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  • The Gold Standard Gets Another Look [View article]
    I must be an idiot b/c I simply don't understand the importance of gold. . It is simply a medium of exchange like any other arbitrary medium of exchange. It is no more a store of value than the dollar (or seashells, jade, livestock, or even stocks). The gold standard does not prevent inflation or deflation. The price of things still went up and down during the time when the US had a gold standard.
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  • Exelon: Wisconsin Energy Generates Electrifying Performance Compared To Exelon [View article]
    you can't compare a regulated and unregulated utility. Reg Utilities are having their day in the sun b/c of interest rates. Why you ask, b/c a regulated utility has a fixed marginal rate of return on investment negotiated with the state, so when the interest rate on the money borrowed to make that investment drops, your margins expand. Everything I know about demographics for energy supply and demand say that the market rate for power will continue to increase in line with inflation over the long haul and that makes EXC a decent investment for long term income investors
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  • Absolute Value: LinkedIn Vs. Dolby Labs [View article]
    welcome back to the fray Mr. LVI

    I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on comparing DLB to previous invesmtents of yours, RIMG and LKX (i think you owned TLAB also).

    On the surface, all seem to follow a similar thesis of owning the fcf of fading (or changing in ways that make investors nervous) but still profitable businesses. I think DELL and HPQ could probably fit into that profile as well.

    My criticism would be that; since you can't control how that fcf is managed it seems unlikely someone else will choose to manage it in your best interest rather than their own.(and in theory that fcf will shrink with time) I'd love to read a follow up on these investments and how you see the underlying values measured against the stocks performance over the last year or two. Specifically b/c all three of these stocks face challenges from new technologies and seem like similar investments in many ways.

    Best of luck
    I think your thesis for VIV was much stronger, but yes you've proved your point that markets are (or can be) irrational.
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  • ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds: A Surprising Analysis [View article]
    One small but potentially important advantage that mutual funds have over etf's (for retail investors) is that capital gains and dividends are automatically reinvested in (index) mutual funds (compounding/time-arbi... whereas with etf's the individual investor must count on themselves to put emotions aside and make regular reinvestments - not something everyone can do, as many will try to time the markets, or change asset allocation to chase performance. Similarly, the higher cost of trading mutual fund shares makes it slightly more probable that investors will resist the urge to trade and therefore adhere to an asset allocation plan. Since everyone on SA is a genius who beats the market I'm sure this comment will be seen as a form of blasphemy.
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  • Wisdomtree's 20% Plus Growth Rate Makes It A Wise Investment [View article]
    I've used wisdomtree products for investing since I first heard of the company. I think dividend weighted index investing is a high quality investment strategy in general and for small caps in particular.

    That being said: at the end of the day wisdomtree (and Schwab, Vanguard and Blackrock) are vendors of commodity products. WETF doesn't have any economic moat. The are not the low cost provider and the product they sell could be easily copied by a larger competitor if it proves popular enough to attract such attention.

    I think over the long haul I can earn more investing with widomtree than in it.
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  • Labcorp's Acquisition Of Medtox Leaves Enzo As An Attractive Investment Opportunity [View article]
    why not Psychemedics (PMD)
    its also in drug screening and has much better returns and margins
    PMD is more of a play on hiring (drug screening for new hires) whereas LH is more of a play on personalized medicine (blood tests)
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  • A (Long) Look At Birner Dental Management Services [View article]
    I appreciate the thorough response, thanks for clearing that up
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  • The Best Micro Cap Funds [View article]
    you listed a bunch of funds but didn't give an opinion. I'd be interested to get your 2 cents on the difference between a quant fund like BRSIX and a deep value net-net fund like PVFIX. Has anyone shown an ability to beat the index in the micro-cap space?
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  • A (Long) Look At Birner Dental Management Services [View article]
    BDMS has had a div payout ratio in excess of 100% for the last three consecutive years. I don't think that you did an adequate job of explaining the companies roll-up business model or the problem with their payout policy. This being a (long) look at Birner, those are pretty important considerations. Which is not in and of itself to say that this is a bad stock or company. It is cash flow positive and has earned admirable ROE and ROIC, but has also had declining book value and increasing cost of revenue. If you can get comfortable with a roll-up biz model, its worth a look as an income stock (roll-up model means they rely on acquisitions for growth and ROI)
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  • The Elephant In The Room For Passive Asset Allocation Strategies [View article]
    rebalancing completely solves the problem you are discussing.

    By definition you will end up buying of an asset class when it is cheap and less of it when it is over-valued.

    Passive investing still the winner.

    Want visual proof. Look at a "since inception" chart of VWELX (60/40 balanced fund) vs the S&P. (VWELX was founded in 1929).

    End result - a virtual tie with an all equity portfolio.

    All the reward with less risk.

    That's the whole darn point of passive investing.
    Apr 30 03:52 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • CarMax, A Growth Story [View article]
    I couldn't find the number for new car sales, but I also didn't look very hard. I know that used car sales are 80% of revenue, and that is were the company's competitive advantage lies. They aren't going to be able to one-up the competition in new cars like they can with used cars. The flip side is that new car sales are higher margin. I would expect them to continue focusing on used cars as far as making earnings projections.
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  • Exelon: Power For Your Portfolio [View article]
    I appreciate the compliment. I also like the diversity of your portfolio. I'm also long PM.
    Mar 19 12:23 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Understanding An Investment In Timber REITs [View article]
    Great first article
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  • Exelon: Power For Your Portfolio [View article]
    since EXC is mostly unregulated power, its earnings are subject to the whims of energy prices (swings in nat gas prices things like that). The merger will make EXC half regulated, meaning predictable earnings at pre-established prices.
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  • Exelon: Power For Your Portfolio [View article]
    executive chairman means he is the head of the board. In other words he has been reduced from an operational executive to a rich guy who gets paid way too much to sit on at board meetings and nod his head approvingly. Kind of like an associate producer in Hollywood, this is a demotion in responsibility without a corresponding demotion in pay.

    That's my take anyway
    Feb 25 03:35 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment