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  • Kandi Technologies: Customs Records Contradict U.S. Electric-Vehicle Sales Claims [View article]
    Now we know where you got your name :-)
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  • What Percentage Of The 120M China EV Bike Owners Will Kandi Technologies Convert? [View article]
    nemesisjudge- I can't argue with your post that there is some old postings about a KD-800EV-2 doing a Google search, but this was certainly news to me. However, obviously it is not any type of mainstay of their business. If you do a word search any any of their SEC filings for just the word "golf" you get nothing. Same from their website. Nothing mentioned. (don't know what website you found your info on, but here is the "about" page on KNDI's website)

    I will certainly try to find out more on this, but I do seem to remember around the time they came public they did mention having made a few golf carts in the past. My take on this link you gave is liquidating some old inventory. Or possibly just some old inventory that one of their wholesalers or dealers still had.
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  • Who Just Won World's Largest EV Order? Could Be Kandi Technologies [View article]
    Surf Dog- Well written.
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  • Why Kandi Is Poised To Become China's Electric Vehicle Market Leader [View article]
    John, you had it correct the first time. While I guess there is a minuscule chance that the deal doesn't get done at all, if it does get done, according to all of the China media articles, KNDI will get the whole order.
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  • Kandi Technologies, Corp.: Numerous Concerns Outweigh Possible Potential [View article]
    pat, your not alone. I know of several hundred KNDI shareholders, myself included, who have had a "Love/Hate" relationship with the stock (not the Company) for quite a few years :-)
    Jul 17 05:32 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi Technologies, Corp.: Numerous Concerns Outweigh Possible Potential [View article]
    The PR that came out yesterday was forced on the Company by its US Securities Counsel under SEC rule FD. (Fair Disclosure). Had Mr. Hu had his way, he would have waited until August, at or just prior to the 2012 China (Hangzhou) International New Energy Automobile Industry Exhibition when all ten participants would be putting out a simultaneous announcement of the Closing. In his culture, it is not considered in "good taste" to be "presumptuous" in unilaterally announcing such a major event before its more "senior" co-participants. The risk of the "LOI" not being executed is less than a KD5011EV turning into an ATV.

    Remember, the articles that came out last week in China giving details and even showing pictures of Mr. Hu signing documents at the head table was not part of any "company" announcement in China, just news coverage. But once we US shareholders, and broke the news over here, it triggered a mandatory FD disclosure under US, SEC rules according to Company counsel.

    As noted in both the China articles and this PR, there are nine other participants mostly either PRC SOEs or Municipal. These include the disclosed Battery Manufacturer, SOE and China's largest high end battery maker, State Grid, City of Hangzhou, Leasing Company, Insurance Company, marketing company, real estate, IT and others. However, what is most important is that KNDI is the sole provider of the "star of the show". The EV. Since KNDI is the only US traded Company, (a fact that might even irritate some of the Nationalists in China), it came under different reporting requirement thereby forcing a premature announcement over here.

    Even the use of the words " Promote.." in the headline is a form of non-presumptuous disclosure. With a Hangzhou population of 11 million does anyone really think there is any risk that 20,000 prospective lessors at $US126 per month, free battery exchanges included, will not be found?

    OK, so the stock has seen its market cap increase some $23 million over the past week or so since this news has been leaking out. TSLA yesterday alone saw it Market Cap increase almost $200 million, almost twice KNDI's total MC, on no news. Makes one wonder how much TSLA's stock would go up if they landed a somewhat similar deal in China.

    KNDI's PR Today..

    KNDI's PR for the China Expo (as can be seen in these two articles, a second project, EV Smart Parking Technology, encompassing an additional 100,000 KNDI EV's will be unveiled to a World-Wide audience)

    China article on the EXPO.

    Jul 17 05:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi Technologies, Corp.: Numerous Concerns Outweigh Possible Potential [View article]
    And of course. What is the best stimulus for an emerging economy that only has 40 passenger vehicles per thousand population? Put the common man in a car so he can go to the store and buy more goods then his bicycle can carry.

    Do you think that's what Helen Zhu, Goldman Sachs chief China equity strategis,t was thinking about that when she singularly mentioned at the end of this CNBC interview "More investment in transportation infrastructure?"
    Jul 11 02:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kandi Technologies, Corp.: Numerous Concerns Outweigh Possible Potential [View article]
    capt-Good question. They pulled an earlier comment of mine to your post as well and I am an approved SA author.
    Jul 5 05:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Match Up: Kandi Technologies Vs. Tesla Motors [View article]
    You got me :-) I am surprised Marc Chang didn't catch that first since he is a resident of Taiwan.
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  • Spine Pain Management: A Closer Look At The CEO's $1 Million Buy [View article]
    bazoooka thanks. Before too long..
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  • Micro Caps For 2012 [View article]
    bazoooka- I am certainly consider it. Being now on the BB makes it a bit easier, but SA still is not easily persuaded into having exclusive articles approved on BB stocks. SPIN has such a unique business model, that it is hard to find listed stocks in the same sector to add to the article to make it easier to get SA approval.

    But there is no question in my mind after doing DD on both SPIN and Kandi Technologies for more then 2.5 years, that SPIN is in the same category as KNDI as far as having incredible near term upside potential from existing levels.
    Feb 13 11:46 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Micro Caps For 2012 [View article]
    Ian, I don't closely follow a lot of stocks, but SPIN is one that I am very familiar with both from a management and business side. Great business and great management who have made well over $1.5 million in insider purchases. It's been a real sleeper, but it is good to see it starting to show up on some smart investors radar.

    New two year high today. likely due to some of your club microcap club members.
    Jan 5 03:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple And Tesla Motors: Serial Disruptors [View article]
    thar757- Thank you for clearly stating that my recent SA articles on KNDI, when referencing TSLA was being done only on a market value comparison, not with any ill will against TSLA in mind. TSLA is a well put together Company with a product line that if successful, can only enhance the longer term KNDI story.

    But don't forget to also endorse Marc Chang's recent four part series of articles on KNDI which also has reference to TSLA. As a long time businessman and resident of Taiwan, he puts the real technical aspect behind what KNDI is accomplishing in their own market. You will note from it's title, KNDI also a "disruptor". But not just due its EVs, but also its Patented Quick Battery Exchange technology,: both which have been solidly embraced by the PRC Government.

    Kandi Technologies: Right Place, Right Time, Right Disruptive Technology, Right Now (Part I)
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  • Wall Street Match Up: Kandi Technologies Vs. Tesla Motors [View article]
    amped-Sorry it took so long to respond. I just noticed your comment.

    Well, I was certainly happy to see the company put out that PR on Friday. Based on the stock action, it has gone a long way in helping us open up an audience for the stock by verifying at least a few points of my writings, which has always been my sole intention.

    I like to give the analogy of a Broadway play. I can help fill up the seats, but if the performers don't show up, or do a bad job, the audience will quickly disappear.

    There is no reason this stock can't soon trade in double digits in spite of being a China stock. There are still many trading in the US without nearly the upside potential that are today. A few even in the triple digits. As time goes on and Chinaphobia abates, there will be plenty of intelligent investors who will understand what incredible things KNDI is delivering and will buy the stock.

    In spite of all the China bashing over the past year, I venture to say that at least three quarters of all stock investors have no idea of all of the negativeness that has been spread on China stocks. They don't watch CNBC, or read the WSJ, or Barron's etc. They just use common sense in their investing and if they like the story, they buy some shares. KNDI's float is by comparison quite small. It won't take a lot of these investors to make a difference.
    Dec 28 07:16 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Match Up: Kandi Technologies Vs. Tesla Motors [View article]
    jeff-Well, it still has a long way to go just to get back to its 2008 (7.46) and 2010 (7.20) Highs let alone reflect the $2+ eps that both Marc Chang and I expect to be reasonable in 2012.
    Dec 27 05:01 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment