, 3:17 AM
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                                            • caligrowthresearch: $BBRY going up today sure is not a dream :)
                                              May 15, 8:50 AM
                                            • sanityininsanity: Let me see if you have guts to sell calls?
                                              May 16, 6:50 PM
                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                $NOK was never good at monetising patents and it looks like they won't be in the future. Espoo is confused
                                                May 14, 3:27 PM
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                                                • Andreas Hopf: Hope is not an investment thesis.
                                                  May 16, 9:03 PM
                                                • BBcool: holding on to the last strand of hair?
                                                  May 17, 11:37 AM
                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                    $NOK HERE sale inflicts negative sticker shock. The German automotive industry must be very interested to keep Google at bay, yet offers...
                                                    May 10, 2:43 PM
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                                                    • alphaRAJU: And let's not count Microsoft out.
                                                      May 10, 5:13 PM
                                                    • im626: Nokia is selling at least 80%. They need to sell at least 80% to have tax-free spin off.
                                                      May 10, 9:02 PM
                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                        $ALU spondulicks rolled in alright this week. Next catalyst: HERE car boot sale at Espoo. Then: The open desert, I suppose - selling time.
                                                        May 8, 3:48 PM
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                                                        • BruceLee1984: have not heard much since Uber put in a 3 billion dollar bid. Wonder what's going on?
                                                          May 14, 11:13 AM
                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                            $NOK bids for HERE in the news: Financial investor €2bn, automaker Baidu consortium €2bn, Uber €3bn
                                                            May 8, 6:19 AM
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                                                            • Andreas Hopf: After today's HERE article in the Berliner Zeitung (HERE's home under Michael Halbherr), it could be that the German tightwads must rethink.
                                                              May 9, 1:38 PM
                                                            • mepa84: @AH, you need to refresh your Swedish language knowledge. Some intermediate courses will be helpful.
                                                              May 10, 3:06 PM
                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                $ALU fun: Yesterday, Zack's downgrades. Today, Zack's upgrades. Anna Lyst must be drunk.
                                                                May 6, 5:05 PM
                                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                                    $ALU - bit o' Citigroup pumping today.
                                                                    May 5, 4:11 PM
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                                                                    • Andreas Hopf: For years, buy the dip ruled. Now, sell the strength rules. Read that today somewhere on WSJ. I think that's true. That ship has sailed!
                                                                      May 5, 4:31 PM
                                                                    • BruceLee1984: Guess will find out, for now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for $ALU and $NOK.
                                                                      May 5, 5:29 PM
                                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                                        $NOK frees the road for up to 365m shares dilution. As if Nokia's share count was not big enough already ; )
                                                                        May 5, 3:23 PM
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                                                                        • User 8474661: Market is a religion. It`s believing in "value". No Physics, just Psyche. A price (number) generates from the irrationale (hope). NOK up !
                                                                          May 6, 5:04 AM
                                                                        • sidiji: 6b shares in dilution is pretty big reality wake up call
                                                                          May 6, 7:20 AM
                                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                                            At last $NOK is getting rid of HERE. Read for free here
                                                                            May 5, 3:22 PM
                                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                                The Financial Times thinks, $NOK Rajeev Suri has taken on too much. Read here for free.
                                                                                May 1, 3:42 PM
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                                                                                • sidiji: Suri has a lot of experience with wireless, but zero experience with fixed line/IP/core networks/routing/or optical...
                                                                                  May 2, 9:42 AM
                                                                                • sidiji: he will come to rely more and more on ALU's existing management, and they have for 9 years proven themselves incompetent
                                                                                  May 2, 9:43 AM