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  • Arkeh Capital
    GTI stock trading at BVPS and below avg price of recent share buybacks. Buyback authority has been renewed
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    • bullchin: How much did they spend on stock buy back in last 12 months?
    • Arkeh Capital: Very funny: 8.2m shares times slightly more than 10 USD average purchasing price. Average price is close to BVPS at year-end 2012
    • bullchin: and what about end of 2012, What was the price then?
    • Arkeh Capital: BVPS at year-end. ie including H2 profit as guided. BVPS in June was 9.70, to grow to c10.05 on guidance (mid corridor)
    • Arkeh Capital: Short-interest c10 trading days, thermal management sales growth high single digits, on iPhone+iPad, new i-phone+iPad mini released 12 Sep
    • Arkeh Capital: Company to present at KeyBank Conference 11 Sep. Discl. I am and I would not be short