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  • Can Micro-Transport Be A Major Driver For Kandi Technologies? [View article]
    Not a totally unfair opinion, but I am curious. It shows you have written some 1250 Seeking Alpha articles over the years covering most every type of stock. By your own admission, there are many "unknowns" re KNDI. Why take the time to just give just your confused opinion?

    BTW, I am surprised as a CFA, you haven't put together why Geely Stock has been such an under-performer? It is for exactly the reason that makes KNDI so valuable to Geely.

    As you may or may not know, Geely is China's #1 Passenger car maker, making only gas powered passenger cars. The cars they make are basically small to mid-sized. With the new limitations for car permits in major cities, cost to just get a permit could be as much as 50-70% of the cost of a Geely ICE car, no-one in Beijing, Shanghai or even Hangzhou is going to pay $10-15,000 for just the permit to buy a $15-25,000 ICE car.

    Even if KNDI/Geely sell 20+ thousand cars the balance of this year, compared to Geely's annual sales of some 600,000 ICE cars, the effect to Geely's bottom line would be negligible. However, with KNDI/Geely JV's current capacity now up to over 250,000 EV's per year in their state of the art, built from the ground up EV facilities, (growing to over 600,000 over the next two years just from existing regional agreements), Geely will be in a much better position having joined KNDI.

    Two other points.

    TSLA also took some time to create positive cash flow just months ago, but that didn't stop the stock from preforming.

    China's Subsidy policy, while much talked about, has yet to start making payments to the manufacturers. That is the reason KNDI has been the #1 EV producer in all of China with 60% of EV's produced over the past four months though the number of cars is still only around 2700. When the subsidies start, which is expected to be before the end of June, expect a major jump in all China EV production.

    BTW, Micro transport did pretty well for Henry Ford and Volkswagen.
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  • Kandi Set To Surrender Gains Again [View article]
    Mr. Pearson. I must admit, I am posting this comment before even bothering to read your desperate diatribe, desperate in that you are getting squeezed yourself right now. And it couldn't happen to a more worthy person.

    As you likely know, I just returned Friday from a week long expensive trip to China visiting KNDI. Unlike you, I don't spend a lot of time in China, though this is my second visit to KNDI. As in the prior trip, I took not one cent from KNDI to cover my expenses of the trip.

    But this time, after being totally fed up with lazy short selling bloggers such as yourself, I brought along with me a crew of intelligent market savvy researchers. To include: Daryoosh Ardalan, A University of Colorado attached Urban Planner (Who recently wrote his own Seeking Alpha article.)

    Kandi Technologies: Exceptional Strategy For China From An Urban Planning View

    Aaron Rockett a Washington DC based Documentary producer,

    and two Independent Buy Side Equity Research Analysts, one who is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) who have represented major funds and brokerage firms. All of us paid our own way to include all expenses.

    I did this to once and for all crush worthless self serving short sellers like yourself with your biggest nightmare. Visually Documented Facts!

    I am preparing two Seeking Alpha articles which will be loaded with pictures, Video and just plain facts to prove beyond any doubt that KNDI is the leader in EV's in China along with every other claim I have made on the Company.

    Aside from My work. Rockett will be producing a documentary on KNDI and its role as China EV leader which will be aired nationwide.

    As far as the analysts are concerned, it is not my business to ask them their immediate intentions, but witnessing them with Management, and knowing they also saw everything that I did, I would be very surprised if we don't see something come out very soon on the Company.

    Now you claim you spend a lot of time in China. Why is it you have never taken a minute to either visit or Contact the Company?

    Now this is a rhetorical question, since I know you do not have the guts to respond to this. So investors reading this worthless self serving piece, take this article for what its authors goal is. To help him and the other 3.4 million shares of reported short sellers out of the Trap.

    But this time, as you can see by the market response after this piece came out carrying the share price up 5%, the "Dead Man Walking", is going to be buried back facts and commons sense.
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  • Short Kandi - Raised Bet Or A Lonely Game? [View article]
    Excellent article Jerry. And ironically, yesterday's volume of 640,000 shares (with less than 200,000 of those shares traded in the last hour raising the price .25, is even more "telling" of the predicament this Short is in.

    As a former Market Maker going back to the '70s and '80's, who worked with short sellers, I can attest, short of a catastrophic event surrounding the short target company, once the trend reverses and the stock starts making higher highs and lows on disappearing volume, the "Market" is telling you that most all the "weak hands" holders have sold and the balance are more apt to buy then sell at the current levels. This leaves only one possible way out and that is to quickly run the stock up to a high enough level to attract new sellers.

    The dilemma your Dr. Seuss quote above somewhat appropriately references is a very real problem for a major short. Ideally, a "Short" does not want to cover when a stock is running up fast or down fast. He wants to short more to either contain the upside momentum, or accelerate the downside to entice fearful owners to capitulate and sell. His real wish is to have the company Delisted and go away, but short of that, his next desire is to bring the stock down to a level that triggers margin calls and other fearful events causing shareholders to be bailing out. At that time he will put out his "catchers mitt" and attempt to cover. Most of the time this tactic works since it is a lot easier to scare an investor out of a stock then to scare him in.

    But his problem with KNDI is four-fold;

    1) due to its wild volatility, (ironically caused by the shorts attempts to both contain and accelerate mentioned above), the "damn" stock just won't settle down and by days end the short has just grown larger and

    2) It has been building a large long term shareholder base of Investors who know the real meaning of long term speculative appeal (like bio tech stocks with a new major product going through FDA, it doesn't take a genius to conceptualize the potential of owning stock in this fast growing current EV leader in China) "What if KNDI only captures 1% of 700 million potential China EV market over the next 20 years?" Risk/Reward at only a $500 million market cap should be a "no-brainer".

    3) And most fearful for the shorts is his own knowledge that if he just stops shorting more, the stock will go up, but if he tries to outright cover, it will skyrocket. And as per the old traders adage; "Stocks going up, Make stocks go up" comes into play bringing in momentum players in mass.

    4) And his greatest nightmare is with the size of the short, and its incredible 7.1 Days to Cover, Some Capitalistic minded intelligent hedge fund might just decide to step in and throw around a few million share aggressive buy orders. (remember, yesterday the stock went up more than a quarter on just under 200,000 shares of random orders in the last hour; can you imagine what would happen if the stock jumps 20% in just a few minutes with momentum traders tripping over themselves to get in?) Lets also not forget that the stock doubled form 11 to 22 last Feb-Mar in just 25 trading days and that with a short half the current size.

    Bottom line: KNDI is a "Story Stock" right now. But it is a story that has been openly progressing over seven years. Not just some "one hit wonder". Thanks to the short, the price has been constrained allowing many intelligent shareholders to "position a few shares" at very attractive levels. Thanks to the 7 million share increase in the float the short has created.
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  • Can Micro-Transport Be A Major Driver For Kandi Technologies? [View article]
    One other comment I missed on the first reading of your diatribe. Contrary to what you read and reported in the article, KNDI has NEVER misrepresented sales or earnings. If they had, they would have been forced to file amended 10K's or 10q's correcting such an error. Lesson learned. Don't believe everything you read from a bias source without confirmation. The fact the SEC did not require any changes should be confirmation enough.

    And do check out the new Leasing program announced last week. The new leasing program done by a commuity to community basis cost the consumer Nothing thanks to the new subsidy program. KNDI gets paid the full price of the car out of the subsidy making the car available to the consumer for free.

    Do you think that may get some new sales? Here is a link to one of many translated article that just came out in China last night.

    Quote from the article "" How much? The answer is, no rent..."

    And: As you can also see from this article from last week, this program could add as many as 25,000 cars by this years end in 10 new communities.
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  • Kandi Tech: The Real Truth About China's Currently Uncontested #1 Pure EV Developer  [View instapost]
    This article was first submitted to SA 24 hours ago to be run as a full SA syndicated article as a rebuttal to the totally false attack article published Wednesday just prior to the close. After multiple rejections by SA on the grounds that I was too "insulting" to the attack writer, even after re-writes, I have made the decision that maintaining my journalist integrity in "telling it like it is" was more important then worrying about whether I was hurting some young ignorant opportunists feelings.

    KNDI shareholders: this is an important message to get out so I strongly recommend you pass this link out or copy and paste and then send out, to as many shareholders, prospective shareholders, message boards, tweets etc. as you can.

    Other authors: Feel free to use and/or reproduce any or all of this blog in any publication.
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  • Kandi Technologies: Concerns Over Recent 10-Q Have No Merit [View article]
    Ben- He is correct. After having to put up with some 30 attack articles over the last four years, yours won the jackpot. 100% wrong. Which leaves us with the question. Is it your goal to purposely mislead, or are you so poor at doing Due Diligence on an SEC filing that you could possibly get it all wrong.

    Even a monkey taking a test should get at least one out of ten right. Truly amazing.
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  • How China Has Become The Favorite Country For Electric Vehicle Companies [View article]
    Michael- Excellent and easy to read overview on the dawn of a likely trillion dollar market sector.

    As the author of the first and many detailed Seeking Alpha articles on KNDI going back over three years; as well as having made two personal visits to the Company in China in 2010 and again last September, I can attest, KNDI and its brilliant Disruptive Founder/CEO's accomplishments, as of this date, are second only to what TSLA and Musk have delivered, both against incredible odds in the EV sector worldwide.

    While the PRC has had aggressive and honorable intentions in putting consumers in EV's, it has been a long and winding road from when the first China EV was put on the road in 2008 under the last 5-year plan. The word "Subsides" for passenger vehicles has been thrown around for some five years now, but to date no checks have been written by the Central Government due to its requirement that the local Cities must also contribute an additional subsidy. But your timing of your first article on this subject may be perfect. Even I, a frustrated skeptic after all these years, am now confident that the first actual "checks" are just a matter of days away from being sent to manufacturers. This based on a massive amount of China Media over the past few weeks.

    But, while the PRC and local Governments have been "fiddling" KNDI has been building Infrastructure and has completed manufacturing capacity of 250,000 EV's per year and has an additional 350,000 a year capacity under construction in three other Provinces that should be completed by the end of 2015. While the numbers are big, we are not talking about $100,000 TSLA's, more like $9,000 to $14,000 "People's cars", both two and four door. Cars that meet and exceed the requirements for full Subsidy.

    Due to the low cost of KNDI's EV's, an incredible opportunity has recent arose which KNDI's innovated CEO has already taken advantage of as of late last week.

    In addition to the Vertical Parking Garage CarShare program you mention in your article, (which BTW, contrary to WS rumor of the demise of that program by naysayers based on a slower roll out then first thought, due to past delays in subsides, is still expected to reach 100,000 cars in Hangzhou over the next four-five years), KNDI, under its Brand Name and through its JV with China's #1 Passenger car maker Geely, has now set up a "community" long lease (1-3 years) where members of each qualified "community" can effectively lease a car effectively for free which just a few hundred dollars held in deposit. All the rest of the costs, to include Quick Battery Exchange and conventional charging and maintenance, are include. KNDI can do this very profitably because of its low cost vehicle that effectively equates to the Subsidy.

    While not yet announced here by the Company, the first 700 cars were given away to "community" residents last week (another reason I believe the first subsidy checks are just days away from being announced) as you can see from this China Media article over the weekend. As you can also see from this article, this program could add as many as 25,000 cars by this years end.
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  • What The Market Missed On Kandi [View article]
    Pierson, you are a lying low rent cretin. I have never been paid by the Company, or ever asked for a dime.

    I post under seeking alpha under my own name because I am proud of the Due Diligence I do on companies.

    My background with FINRA goes back over 20 years when I owned a brokerage firm and it has been fully disclosed on at least a dozen KNDI attack articles. I hope all do read the link you provided. They will see that my main violation which I was not fined a penny for was for squeezing a short seller.

    Yes we did speak and I was surprised how many parties you knew. You told me the names of several investors in KNDI that you knew to include Phil.

    You also told me that you liked the stock and would be writing it up soon.

    You and your short seller buddies are going to be whacked in this stock. I promise you that.

    You haven't heard the last of me yet.
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  • How China Has Become The Favorite Country For Electric Vehicle Companies [View article]
    Michael- Here is another China article just out a few hours ago that covers your claim of KNDI's #1 status, but since it is not a PDF, it can be posted with English translation.

    In this article, as you can see when you read down, the reporter refers to KNDI both as Shanghai Maple and Condi in the translation. KNDI once again was #1 in China for the Month of April with 1536 cars produced, setting up for another big jump in Q2.

    Here is an excerpt:

    "Minicar production far exceeds the speed of electric cars
    In April, production ranked first or Shanghai Maple. Since December 2013, Shanghai Maple brand electric car production Condit heavy volume. January, February, after a pause, in March hit a record 2511's. April, 1536 Condi brand electric car output, although better than in March, but also won the first prize in this category. (See: China March pure electric passenger car topped up by nearly three times Condi)

    Yield Condi outbreak originated from Geely cooperation with Condit, and market-level driver is "micro-bus" project in Hangzhou. "Micro-bus" project since July 2013 since the implementation of operational four months time to complete the three-dimensional parking lot, hundreds of low-speed electric vehicles into leased vehicles. Condit's goal, of course more than that, "micro-bus" project execution company - left, right, released the plan is to put 100,000 over four years Condi electric cars, completed the construction of 17 parking lots, for charge with a combination of products for electric powered models.

    Condi "micro-bus" electric car

    In addition, the May 28 media reports, the Hangzhou West Lake District Tong Street Xiangshan community to become a pure electric vehicle demonstration community, the community residents' group rent "Condi electric cars, the annual fee in the future will be stable at 9,600 yuan, the monthly rent of 800 million. Condit's electric vehicles will take "micro-bus" timeshare rental and long-term lease to promote a combination of modes, there is sufficient capital in support of its fleet size will expand rapidly, especially Condi electric cars also get local Hangzhou local subsidies."
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  • Kandi: Experts Weigh In On China's EV Market [View article]
    Pearson- What experts are you referring to? How about the real China Experts, Like the PRC Government who last year in a Policy Paper specifically recommended KNDI by name when they listed the three "Preferred Modes" for EV's in China. Here is an exerp from the paper and below a link to that Policy Paper translated. (page2). Condi is Kandi translated

    "3. Hangzhou Condi lease and for power mode

    Hangzhou is the implementation of the main areas in the taxi for power mode, there are currently nearly 200 taxi. Power Grid Company in accordance with the "for electricity-based, supplemented by filling plug" model to promote the idea of ​​charging infrastructure network construction. Parts for power plants in Hangzhou, the replacement of the battery is very convenient. With mechanical devices, just use three minutes or so, the car can be a total of four groups of 65 kg of battery has been replaced. According to Hangzhou Power Authority charging technology research and development projects, responsible person, "for electricity" not only can solve the slow charging time is too long, fast charge affect battery life and other issues, so that energy supply is very convenient, on the high cost of land in Hangzhou, it also conservation of land resources and avoid "enclosure Build" brought pressure on the network layout selected point will become much easier. Hangzhou is the ideal model set: the use of Modern Logistics, services, networking and other resources to build service networks, using a standard battery pack service network through the levels quickly replaced, layered transport and distribution, and in the right amount of AC charging as supplemented by quick-change, slow charge, fast charge energy supply, such as different ways to adapt to various needs of different users.
    Hangzhou intends to implement an alternative model is leasing model. This model can be defined as a new mode of public transport, rent not buy, using time-billing. Condit company is currently preparing to scale in Hangzhou to promote this mode. This mode is used in all pure electric vehicles and rechargeable parking garage, car rental stations are located in the city's airports, railway stations, business centers, residential areas and other areas need to Build for the user to provide a rental car in the operation area of ​​travel. This model can solve the constraints of electric vehicles to promote the many practical problems, such as charging, maintenance and battery recycling. Electric cars car rental operation system of the city of pure electric vehicles and the implementation of centralized energy supply acquisition, centralized management, centralized charging, centralized maintenance and decentralized rented car. Car stop is the basic unit of network operators, car rental and provide users with a variety of services and take the vehicle charging, maintenance, battery recycling system operation and network management. Users can drive their own car after traveling to another destination may be the nearest station car rental car in different places, according to need but also to carry out telephone rental and delivery, pick-up service, convenient, economical and fast. This is both a normal taxi flexible, self-drive car, the free movement of fun, there are similar intercity car rental car in different places of convenience, is likely to become a high quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution, low-cost new public transportation modes.
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  • Kandi Tech: The Real Truth About China's Currently Uncontested #1 Pure EV Developer  [View instapost]
    Ben, I think I like this Instiblog stuff. I get to shut you up. SEE YA..

    But I do have a question. What is it you have to hide? First you take down your Linkin bio then you take all of your hedge fund partners off all the pictures of you and your hedge fund partners.

    Does SA know that you are part of a team of Hedge Funds while you were passing yourself off as an "innocent investor?"

    From what I know about SA, they don't like people doing this.
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  • Kandi Technologies Dominates China's Electric Car Market [View article]
    As Jim Cramer always says (though doesn't always follow himself); "Stick with the 'Best of Breed'" in new technologies. But when looking at other "competition" to play in this immense market, it is wise to note that KNDI is clearly the only "pure play" and "Best of Breed" for China EV's and has all its existing and under construction Manufacturing Facilities built from the Ground Up for EV's only (similar to TSLA here) with current annual capacity of 300,000+ growing to 700,000 by 2015.

    When you see other names like Chery, BYD, Zoyte, etc. and even their own partner Geely competing in EV's, remember, among other business sectors they may be involved, they are each also ICE car manufacturers and are effectively competing with themselves. What is good for EV growth, cannot be good for ICE growth, particularly with all of the Major City penalties being put on ICE cars.

    The article mentions the "Overweight" opinion recently bestowed on KNDI by Haitong Securities, a major "old line" China based Securities/Investment Banking firm. Just last night Haitong put out an update clearly showing KNDI as the main force in China for EV's. Pretty amazing considering most of their China based clients do not have access to our NASDAQ markets. Here is a few excerpts from last nights report:

    "In models of development, I must mention Condi mode. Condi three models were in May 20, 2013, September 23, 2013, December 2, 2013 to enter the country's first batch of 248, 253 batches, the first batch of 255 vehicle manufacturers and product catalog. January 2, 2014, Condit and auspicious "marriage" is successful, a subsidiary of a joint venture between the two sides, is expected to further integrate their resources in terms of electric cars.

    In addition to Condit, time and space, Zotye, Chery also targeting this market.

    Compared to conventional cars, traditional electric cars, mini electric car because of cost-effective, practical and convenient, got consumers, because: (1) the urban fringe is the main market demand: Currently, the domestic auto market demand fringe large-scale, optimize the design of lithium micro electric car an electric charge can travel 300 kilometers, mini electric cars cost less than conventional cars 1/4, with a strong vitality and broad market prospects; (2) City urban potential market is huge: most cities urban speed limits in 70km / h or less, because of the speed limit, the speed rarely reach 60km / h, the survey results show that the use of micro-electric car in the city can still meet a large part of the consumer needs. In addition, for non-car users, willingness to upgrade transport demand is also very strong, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 500 million bicycles, 80 million motorcycles, nearly 60 million electric bicycles, three more than 600 million total vehicles, which some consumers have upgraded transportation needs, mini electric car replacement market is vast (especially in the second and third tier cities and towns).

    Production and sales situation from the perspective of the first half of 2014, mini electric car has been in a leading position, Condi top, Zotye is also at the forefront. Also, due to the mini electric car is extremely sensitive to the policy of subsidies, in the second half as the floor around the subsidy policy, mini electric car sales are expected to accelerate. 2014 is expected to impact 30,000 mark, accounting for 40% of the country's new energy vehicle sales."

    Link to Haitong report:
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  • What The Market Missed On Kandi [View article]
    Let me first address the total BS you are creating. KNDI does not need any money next week, or for that matter in the next year. They filed the S-3 like all listed companies do to take advantage of a major move up. Like over $25 a share if at all. If they did, they would have used their S3 by now since the stock has traded over 70 million shares and has doubled. If a company is of the mind to use an S3, they do it when the volume is strong and the stock first makes its move. Here we are two weeks later and nothing.

    If you and your short selling buddies have only this to hang your hat on. What are you going to tell the world when next week comes and goes and KNDI just does what they always do and just roll their notes?

    KNDI will likely earn over a dollar a share in the next 12 months. If you spent time talking about KNDI's China EV's instead of its US LSEV's that never have been more than an asterisk to it financials, you would have know this. And over 2.25 a share in 2014.

    If you took the time to read my 17 articles, you would know I flood my comments with back up links. And I make the logical case for investors to decided if they want to invest or not. It is none of my business who buys and sells any stock. Its there money and they can spend it as they like. I just don't want them to be mislead by people like you lying to investors.
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  • Short Kandi - The Wrong Road? [View article]
    If I may also respond. That's like asking why TSLA had such a large short when it was trading at $35 dollars. The short which has been heavy in this stock since it was in the $3-5 area is trapped. If he stops shorting the stock goes up. If he tries to cover, it goes up even faster. So tying this to what Jerry said above about the wrong rode, all he can do is to try to defend.

    His biggest problem is the declining volume with the stock at the upper end of its three month range. Nobody left that wants to sell at these prices. His only way out is to take the stock to a high enough level that sellers are enticed.
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  • Can Micro-Transport Be A Major Driver For Kandi Technologies? [View article]
    David- Geely has one of the best reputations of all automakers in China as Seen by them winning this award for 2013.

    Chinese Automaker Geely Wins First China Reputation Award
    POSTED ON DEC 16, 2013
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