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  • Andreas Hopf
    $YHOO CEO speculations MM becoming a lame duck.
    12 hours ago
      • Andreas Hopf
        $NOK $ALU Alcatel-Lucent again wins two contracts in China. Possible VDSL2 partner for Deutsche Telekom that just got vectoring approved.
        Thu, 7:30 AM
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        • Andreas Hopf: This regular expression will match the exact year when Nokia reaches $10: \b(?:2\d(?:1[6-9]|[2-9]\d)|\d{5,}|[3-9]\d{3,})\b
          Thu, 4:31 PM
        • La Rue: Exactly AH.......
          Thu, 4:49 PM
          • Andreas Hopf
            Good article on $YHOO and why the blue dress must be shown the door asap.
            Nov 25, 4:31 PM
              • Andreas Hopf
                $ALU German regulating body finally allows VDSL2-Vectoring. Telekom intends to spend up to €6bn. Key player is Alcatel-Lucent (soon Nokia).
                Nov 23, 12:53 PM
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                • BruceLee1984: Should benefit $ALU and $NOK when contracts are awarded. $ALU is great in Vectoring.
                  Nov 23, 1:07 PM
                • Andreas Hopf: Nokia $10 by the end of the year ; )
                  Nov 23, 3:03 PM
                  • Andreas Hopf
                    Hong Kong outlaws $TSLA "auto pilot" (aka suicide mode):
                    Nov 20, 5:12 AM
                      • Andreas Hopf
                        Where some of $YHOO's shareholder value was recently squandered
                        Nov 17, 3:12 AM
                          • Andreas Hopf
                            $NOK $ALU Ericsson/Cisco merger rumour unfounded
                            Nov 16, 4:34 AM
                              • Andreas Hopf
                                Devastating letter from sell-side (!) analyst (rare) to $YHOO's board of directors for failure on all three levels
                                Nov 16, 2:54 AM
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                                • dalatinIJR: Guess she isn't the golden haired CEO from above > Powerful note
                                  Nov 16, 3:03 AM
                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                    As investors realize $BBRY's Priv flop, the stock seeks $7 like a locked-on Sidewinder missile. This week ends well!
                                    Nov 13, 4:00 PM
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                                    • caligrowthresearch: Are the bobble heads out yet or why is $BBRY back Art $7.50? Oh, I forgot- it offers real value. Sorry haters!
                                      Nov 16, 2:56 PM
                                    • Andreas Hopf: Woo-hoo! A lil' blip! Still lookin' at your $20 that never comes? Stock masochist comedy is best. There really is a sucker born every day.
                                      Nov 16, 4:26 PM
                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                        $DDD in the endgame. Fantastic news for put owners and short sellers. $XONE should jump the cliff next.
                                        Nov 13, 1:44 PM
                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                            $NOK $10 by the end of the year ; )
                                            Nov 13, 10:32 AM
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                                            • im626: AH, are you gonna get back into NOK if NOK hits $10 by the end of "the" year?
                                              Nov 13, 3:12 PM
                                            • Andreas Hopf: No, I had enough. These days, it is more lucrative to bet against failing MOMO-stocks. But the Lumia 920s are going strong ; )
                                              Nov 13, 4:04 PM
                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                Another devastating $BBRY Priv review while sales are bad and the stock seeks $7. A disaster delivered courtesy of John "Next year..." Chen.
                                                Nov 12, 4:03 PM
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                                                • anonymous1234212: Usually AH cites the verge but even they wrote a predominantly positive review of the Priv, so he got really desperate and resorted to ars.
                                                  Nov 13, 1:46 AM
                                                • dalatinIJR: Bull/bear> share price rules.BB has LOYAL base who buy asap.U must see after initial offering.I was Chen bull,but, he did better with Sybase
                                                  Nov 13, 4:37 AM
                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                    $DDD below $10 soon. $SSYS below $20 soon. Write-downs and law-suits loom.
                                                    Nov 5, 10:47 AM
                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                        $BBRY tries to get below $7 amidst lackluster Priv sales and reviews
                                                        Oct 30, 10:34 AM
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                                                        • Andreas Hopf: What you did does not help the many hapless retail investors ensnared by your purchase recommendations. A moral and ethical disaster.
                                                          Nov 10, 4:50 PM
                                                        • anonymous1234212: "Moral and ethical disaster." Wait, you're talking about your own posts, right AH?
                                                          Nov 10, 6:00 PM
                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                            Breaking news: $NOK soon back to November 2013 price levels!
                                                            Oct 29, 4:58 AM
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                                                            • BruceLee1984: especially with regards to the $ALU merger.
                                                              Oct 29, 11:07 AM
                                                            • qdmj6: NOK long; should be evident in 2016
                                                              Oct 29, 11:21 AM
                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                Dreadful guidance given. Desperate buyback announcement. $GPRO = GoBroke. A fan-powered MOMO-stock. Nothing new.
                                                                Oct 28, 6:11 PM
                                                                  • Andreas Hopf
                                                                    Whereas $TSLA will miss original guidance over 60.000 cars for 2015, $POAHF sold 173.000 in 1st three quarters, up 27%. U.S. demand strong.
                                                                    Oct 28, 8:16 AM
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                                                                    • Andreas Hopf: $TTM's British Jaguar brand will come in even better. Proper cars obviously sell profitably.
                                                                      Oct 28, 8:19 AM
                                                                      • Andreas Hopf
                                                                        $BBRY deflates after initial UK weekend sales show abysmal numbers.
                                                                        Oct 27, 10:23 AM
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                                                                        • GII: You have no idea, do you now? Watsa wants positive future cashflows, because only surplus future cash will ensure him return of his capital.
                                                                          Oct 29, 1:29 PM
                                                                        • GII: Also, Prem Watsa, just like Warren Buffet, could't care less about the current share price "paper losses" since he is not buying right now.
                                                                          Oct 29, 1:33 PM
                                                                          • Andreas Hopf
                                                                            Bit o' thrill for $ALU investors (Alcatel submarine cabling business)
                                                                            Oct 26, 7:07 AM
                                                                              • Andreas Hopf
                                                                                $TSLA nosedives after negative Consumer Reports reliability score. That comes as no surprise with snap-off wheels & other built-in defects.
                                                                                Oct 20, 1:43 PM
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                                                                                • Gary Jakacky: Excellent. The sooner we hear no more about TSLA and Mush....oops, I mean MUSK...the better!
                                                                                  Oct 20, 1:59 PM
                                                                                • Andreas Hopf: Brother Elonius will tweet the stock back up soon.
                                                                                  Oct 20, 2:32 PM