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  • Andreas Hopf
    $NOK recommended by JP Morgan - target $8. Consequently, Nokia is a down stock today (so far, in Europe). The Nokia-mechanism still works.
    Fri, 10:27 AM
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    • User 8474661: 12/19/2014: JP Morgan target NOK 8 EUR. Not 8 USD.
      Fri, 5:08 PM
    • Andreas Hopf: Sure, it's € not $.
      Fri, 5:17 PM
      • Andreas Hopf
        Good news regarding $ALU Alcatel Submarine Networks IPO, another big contract (bing translate needed).
        Fri, 3:30 AM
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        • pokalolo: Gracias... been a while ,but, it's a double for us & NOK does have a boat load of cash from MSFT
          Fri, 8:32 AM
        • Andreas Hopf: Nokia is a likely, but not the only European TEV consolidation candidate. And don't overlook JNPR and CIEN.
          Fri, 8:35 AM
          • Andreas Hopf
            $NOK buy-day today. A small dose should be in order. If Mr. Putin goes nuts in his lunchtime speech, markets could react negatively, though.
            Thu, 2:29 AM
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            • Timothy Bryan: should be interesting...
              Thu, 3:05 AM
            • Andreas Hopf: Already 3% profit so far today (Europe).
              Thu, 7:55 AM
              • Andreas Hopf
                Nice $NOK blast from the past (Gartner): Last quarter 43m Nokia branded devices were sold, 34m of which were regular mobile phones ; )
                Mon, 8:42 AM
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                • tcor0328: Gartner #s bullish for MSFT? thoughts?
                  Tue, 7:46 AM
                • Andreas Hopf: I stopped thinking. I am looking at the Chinese market and Russia to get a feel for how deep markets will crash.
                  Tue, 7:54 AM
                  • Andreas Hopf
                    More good news on $BBRY - deletion from S&P/TSX indices
                    Dec 13, 6:02 AM
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                    • midcapwarrior: It does have an impact to any fund that holds the index. Doubt this is one of the larger indexes.
                      Dec 13, 2:52 PM
                    • Tikay: You know what metrics really matter? The ones that say: BBRY up 61.8% 1 YR and up 32.3% YTD.
                      Dec 13, 10:34 PM
                      • Andreas Hopf
                        $DDD didn't quite succeed on the 10th, but today, there's a good chance it finishes below $30, which would be good news.
                        Dec 12, 10:12 AM
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                        • Roco1: Why would that be good news?
                          Dec 12, 10:57 AM
                        • Andreas Hopf: Put buyers and short sellers can rake it in some more. And, we indeed touched $30 today. Once below, all hail to $20.
                          Dec 12, 11:45 AM
                          • Andreas Hopf
                            $BBRY likely breaches below $10 at last, which would be much welcomed. Buy Head & Shoulders : )
                            Dec 12, 10:09 AM
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                            • Andreas Hopf: BBRY cracked the $10 barrier well. And now, let's look at John Chen's "performance" - revenues ever falling.
                              Dec 12, 3:42 PM
                              • Andreas Hopf
                                $AMD will be on its death bed soon...
                                Dec 10, 10:08 AM
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                                • Andreas Hopf: Too old to buy snake oil CEO stock ever again.
                                  Dec 10, 1:29 PM
                                • Plextor2: $AMD i think you should stop torturing yourself since i think you sold already and let it go forget $AMD
                                  Dec 12, 2:53 PM
                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                    Today $DDD could finally collapse below $30 and then the gates are wide open.
                                    Dec 10, 10:01 AM
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                                    • Andreas Hopf: $DDD $XONE $VJET et al. are ATMs with no PIN. $TSLA is ripe since a while, too. You did the right thing.
                                      Dec 10, 12:17 PM
                                    • djkidm: $YELP is another easy short. I think the CEO is down to his last 20,000 shares :)
                                      Dec 10, 3:00 PM
                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                        $BABA $YHOO perfect twins
                                        Dec 9, 1:15 PM
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                                        • Breezy Breeze: I wish I never sold my yahoo to buy more baba. They both were great plays.
                                          Dec 9, 2:33 PM
                                        • Breezy Breeze: Coulda Woulda Shoulda
                                          Dec 9, 2:34 PM
                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                            $DDD is a gift that keeps giving. Each week, puts appreciate to new highs. I believe one can even buy puts at this level to enjoy the ride.
                                            Dec 9, 10:00 AM
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                                            • Dmitry Kovalchuk: $TSLA might be next $DDD, with 3 D Systems being 1 Quarter Leading indicator for Tesla
                                              Dec 9, 10:04 AM
                                            • Andreas Hopf: Which is why I bet against this MOMO-dreamster stock as well. It is an equally ridiculous hot-air balloon company - tulips on wheels.
                                              Dec 9, 11:20 AM
                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                What pumped $BBRY today: $YHOO takeover rumour. Underwater longs & kamikaze investors must be desperate, soon facing the music on the 19th.
                                                Dec 5, 1:39 PM
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                                                • Andreas Hopf: Tiger - you're a poet. Keep it coming!
                                                  Dec 5, 5:44 PM
                                                • Chris&BB: Hey AH - I've been to Sweden on business a few times. I was stunned by how similar the country side is to where I grew up in Ontario. Cheers
                                                  Dec 5, 11:42 PM
                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                    J. P. Morgan upgrades $NOK. If you bought two weeks ago, now it's time to close the profitable trade until the next one : )
                                                    Dec 4, 7:40 AM
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                                                    • mepa84: Those listened to you and sold yesterday have lost 3.5%. I did some trading in the past and it was the most stressful things I've ever done
                                                      Dec 5, 2:38 PM
                                                    • Andreas Hopf: You need to get out more, y'know, and look at other stocks to relax a bit.
                                                      Dec 5, 2:50 PM
                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                        Good, $ALU makes the cash register ring. Once it becomes even more obvious that the "Shift" plan is executed, we could see another 300%er.
                                                        Nov 26, 1:45 PM
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                                                        • alphaRAJU: @AH It was too late but I knew in the long run I'll be ok.
                                                          Nov 26, 6:12 PM
                                                        • BruceLee1984: Not a very good day today at all.
                                                          Dec 2, 10:49 AM
                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                            $NOK @ $8 DD sells today - watch that spike in the chart : )
                                                            Nov 21, 9:42 AM
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                                                            • Andreas Hopf: DD's flash-sale ruined the chart for the day, $NOK would have risen to the elusive $10.
                                                              Nov 22, 5:08 AM
                                                            • Doug Dallam: But I didn't sell. I sad "if" I had to sell, it would have been at 8.05. A pretty good call.
                                                              Nov 22, 3:09 PM
                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                Interesting In theory, with that news, $NOK HERE division could fit into Yahoo!'s long-term plan. A thought.
                                                                Nov 19, 5:09 PM
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                                                                • Andreas Hopf: It could provide HERE with essential ad-monetisation that, deviceless, will not happen via Samsung. Again, just a thought.
                                                                  Nov 19, 5:10 PM
                                                                • La Rue: Good one :)
                                                                  Nov 19, 5:31 PM
                                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                                    Good $ALU investor day (use Bing Translate).
                                                                    Nov 13, 12:49 PM
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                                                                    • im626: Interesting to see NOK's CMD tomorrow. NOK have been on a streak with these events and ER announcements.
                                                                      Nov 13, 1:24 PM
                                                                    • im626: And of course, we know what happens after those announcements. Should have got in yesterday
                                                                      Nov 13, 1:24 PM
                                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                                        $NOK back at November 15th 2013 value. Let's celebrate one year of dead money and one year of trading : )
                                                                        Nov 7, 11:28 AM
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                                                                        • alphaRAJU: Loving my .51 plus .20 from previous year.
                                                                          Nov 7, 1:13 PM
                                                                        • romaniukk: loving my 100% in two years, 2013, 2014
                                                                          Nov 7, 6:43 PM
                                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                                            $LNVGY second day -5% in Europe on good news. Is this all just profit taking or revenue worries? Lenovo well positioned for growth in 2015?
                                                                            Nov 7, 9:50 AM
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                                                                            • Andreas Hopf: I wonder, if the Motorola brand name still rings a bell in non-U.S. customers' ears. Lenovo needs a higher end offering than its own.
                                                                              Nov 7, 9:56 AM
                                                                            • User 12115671: same thing that happened to aapl last year.
                                                                              Nov 7, 11:32 AM
                                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                                Ferragu of Bernstein "fame" downgrades $NOK and recommends to sell. Stock tanks in Europe. See
                                                                                Nov 4, 6:15 AM
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                                                                                • Seppo Sahrakorpi: Wall Street Breakfast: European Shares Slip After EU Commission Cuts Forecasts
                                                                                  Nov 4, 7:21 AM
                                                                                • La Rue: You'll be buying some again AH. That's the way you roll :)
                                                                                  Nov 4, 8:17 AM