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Armel Romeo K.  

Contrarian investor, Armel is passionate about investment risk management and outside the box investing and thinking. My investment philosophy :

1- Integrate Black swan: possibility of tail/extreme event that can wip out the entire profit.

2-Reach optimum diversification: marginal/incremental diversification effect on portfolio return is a decreasing function of the number of assets.

3-Tailor portfolio to meet adjusted Kelly growth criterion.

Armel Romeo Kouassi is Senior Investment Officer for DiscoverPoint Capital's Private Equity Group. In his role as Sr. Investment Officer Armel has responsibility for analyzing investment management and private equity investments, including ...More
  • Description: Independent trader. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Bonds, ETFs, Options, REITs, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
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Gearing up for REITs as the FEDs plan to start PPIP for MBS in October. Blackrock already registered a closed-end fund. Sep 25, 2009