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  • Andrei Volgin
    Spotify is growing much faster than $P: Spotify doubled, while Pandora grew by 25% over the same period.
    May 21, 11:24 AM
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    • Atlanta Equity Professional: @Andrei You should take a look at $Z. It has all of the characteristics of $P last fall - no profitability after 8 years,
      May 24, 8:02 AM
    • Atlanta Equity Professional: increasing competition, massive insider sales, broken business model, large churn rate, etc. And it trades at about 20x sales.
      May 24, 8:03 AM
      • Andrei Volgin
        Looks like $TWTR is going to retest $30 soon.
        May 20, 1:22 PM
          • Andrei Volgin
            $TWTR - Looks like this cat ain't gonna fly. Going short again.
            May 9, 12:17 PM
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            • phemale60: Very cute. But I don't think $TWTR "meowed" since it's far from dead; received a few upgrades; and recall it did beat earnings.
              May 9, 4:01 PM
            • Andrei Volgin: It beat expectations - from the same analysts who were saying BUY when the stock was $60-70. TWTR can go down to $10 and still be expensive.
              May 9, 5:26 PM
              • Andrei Volgin
                $HLF - going short. All the good news are out. Bad news may happen any day.
                May 7, 10:33 AM
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                • Joshua Chin: agreed! Hope your $P short played out for you! It did here!
                  May 7, 10:41 AM
                • HLF Friend: $HLF Do it at 70 then 80 then 90 and you will closer to fair value
                  May 7, 11:12 AM
                  • Andrei Volgin
                    $TWRT - Closed part of my position for a 125% gain.
                    May 7, 10:14 AM
                      • Andrei Volgin
                        Shorted $TSLA and $SCTY this morning with the idea of going into earnings, but closed now for a quick profit. May short again later today.
                        May 7, 10:13 AM
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                        • Andrei Volgin: I reopened it before the close and closed after hours :) What a day!
                          May 7, 10:04 PM
                        • Snoopy1: Congrats.
                          May 7, 10:46 PM
                          • Andrei Volgin
                            Margin reports will look ugly tomorrow for many traders. It may put further pressure on momentum stocks. There is nowhere to hide.
                            May 6, 3:01 PM
                              • Andrei Volgin
                                $PLUG - Looks like there is no support until $2.50/2.70 level. It will probably slowly drift there, but a crash is possible too.
                                May 6, 1:34 PM
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                                • Nathan Brooks: I'm planning to cover at $3, though I think fair value is only $1 = cash. Over longer time frame my re-enter short and cover closer to $1.
                                  May 6, 2:05 PM
                                • Nathan Brooks: my* = may
                                  May 6, 2:05 PM
                                  • Andrei Volgin
                                    $HLF - Elimination of a dividend makes it much cheaper to carry a short position.
                                    Apr 28, 4:39 PM
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                                    • markrpat: well, I guess I was wrong about the argument...pretty wrong.
                                      Apr 29, 4:02 PM
                                    • pytiz: Also, IBD is what I do (present). If you knew about it, you'd know about downtime in IBD. I like to kill it here, shoving it to morons..
                                      Apr 29, 4:04 PM
                                      • Andrei Volgin
                                        $HLF - Trying to open a new short position ahead of results, but no shares are available :(
                                        Apr 28, 11:05 AM
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                                        • Yteeld: So many want to short $HLF it's going up....go figure
                                          Apr 28, 2:31 PM
                                        • Yteeld: Maybe that's how it worked in Russia........$HLF analysis flawed
                                          Apr 28, 2:32 PM
                                          • Andrei Volgin
                                            $TWTR - "I'm already hearing kids in high school comment that Twitter is for old people," says Zappos founder. (
                                            Apr 16, 1:58 PM
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                                            • cking6178: nvm, i read the article you linked...thx...i always find it funny when successful business ppl with degrees from elite U's tell ppl they
                                              Apr 16, 2:53 PM
                                            • cking6178: don't need college...they should start a business instead...much easier said than done and it helps if you understand business concepts
                                              Apr 16, 2:54 PM
                                              • Andrei Volgin
                                                $PLUG - Another opportunity to short the stock before the CEO explains that a change on the website is not "news".
                                                Mar 31, 12:14 PM
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                                                • RayeBob: suppression!! That makes sense now :)
                                                  Mar 31, 2:33 PM
                                                • Purple_K: Shhh... you'll wake the trolls!
                                                  Mar 31, 2:36 PM
                                                  • Andrei Volgin
                                                    $PLUG continues to play games. Now they added Toyota to their website: without a proper announcement.
                                                    Mar 31, 12:08 PM
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                                                    • acahue33: Reminds me of $GALE a few months ago. GALE paid a firm to fluff up the stock on internet websites like this one.
                                                      Mar 31, 5:26 PM
                                                    • RayeBob: abu....I believe Andrei was reaching for anything suggestive of malfeasance by PLUG. Large short interest. Keep dry powder for later.
                                                      Mar 31, 9:10 PM
                                                      • Andrei Volgin
                                                        CNBC: $AMZN music service will be free and ad supported, will launch in a few months. ($P, $AAPL)
                                                        Mar 27, 4:01 PM
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                                                        • dgulick: $AMZN denies free streaming report
                                                          Mar 29, 3:42 PM
                                                          • Andrei Volgin
                                                            $AMZN pierced 200d sma for the first time in 11 months.
                                                            Mar 27, 10:16 AM
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                                                            • buyandhold???: pierced??? you make it sound like it broke through it with huge volume, it bounced off it it and rebounded to $340
                                                              Mar 28, 5:50 AM
                                                            • Andrei Volgin: The point is that it did not even come close to it for 11 months.
                                                              Mar 28, 11:52 AM
                                                              • Andrei Volgin
                                                                I can only image the margin calls some guys will see tomorrow. $PLUG, $FCEL, $TWTR, $AMZN, $P, $FB, $TSLA - a big move across the board.
                                                                Mar 26, 3:39 PM
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                                                                • ReligiousWacko: re-invest dividends?
                                                                  Mar 26, 9:42 PM
                                                                • Emmanuel Nogueira: I've never traded speculative stocks on margin and many pros I know don't either.
                                                                  Mar 27, 12:02 AM
                                                                  • Andrei Volgin
                                                                    $TWTR - The road is open to test $40.
                                                                    Mar 26, 3:35 PM
                                                                      • Andrei Volgin
                                                                        $AMZN lowers prices by up to 40% on AWS instances in response to $GOOG 's move yesterday. It will affect revenues next quarter (April 1).
                                                                        Mar 26, 3:06 PM
                                                                          • Andrei Volgin
                                                                            Why stock exchanges put breakers on a way down, but not on a way up? I am sure a lot of people were hurt yesterday buying $PLUG above $8.
                                                                            Mar 26, 12:26 PM
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                                                                            • RayeBob: Why? "Manipulative or abusive short-selling" is the verbiage. Perhaps for good reason? Alot of people gained yesterday too. Your turn now.
                                                                              Mar 26, 2:02 PM
                                                                            • RayeBob: People only had about 15 minutes to buy above 8 yesterday because some others were covering. Who's fault is that?
                                                                              Mar 26, 2:08 PM
                                                                              • Andrei Volgin
                                                                                $PLUG - It's hard to get shares to short. So far I only managed to add 5,000 shares to my short position.
                                                                                Mar 25, 2:57 PM
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                                                                                • wigit5: ouch its at 8.60+ now ><
                                                                                  Mar 25, 5:01 PM
                                                                                • Andrei Volgin: Hopefully, I can get more shares to short tomorrow. If it goes higher, weekly puts is a great way to play the upcoming crash.
                                                                                  Mar 25, 5:10 PM