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Smart. But the data is a bit old. None the less, it is still a wonder how it has taken Moody's so long to figure this out. There is much hope resting on the side of the bulls. But anyone who has been to a rodeo know what follow the bull.... clowns and crap.
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Hello??? Thank goodness for GOOG today.. would have been a train wreck... there is always Monday I suppose.
Credit Card Guy:
You are kidding me right? Does anyone get the fact that write-offs are bad? B A D ..BAD! Lower cost of borrowing goes for all, that means COF also makes less. In fact, they are giving it away with 0% deals... Somehow the whole thing stinks. Who knows maybe they will come out with earnings, tel that they are going to lose everything and the market will push shares up $20... Crazy market.
Discipline! That is the ticket.... Say it and play it! Disciplined Investing.. Good job...
Hello and thanks for the comments and input. If you notice, I said that MA and V aside as I am well aware there is little or no credit risk. This article is squarely focusing on Capital One.
While there may be other companies mentioned, that is the ONLY one in focus.
I discussed on recent podcast as well: www.thedisciplinedinve.../
So, with that cleared up... does it make more sense?
Let's just get this straight, once and for all. I help hard working people, like you and me, plan for their future. Things important to my clients like legacy planning and retirement. I admit, while I may not worry about the fax machine killing me, I have worked in factories, kitchens and other places that you seem to feel are considered "honest labor". I am not sure why you believe that you are better than me....I have a family, concerns, fears, hopes and I put my pants on one leg at a time as you do.
I could go on about all of the sad and tear-jerking past and I am sure that it would bring out sympathy, but I try to be the best I can be every day, without blaming the "man" for my problems. I will work for a solution for myself and for my clients. Harry was bad, okay. But you my friend need to get past that so that you can reach your goals. Stop using the past as a crutch, a story that you hold on to dearly so that you can make excuses for your shortcomings. I had the same opportunities that you did. I am no smarter or better than you. If you do not like the management, get out! Make it on your own, buld something on your own. Stop standing behind the union when things do not go your way.
You see drkirk, I do not have a union to protect me. If I do not do a good job, I am done. I need to put my clients ahead of mine, be competitively priced and perform. If not, they will go elsewhere. I cannot tell them that if they do not pay me more, give me a rtetierment plan that I will hold their portfolio hostage. I cannot stop them from leaving by threatening them with financial harm. I will not demand a rate increase because I deserve it. I need to perform, perform, perform.
Good thing that you do not sterotype. I already told you how to get one thing free, that was earlier today and you were a no show. So here is a second chance..... send $19.95 for the shipping and handling (union workers in the warehouse) and I will send you a free book - autographed of course...
One more thing... Why are you once again entitled to a free anything from me? You already get free advice (whether it is good or bad) from me right here on SA. Do I owe you something? Isn't it fair that if I work and you utilize my product that you pay me? Or are you the only one that should be paid for your hard work?
Would you gratuitously do something for me? No, as you said above, you are not giving me anything. I just do not understand your logic. But I do think this: You may be your worst enemy. Your beliefs keep you down. I am sorry for that and if I can give you something, i wish I could give you the permission to let go of all of the past that stops you from standing on your own. You do not need the union, go start a business and stand on your own. Take on a few employees as you grow, get a nice benefit package for the,, work hard and you can have all the things that you want.
Well, you may not have a good health care plan ( I have to pay $1200 per month for my family and for my employees too) But you will have a 1 week a year vacation ( though you will not get paid for it) and don't forget that you will have an unlimited liability for the business. Just for good measure, throw in a pension pan that you get to put in money for yourself for retirement (but, depending on how many employees you have, you may end up putting in more for them). Work as much as you want (there is no overtime). have a nice big office ($30-40 per square foot) and you are on autopilot as the employees will take care of everything as you kick up your feet.
But what the heck do I know anyway. I am a dreamer ... Anyway I can help, just ask..
If you would like to hear from HARRY DENT about this, he was on with David Gaffen (Wall Street Journal) this week's - The Disciplined Investor Podcast - they tells an amazing story..
WOW. It has been a ride. I have been screaming about this stock for 6 months. First WAY over value, now the opposite
Good idea. We have been adding to UUP for the last 4 weeks a it seems to be well positioned.
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Will continue to update at
If you really want a taste what is coming, listen to Harry Dent from 3/18
Have you looked closely at Harry Dent's work on demographic economics? I will have an interview with him up tonight on site....
Book value ratios are based on the value of the book. We are not sure how to value Bear's book/assets. More risk there.
By the way, why is there no disclosure of holdings included. You have written a few bullish posts on BSC. Position???
It is amazing..Simply amazing...DrKirk.. If you could not find anything about me or my company, which is hard to believe as any simple search will give you plenty of info, why do you write about my business practices? You are really showing a great deal of ignorance.
We do not use load funds when we invest, not do we use B shares. If you would have read my book, you would know that.. But I suppose it is easier for you to point a finger than to stop and ask.
You are one of the kind or gents that feels that nothing is fair. Everyone else has more and they do it by cheating. Do I have that right?
Do us all a favor. Make your point, keep away from the personal attacks and inferences and bring us some new data. Nothing you said has any substance, just venom.
I am just as concerned about the situation here with labor, but it is about the excess.. By ALL INVOLVED. AND if you fail to see that, you are no better than the management or the unions. Jobs are leaving our soil, strikes will not help that. Companies are closing. Unions are not going to help that. Greed and your very distasteful remarks will not stop it either.
Please DO NOT BUY MY BOOK, READ IT or LISTEN TO THE AUDIOBOOK. I would not want facts to get in the way of your view of the world.
Also, please do not worry about anything, the blaming should solve it all. Well done, you should be very proud!
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One more thing.. What does book value have to do with it if the company's assets can not be valued correctly???
50% of this article is new that is from anywhere. 50% is information with no point. Why waste the space Felix? This is for news or analysis? Because the stock is down, it is a buy? Maybe there is something we do not know....Efficient Market Theory ring a bell?
If you read past the article title, you would have seen the line that said: That said, unless we see intervention that is decisive and convincing by the Fed, a breakdown is inevitable. Earnings, news and recent policy has not done anything to support the averages. This time, we need to see a full-court press that is a unified effort between monetary policy and government initiatives. Anything less that a miraculous plan pulled from Lincoln’s hat will be met with negativity.
HELLO! People start reading the text, not the headline only!!!!!!
The iphone with 3G and push email wll be a wicked combo. Add a better synch to make it a portable hard drive and ability to connect to external screen.. WOW. Movie device, mini computer, external drive, mail, internet. The next palmtop. (can I ask for gaming?)
Not a fantasy at this point. Apple is sitting in a good position.
Captain Todd:
I just had a chance to look over your Sears posts on SA. I have a question...How long does one stay bullish and when does it become a sinking ship that you you seem to be clinging to?
What would make you throw in the towel?
Funny that I happened to see this idea today. I was just in a local Walgreens and it was PACKED! I realize it is the night before Valentines Day, but it is apparent that the strength for WAG is the last minute/convenience shopper.
I agree that WAG does not need to directly compete with WMT, but it should also recognize that there is a need to be creative and have more to offer.
There is a story about a small drug store that made its fortune by being creative. It sold very cheap tuna fish by the can and put it by the back register/pharmacy. There was always a long line at the pharmacy and everyone that came in thought it to be the pace to buy their prescriptions. So it grew and grew. The truth was that it was all about merchandising and not cost.
WAG needs to think about that story and realize that they are not just a more convenient clone of WMT (which they are not) Same with investors.... WAG is a convenience store, one of the last corner pharmacies (loosely)...
WAG could be a good growth story in the absence of political weight killing phara prices and ridiculous FDA oversight that is killing the entire extended industry. I still wonder with all of this, what WAG has up its sleeve to compete and profit.
OH, and forgot to ask you to kindly add to some credible facts instead of simply yelling insults. Just to disagree without substantiation helps no one.
Thanks, I knew you would understand...
You know what is a joke? No matter what stock it is...anything negative, no matter how accurate, brings out the genius commentary. Heard it with SHLD, LPHI, VMW and others. Keep thinking you are so smart and that others will agree with you and your anonymous writing. Nice try fellas.
Maybe a few more adjectives like, stupid or moron will take CROX back to even for you! If you do not like the info, turn the channel. :-( )
Interesting fodder. Seems that the mention of Sears brings out the hecklers. I wrote here about the downward potential on 9/23/07 when Sears was $132 and got an amazing amount of hate email saying that I was an idiot.
Too bad that emotions always get in the way of logic. Full article
NO to new issues again my friend. Learned a hard lesson, which your name brand broker will never tell you. NO NO NO!
The rebound happened.. Try to buy discounts in the future....Not line the pockets of the broker...
Yes, good catch on 2007/2008. It is 2008 that should be there. Still new to 2008 on check and obviously tables. I agree that the financials seem to rule this area and that is a concern. Yet what is very interesting is the fact that even though many of these have bounced around do the past few months, they have recently stabilized. In fact, even on the day of slaughter (aka 1/8/08) many of these were unaffected or went up.
Analises_Dad: Also, agree that is great site for preferreds.
And to the points of Guest32224, yes, these are to be thought of as fixed income with the ability to trade in and out via the market. There may be some that have extraneous provisions, that is why you need to read the fine print with any fixed income and dividend paying investment.
Thanks for the comment, but what else do you want? The post was looking to identify the DOGS.... A simple strategy. The desire was to provide the list, not the strategy, that has been covered already by thousands of others. Quant theories do not require thought, that is the whole point. Have a good day.
Sad that greed gets ahead of human life. Not something new I suppose...
This is a sad situation. Politics and greed in front of human life. (not a new story)