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  • Andrei Volgin
    $TSLA: Just as I said back in September, dilution is inevitable:
    Feb 26, 4:25 PM
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    • stockahead: conv notes, right? both notes can be converted either in cash or stock or both in 2019 or 2021!
      Feb 26, 4:40 PM
    • Andrei Volgin: There is no free lunch, in case they did not tell you. You don't get $1.6bn for nothing.
      Feb 26, 4:42 PM
    • buyandhold???: elon did....look at the financing rate and he didn't have to issue any new shares so yea he did get it for nothing...
      Feb 26, 4:52 PM
    • Andrei Volgin: We will see in 2019.
      Feb 26, 10:24 PM
    • stockahead: Heeeheee! look at him, the cool investor. Glad to have you here on board. In the meantime, relax a bit with
      Feb 27, 8:16 AM
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