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  • Young Investors: Let Compounding Do Its Work [View article]
    I wish you luck on your journey. You have way to many stocks for such a small amount of money invested. Cut the list in half. Eliminate any stock that is talked about on TV or is touted in the media as "widely held" (Trust me you will thank me before you know it).
    For someone your age I would concentrate on stocks that are 10 billion or less in market cap.
    Also, research the terms "declining rates of returns" due to "inability to exponentially expand the market cap". Thank me in 40 years.
    Always look forward, not backwards.

    Just remember: Past performance does not guarantee future results.
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  • Introducing The 'Conservative Total Return' Portfolio [View article]
    "Sounds like Archmen got taken to the cleaners by some investment advisor in the past"

    Sorry pal.
    Have managed my own investments for 2 decades now. I would never trust my money to anyone else.

    "Archmen you make a lot of statements and criticize most of what this article says with out giving a single stock pick of your own are you even invested in the market?"

    It's a free country and freedom of speech. (last time I checked anyway).
    I am not obligated to offer any alternative suggestions and quite frankly they would never be investigated or even considered for investment by most due to the brainwashing of Wall St. & their media partners. So I would not want to waste my time offering.

    I am, as I have been for 2 decades: 100% long various securities that make up my portfolio. I am never out of the market. Just collecting the dividends monthly, reinvesting them every month and growing the income stream as most Americans look forward to a future of cat food and blaming others for their misfortune.
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  • Introducing The 'Conservative Total Return' Portfolio [View article]
    Is this a portfolio that has been owned by the author since 1999 or one that was manufacture to say it beat the S&P 500 since 1999?

    When the next bear comes (and it will come) this portfolio will be anything buy conservative. It is going to get slaughtered. Many of the names are "Wall St" names and are owned and controlled by Wall St. They will be sold hard to fund the redemption's necessary during a bear market. It is a secret many people don't know about or quite frankly are not educated on the real workings of the industry. With most Americans who are invested owning all the exact same investments, that is only to add fuel to the eventual meltdown.

    The stocks:

    AAPL? I love it's products but at 600 billion in market cap, it would need another 600 billion just to give an investor a 100% return. (Unlike the + 20,000% return or so you got from owning it from when it was under a 10 billion dollars in market cap- research the terms: "declining rates of return" as they relate to "inability to exponentially expand the market cap"'ll thank me someday)

    F? When the next recession takes hold, its bye bye spending. Subprime and auto repossessions are going thru the roof right now as the reality of all the cars flying off the lots into people's hands who could not afford them anyway are coming home to roost.

    GM? Seriously? You never, ever invest in a company that became (and still is) a ward of the state. They are experts in channel stuffing to make it look like they are "selling" cars. The dealer lots are at over capacity and the media outright lies to protect GM. They are one recession away from sub $10 stock price.

    GE, IBM, JPM:
    Wall St. stocks. Period.
    In 1962 IBM stock was $5. In 1993 it was $10. 30 years later and a 100% return. It remains up now on speculation, massive Wall St marketing, etc. The eventual collapse will be spectacular. Over owned as the media, Wall St marketing machine has convinced way to many people you have to own this "blue chip". (Blue Chip...LOL. I love those comical made up Wall St. terms.)

    It's always to bad when people just can't seem to come up with investments that are no better that what a paid Wall St. salesperson would tell you. You can say good bye to those stocks when the next bear comes. Considering where the market is now those stocks should be 3 times as high as they are now.

    SYF & Seimans: Why? Another conglomerate and something spun out from GE? No thanks. Though I must say that Seimans is at least something more innovative than GE, IBM, KO, MSFT, CSCO, INTC, PG or any other of the Wall St. sales stocks that are over marketed 24/7 to main st.

    TUP? I almost feel that was thrown in there simply because it has gone straight up since 2009 to make this portfolio look and sound good, while prior to 2009 has been an awful investment. People can look up a chart themselves. No reason to own TUP.

    Just remember something folks: There have been enough papers and studies done that prove that: 75% of all investors invest or trade based on emotion. Simply put even the most steadfast person who claims they will never sell, will eventually sell when the pain becomes to great. You will see some amazing examples of that I am sure as the years go on.

    This conservative total return portfolio is not conservative at all and quite frankly lacks any real innovative investments that are meant for the next 30 years.
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  • Invest Wisely Or Prepare For Sticker Shock: A Message For All Parents [View article]
    The sad part:

    Even if it only cost $10,000 to raise a child over 18 years 90% of all adults would still not prepare their child for the future. Why? They are to busy running on the treadmill of the Debt/ Consumption lifestyle that Americans live by today. Good ole American way of life.

    Why prepare for anything when you can spend ever single cent you make on "looking" rich rather than actually "being" rich??

    50% of all Americans who earn some sort of money from working earn $30,000 or less pre-tax. Yep. That's right. Info right from the government. That is one pathetic number folks.
    And yet.....everyone sure looks busy and important with their noses buried in their cell phones wasting time on Instagram/ Facebook paying $200/ month or more to keep the family outfitted with cell/data plans... right? Or $250/ month or more on that +300 channel cable package... right?
    HAHA. It doesn't get anymore more pathetic than that folks here in the good ole USA.

    Interesting isn't it that according to data recently released by gov't that almost 50% of all US households has someone who receives a form of welfare/ disability assistance. I bet all you productive people of this country are loving taking care of the un-productive.

    Whether it costs $10,000 or $500,000 to raise a child it doesn't matter. They will either just continue the cycle of bad choices made by their parents or the productive people of our country will end up paying for them anyway.

    Aug 21 09:50 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Student Transportation: Riskier Than You Think? [View article]
    Nothing here that has not been said before.

    Full disclosure:
    I own STB.
    I own it for the dividend only, not capital appreciation.
    It is an income investment only. I do not reinvest the dividends.
    My cost basis is very low.
    If the stock went to zero my portfolio would hardly feel the pinch.
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  • Exxon 'Immobile' - No 3% Yield And No Plans To Form An MLP [View article]
    Rohit SSS:

    Learn and understand the following terms:

    *"Declining rates of return"
    as they relate to:

    *"Inability to exponentially expand the market cap" indefinitely.

    Also never forget the following regardless of that we are told: "Past performance does not guarantee future results".

    If you would like further explanation please let me know.
    Aug 1 05:06 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Inter Pipeline: This Dividend Growth Company Is On A Tear And It's Not Over Yet [View article]

    $IPPLF is NOT an MLP.

    It is a corporation.

    There is no UBTI. There are no K-1's.

    I have been investing in $PBA for years and many other Canadian stocks. Well versed here and I know what I am talking about. No worries with UBTI.

    Best to you.
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  • Pembina Pipeline Is Very Appealing Based On Long-Term Bullish Fundamentals [View article]
    Michael after the great $IPPLF article the other now to follow up with this, who could ask for anything more?

    $PBA (very long time holding of mine) and $IPPLF (Bought it right after US investors were eligible to buy the stock) are my top 2 portfolio holdings.
    Just an incredibly bright future both companies have.

    They have both had quite a run and some multi-month consolidation or pull back would be warranted.

    Thank you for the continuing, informative articles.
    Jul 29 03:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can We Ever Really Retire? Why Americans Stink At Math [View article]
    I only own 18 securities in my portfolio. Been that way for years.

    Actually that is the most I have ever owned during the past 2 decades.

    I wonder if I should own more?
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  • Can We Ever Really Retire? Why Americans Stink At Math [View article]
    Thanks for the article:

    You wrote: "Two-thirds of 4th and 8th graders on the math proficiency test in 2013 could not accurately calculate temperature on a thermometer with clearly marked bold hash marks representing 2-degree increments."

    The sad part of this: There really are no "calculations" involved. It is simply a matter of reading and reporting what you see. That is what is really sad about what you wrote.

    Don't worry though.
    These kids can post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with no problem. Most are lost in their illusions of what life is and what it is going to be like in the future as our country continues along its path of "dumbed down", reality TV show way of living.

    The fact that out country has traded "quality" for "quantity" in a now never ending quest for true citizen mediocrity will come back to haunt us at some point.
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  • 10 Top Investment Books For Developing An Investing Philosophy [View article]
    Thank you for the reply Lowell & TL.

    I am a gentleman and will treat both you as such. (TL assuming you are a man. I don't want to offend anyone if I am mistaken that you were of the female sex)

    If i state that I have outperformed the market and 99% of professional money managers over the 20 years I have been investing, I hope you will take my gentleman's word for it. Though many of my records at this point are old or not even around anymore I always kept a list of years and returns VS indexes, mutual funds & hedge fund indexes.

    I hope you will accept my gentleman's word as I would never give out personal information on here, nor would it be worth it for me to post pages of other information.

    Lowell you wrote:
    "If one does a serious literature search of portfolio performance vs. stock market, it is quite easy to arrive at the conclusion that the above assertion is false."
    Lowell there are millions and millions of investors out there. You really think that every single one can be tracked and investigated to prove your point? If you really think that no one can do it or invest like Warren Buffett if they wanted to? Yes there are 1000's of Steadman's out there however I am sure there are plenty of people out there beating the indexes every year.

    They just don't have Bill Miller's connections to be called "legendary" in the media as he is losing 50% of investors money and collecting his yacht's, houses and increasing his bank accounts by millions.
    Jul 29 09:31 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 15 Clean Energy Yield Cos: Where's The Yield? [View article]
    Thanks for the reply.
    I personally own $NPIFF & $TRSWF & $CSUWF.
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  • 10 Top Investment Books For Developing An Investing Philosophy [View article]
    I have to disagree with this list.

    Investors need basic financial education first, before anything else.

    Investors must first:

    *Break the Debt/ consumption mindset that traps 85% of all Americans to serfdom.

    *Understand risk & reward.

    *Understand the difference between an investment and a speculative bet based on hope & prayer.

    *Understand the different type of brokerage/ retirement accounts.

    *Understand the US Tax Code to some meaningful degree.

    *Understand that Wall St. /the media and most people that write books on investing are salespeople. Nothing more. Remember: Most books are essentially a rehash of other ideas. A few methods were just lucky because they were written before the last great bull market of the 90's. Really just luck. Right place, right time. Think: Royalty payments. (Remember: Everyone of these authors looks smart in a bull market yet few if any have ever protected your money in a bear market)

    *Understand that diversification really does not work.

    *Understand that you can outperform the markets and 99% of all professional money managers regardless of what you are lead to believe.

    *Understand that without a plan you will have a hard time reaching your goals.

    *Do not be afraid to think outside the box. There do exist stocks beyond the same top 100 US stocks by market cap that are recommended over and over and over again by Wall St. etc..

    *Once you have established a real investing plan and are implementing it, now get out there and create "multiple streams of income" to really cement your future.
    Jul 28 02:30 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 15 Clean Energy Yield Cos: Where's The Yield? [View article]
    Great article. Thank you.

    Don't forget about Northland Power (OTCPK:NPIFF)

    I have been investing in NPIFF for years. The wait was worth it as this year they are now realizing much higher cash flows from many projects that moved from construction to operational status. Plus they have many more projects under construction and in development.

    All the best.
    Jul 28 12:15 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Retirement Strategy: Is It Time To Dump Everything? [View article]

    Agreed. Plus...let's assume (take me for instance) that you have 10-15 years or so before you want to "retire" (retirement means many things to different people). Assuming that you are still working (whether it be self employed or employed by others) you will still be generating income for living and hopefully even more savings for the endgame. Even though I have 10-15 years before I decide to "retire" to the next phase of my life, if the markets were to lose 50% of their value I do not worry about it based on all the planning I have done and the multiple streams of income I have set up for that eventual retirement.

    Heck I even own some physical silver and gold just to round out my asset base. I may never need it for anything however throughout history, regardless of it's price, the wealthy of the world have always owned precious metals as part of their overall wealth.

    Best to you.
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