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They did put out an update, last NAV per share $17.93
Actually, a correction. Its about 50
I believe they have over 100 employees. Yes, the company is dependent of Ackman. If he were to die that would be bad. He is still young though and seems to be in really good health so he is likely to live at least a couple decades more
2 things. If the discount were to widen, according to the Prospectus, they would buyback the stock in the open market to push it back up. At what point that would happen I don't know. They are short on cash right now so its a risk. One day its possible that the fund would trade at a premium to the NAV, I known Ackman has said something to the effect of trying to make that happen because he sees other companies that are similar that trade to premiums, not hedge funds but other companies
I don't see any reason why PBR is too big to fail. most creditors are foreigners. thats the type of situation where a government is politically motivated to haircut bonds
A more interesting question is how much are the bonds worth
A more important point is the fact the Buffett FOLLOWERS will likely be buying in the buyback area because of the attention that the Buffett buyback will have on their perception of value of the stock. When the WSJ and NYT report that Buffett is buying its own stock you will have an avalanche of lemmings buying it too. THAT will support the stock
As mentioned in the article, PSHZF is too illiquid. Its the PSH stock in amsterdan that has better volume
I spoke with PSH IR. here is what they said
"We did not release a report last week because January 1st was on a Friday and it was a holiday. We will release an NAV report tomorrow."

These reports always come out on thurdays, except when there is a monthly release that week or there is a holiday in the period. They said they don't think there will be any other exceptions other than these two
I'm sorry but a qualified institutional investor who invests all or a substantial portion of their money in one fund that was pitched as a 'one idea fund' is just an idiot. If they did not do that (putting a smaller %) and stuck with Ackman, they did just fine, despite the loss
I did not as I'm not a US investor. Check with your accountant
In those transactions he consulted with Robert Khuzami, former SEC Enforcement Director. The guy said the transaction was legal. This suit is just that, a lawsuit. it doesnt mean much
Tode, you are correct. The stock never traded in the buyback range for more than a few days. The author should take down his article
Sorry but what happened to you is irrelevant. my data comes from statistics not 1 sample sizes. I say that even though I'm net long VRX
Its not that simple, the death rate of pnemonia patients who are in severe conditions is 30%. 10% for non-severe patients who were hospitalized. To the extent that the market has priced in these chances, it was rational move
I don't understand how do you go from 'overstating revenue' to saying 'stock is worth $0'. Presumably, there would be still some value even if the company had to change management and restate financials because they still would have some revenue and operating income
The SEC has halted and suspended trading on ITEN due suspicious activity. Tell the truth, where you involved in pumping this stock?
These concerns are $50 a share too late. Concerns about growth where a good point at $160. At $110 the issue is whether there is fraud and a huge fine involved. If there isn't, the stock will rally hard from here
GNIN is now down 99% since the article was posted
I'm waiting for the apologies from the people who scorned the article
Apple already surpassed my expected fair value figure. Those who took the investment are up almost 100%
Blueforest was investigated and halted by the SEC. The stock dropped 99% since my article
Did you cover part of your short in the 5.40s area after your article came out?
That is true, the stock is being promoted by Red Chip, a promoter with a terrible long-term track record. They own 500,000 shares plus options, they will have no problem dumping all into buyers when they decide the stock has risen enough. QFOR's liquidity is pretty horrible also, they might want cash and dilute holders
Form 4? lol, if you are waiting for form 4s in OTC pump and dump stocks you are going to be waiting forever
I missed that. What is the correct ratio of short LCC stock to short LCC $15 calls?
How long should it take for the new shares to arrive after the merger closes?
His threats to leave could also be a negotiating tactic
The cash came from investors who believed the management lies and participated in the offering. It doesn't mean that NQ OPERATIONS are generating cash, it just means that they conducted an offering and have the cash to show
No, its not. They raised like $150M in the convertible bond offering, they are going to throw that cash around to brag about being legit. Anyone with any sense can see through these lies
Are you aware that OCTX is a pump and dump?
That's because your rebuttal is likely to be a piece of crap