Andy Bodrog

Short only, reits, etf investing, currencies
Andy Bodrog
Short only, REITs, ETF investing, currencies
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i think it is time to start shorting the S&P from 2010.. short term in Dec it should go below 2000 as it seems:
- if there is a rate hike, which markets already priced in, stocks should go down for a while
- if there is no hike (which the markets expect) than larger turmoil can happen
Great article, all about the most important stuff. Especially RMB which I try to write about too ( It may be that bitcoin vs renminbi will be the currency landscape soon
Good to read from others about China, good observations. It is not a zero-sum game in terms of US-China business for sure.
China is strategically building its renminbi bloc and experimenting with currency trading in the free trade zones. More to come from both, they seem to be in it for the long haul
Thanks for your agreement. It remains to be seen, but quick decisions by the new government are a more active stance (against corruption, shadow banking) and are a good sign for the long-term.
Great article, interesting read!
Thanks guys! Important topic, making more and more headwinds! The RMB seems to be incrementally developing, will have big market moving effects... Follow on the
Very good article. China is following a slow, gradual process of internationalization of the RMB, creating an RMB bloc in Asia and slowly building out domestic and international infrastructure. The next 10 years should provide much progress
Nice article, the topic is going to get very hot in the next 8 years, as the CCP is planning to make Shanghai a big international finance hub by 2020. Follow on twitter
I was highlighting the fact that USD transactions are decreasing and regional currency use is increasing. Yes, the euro is not in position to overtake anything atm, only itself.
In terms of RMB and RMB bloc, China-Africa trade is where a lot of interesting developments are happening. WSJ talks about how Citi is setting up yuan products:
The City of London RMB initiative is also worth to keep an eye on:
True, there are a lot of domestic issues that keep China down, but the focus should be first around the RMB bloc, regionally.
China takes incremental, very calculated steps in terms of economic development, and broadens scope in the Maoist strategy of "encircling cities from villages". There seem to be strong incentives to open Chinese financial markets and increase RMB use outside the Mainland, the CNH. The current leadership change could accelerate this trend.