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Anthony Catanach

Dr. Catanach is a professor in the School of Business at Villanova University, as well as the Cary M. Maguire Fellow at the American College Center for Ethics in Financial Services. His consulting and research interests relate primarily to business risk management, financial statement analysis, and performance management issues. He has previously served on the faculties of the University of Virginia and INSEAD. He obtained his undergraduate and masters degrees from the University of New Mexico and his Ph.D. from Arizona State University. Dr. Catanach has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant since 1980 and a Certified Management Accountant since 1991.

His professional experience includes five years as an ...More
  • Description: Professor.
  • Interests: Retirement savings
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Grumpy Old Accountants Grumpy Old Accountants was created in April 2011 by Professors Edward Ketz (The Pennsylvania State University) and Anthony H. Catanach Jr. (Villanova University) to promote ethical and transparent financial reporting, common sense standard-setting, and effective auditing. For the first 19 months of its ...More
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