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  • Archman Investor
    So no less than 5 law firms trying for class action against $PSEC. They are begging for lead plaintiffs! Lawyers at their finest. Long $PSEC
    Jun 6, 3:38 PM
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    • Todd Vandy: Agreed! LONG LONG $PSEC...we've all seen this song and dance before with these ambulance chasers!!
      Jun 6, 5:56 PM
    • Chancer: They do not pay that much for lead plaintiffs- not worth the trouble.
      Jun 7, 3:49 PM
    • William Packer: these lawsuits never work. waste of time for lawyers and shareholders. For shareholders, its like suing yourself lol
      Jun 8, 11:39 AM
    • Todd Vandy: Sweet we have a dismissal folks! Get ready for a pop!!
      Jun 10, 4:57 PM