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Long-term horizon, biotech, gold & precious metals, long/short equity
Andreas Spiro
Long-term horizon, biotech, gold & precious metals, long/short equity
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Thanks for all your polite comments guys. Appreciate the feedback. I tried to call it as I see it. I of course support full legalization of marijuana and any other drug as well. Let people do what they want and avoid what they don't want, and businesses serve people how they want, and let the market sort out the winners and losers.
See the cash and financings section. I believe another 10M financing was just made in addition though I'm not entirely certain. Judging by their staff and its experience as mentioned in the article, I'm willing to take a stake in the company.
Slimmy -
Senesco will be the surviving entity of the merger according to the 8K. The stock will now carry the value of both companies but traded under the Senesco corporate shell.
Zen -
If you look at some of my previous articles, I am not a big fan of government funding and don't see it as a good sign except in rare cases. I am also human and can't possibly include every relevant detail, sometimes I miss something. That's what the comments are for, so thank you for informing us. All articles are biased to some degree. I try to minimize it where I can. There is no such thing as complete objectivity.
I wish you a full recovery and years of health and happiness. Thank you for sharing.
Bridge Bum -
When the government starts forcing banks to make loans, they'll make loans to insolvent borrowers, just like they did in the lead up to the 08 crash. The Fed cannot sell its bonds. That is impossible. It absolutely will not happen. If it does the price of bonds will fall through the floor and we will truly be at a bond Armageddon. The banks will not buy them anyway unless they are forced to, which could happen. But then the price of a bond will collapse again. There is no alternative, interest rates are about to skyrocket.
That's one of the reasons why Chanticleer acquired American Roadside Burgers. To not miss out on the women demographic.
Plusses to ATOS are that medical testing devices have a much shorter and less expensive regulatory phase. It's just starting out and hasn't accumulated the huge deficits that other start up biotechs incur over the clinical trial period.
The minuses are that the price action looks suspicious. This article is published and 4 days later we're at 12, then the parabola quickly breaks. It could be he shorts when he sees a parabola forming and then tells his followers to sell so he profits on his own short.
Not accusing, just saying it's possible.
buddhaboy -
The dollar will go up in the short term against the euro during a euro crisis up and until the Fed bails out the FDIC. At that point the dollar will fall. Aside from that, the dollar will still go down against gold and silver even while going up against the Euro. All currencies are on an incline down against metals in general. The hard currency you are asking about will be gold and silver. That's why countries are stocking up now. When hyperinflation ensues, those with the gold will be the ones with the power. If global trade grinds to a halt, it will be a lot worse than hyperinflation. It will lead to mass starvation for any country that is a net food importer.
You're welcome Charlie. Cancer research is certainly exciting, which is why I write about it. I wish you continued health.
Michael, thanks for the good read. Speaking of gold demand, this video is quite an eye-opener. It shows how so few of the average guys on the street know anything about gold. When the average Joe wakes up to inflation, things will really start kicking into gear. This guy is trying to give away a free 1oz gold coin to anyone who can guess within 25% of its value. Nobody was even close.
Swiss -
Just because I don't have any positions now does not mean I won't in the future.
SN -
True, but the Federal government is going to want money when interest rates start going up. They'll do whatever they can to get it. That could mean penalizing or extra taxing of any company listed on the NYSE that does not pay US taxes for the right to be listed, or extra capital gains taxes for shareholders of NYSE-listed companies that do not pay US taxes. The IRS could threaten foreign banks. There are a lot of things they could do theoretically to encourage foreign earnings to submit to the IRS. I wouldn't be surprised.
$1523 is the lowest gold has reached since December 2011. Read my reply to Abegaz above for a more thorough explanation. I can't tell you how fast the floor is rising, but I do know that it is and will as long as the monetary base keeps expanding.
Hi Abegaz -
Gold has broken $1550 6 times since September 2011. Each time it does, sentiment reaches extreme bearishness as does the Blees rating on the COT spreadsheets, and buyers have come in. $1523 is the lowest gold has gotten since then. Could it possibly be broken to $1522? Sure, nominally, but if it does, it's not like "support has been broken" or something like that. There are no hard technicals when it comes to the price of gold in my opinion. So $1523 is just a ballpark.
bbro -
The cost of every good and service is tied to the money supply intrinsically. For more on why, I recommend a short pamphlet called "What has Government Done with Our Money" by Murray N. Rothbard. What you can be sure of is the more the Fed increases the monetary base, the more expensive everything will eventually become, including the cost of mining gold, and therefore gold itself.
Hi gbousta007,
You're welcome. The quick background is that ever since the collapse of the housing bubble and the incredible bailouts that ensued, I became suspicious of our mainstream economic gurus and their jargon. I looked elsewhere and found the Austrian school, and their analysis of the global economic landscape made more sense. That said, I believe in the PM sector, be it ETFs, physical, or miners, though with the latter, it is imperative that you pick the best companies and save leftover cash for speculation. Be prepared for volatility.
Hello Ahmed,
I believe that there will be some continued government funding albeit in a more limited and better managed way. I least I hope.
One way of charging the industry and increase scalability on many fronts is for the government to develop an alternative energy and infrastructure to offer some tax benefit structure for investors in companies that deal in alternative energy and infrastructure similar to Gas and Oil.. This could open the "flood gates" for private equity and institutional investment on a large scale and be a game changer.
Your analogy to gas stations is flawed. A correct analogy would be telephone booths. You may be too young to remember, but before the mobile phone market existed, people used to make their calls from telephone booths ubiquitously located. Companies and individuals would make a deal with a property owner and install one for a revenue share. Unlike gas stations which require specialized permits and take a lot of time to build. Charging stations like the telephone booths could be installed every where and particularly in malls and parking lots in less than a day and costs less. Meaning that the availability to charge one's car could be available in more locations than gas stations. That's why the current strategy for charging station companies is the real estate play. The stations could be added very quickly when the demand arrives.
I realized that I missed step in the mergers. Genzyme was not private when acquired. Novazyme was the original private company that developed the pompe cure, which was acquired by Genzyme, which was acquired by Sanofi. Either way the point is the same.
Thank you all.
You make some very good points. A restructure is in order.
What's your point?
I enjoyed reading the article. It opened up a market I did not know existed in China. Chinese stocks have been tainted across all sectors for their notorious auditing practices. I believe however, that the Chinese government has, or will be taking some action to ensure financial transparency. I am sure that there are many good companies in China that have a superb performance record, yet are undervalued because of a few bad eggs.
You are right about CEII, their model and approach is unique.
Richard, you a re right on the money. Great Job!