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  • Ashraf Eassa
    Going to buy some $GPRO puts tomorrow. #bubble
    21 hours ago
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    • Atlanta Equity Professional: The expense of the puts actually has me much more interested in selling calls.
      12 hours ago
    • Manjunath Sharma, CFA: Ashraf, What is your target on AMBA?
      8 hours ago
      • Ashraf Eassa
        The $AAPL iPhone 6 Plus is an amazing device. I would be *shocked* if Apple didn't take significant "phablet" market share. Just incredible.
        21 hours ago
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        • Ashraf Eassa: I like my 13" rMBP as well. Great machine. Looking forward to OS X Yosemite. Excited for Windows 10 on my desktop though.
          21 hours ago
        • Shaduc: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explains where it excels and falls flat, and the changes he'd like to see Apple make
          9 hours ago
          • Ashraf Eassa
            Windows 10 looks good. $MSFT
            Tue, 1:45 PM
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            • thesahibzada: Ill wait for 10.1 :)
              Tue, 5:10 PM
            • Justin Jaynes: 10.1 SP2?
              Tue, 5:52 PM
              • Ashraf Eassa
                I tried to short $GPRO in the mid-$60's. Really good thing my broker didn't have shares available to short. Yikes...
                Sun, 12:59 PM
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                • Alex Cho: Ashraf, you should know better than to short momentum names by now.
                  Sun, 11:17 PM
                • fast_Slacker: haha. I tried at 40, then 60 with puts. fundamentally sound but there's no use going against the trend for now.
                  Mon, 7:44 AM
                  • Ashraf Eassa
                    Good piece on $AAPL "bendgate" from Justin Jaynes:
                    Sun, 12:36 AM
                      • Ashraf Eassa
                        $AAPL "Bendgate" is nonsense. These phones are very high quality and I'm sure they'll sell well.
                        Sat, 6:29 PM
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                        • Robert.from.Ct: media blows everything out of proportion
                          Sun, 4:52 AM
                        • MattZN2: Yah, got mine (the smaller 6) on Friday. Bendgate is nonsense. The integration, security, and privacy is lightyears ahead of android.
                          Sun, 6:40 PM
                          • Ashraf Eassa
                            $INTC deal with Tsinghua/Spreadtrum is smart.
                            Fri, 8:49 AM
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                            • Bowtie: Start ur own sub service with 8000 followers here even a fraction of that you would be better off than wring for those Fools
                              Fri, 10:20 AM
                            • Shaduc: $SPRD & $INTC new family of chips for wireless phones; cooperate w/Rockchip in low-cost tablet
                              Sat, 7:19 AM
                              • Ashraf Eassa
                                I'm short $GTAT $10 strike Jan. 2015 puts. I really like my odds on collecting premium.
                                Thu, 8:44 PM
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                                • D-struction: Boo
                                  Thu, 11:03 PM
                                • Clayton Rulli: that shart is picture perfect triple top/ head and shoulders
                                  Fri, 7:58 AM
                                  • Ashraf Eassa
                                    $INVN, the strategy here may be to sell puts rather than to take ownership of shares right away.
                                    Thu, 11:37 AM
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                                    • WWFM: can you explain why? Thanks!
                                      Thu, 10:10 PM
                                      • Ashraf Eassa
                                        Starting to really like $INVN here...
                                        Thu, 11:28 AM
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                                        • traderyin: What about IMG.L?
                                          Thu, 12:31 PM
                                        • D-struction: Interesting. Unfamiliar honestly. Woo that NASDAQ is getting whacked today!
                                          Thu, 12:37 PM
                                          • Ashraf Eassa
                                            $AAPL iPhone 6 CPU/GPU performance isn't all that improved over iPhone 5. $TSM 20nm fail? :-P
                                            Sep 16, 11:43 PM
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                                            • MrMatt: Similar clockspeeds. I expect the power consumption to be better. 64bitness doesn't offer phone level performance benefits (Today).
                                              Sep 17, 9:27 AM
                                            • MattZN2: Extra realestate not necessarily going to be used for compute resources. More likely for integration / cost reduction w/smaller chip.
                                              Sep 18, 6:37 PM
                                              • Ashraf Eassa
                                                $AAPL is about to wreak havoc on the high end Android/Windows Phone market.
                                                Sep 16, 4:20 PM
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                                                • TimeOnTarget: Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit: "Enjoy it while you can babe; this is as close to a naked man as you are ever getting."
                                                  Sep 17, 12:09 AM
                                                • TimeOnTarget: It's gonna sell like hotcakes, I can feel it . . . . .
                                                  Sep 17, 12:10 AM
                                                  • Ashraf Eassa
                                                    $ENTR Strategic options? Works for me. Discl: long.
                                                    Sep 16, 9:41 AM
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                                                    • Ashraf Eassa: My thesis has been that the company will get it together, but it looks like they haven't been able to do so. They are now (1/2)
                                                      Sep 16, 10:06 AM
                                                    • Ashraf Eassa: "exploring strategic options" which means they'll try to sell the company. If they can get $3.50-$4 per share, I'd be O.K. with that. (2/2)
                                                      Sep 16, 10:07 AM
                                                      • Ashraf Eassa
                                                        I think we can safely say that the $AMCC bubble has popped.
                                                        Sep 15, 1:09 PM
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                                                        • Justin Jaynes: just eng samples though - not volume.
                                                          Sep 15, 3:56 PM
                                                        • Ashraf Eassa: $INTC is sampling Xeon D (Broadwell-DE) now. Doubt that AMCC chip will do against a 14nm big-core SoC...
                                                          Sep 15, 4:07 PM
                                                          • Ashraf Eassa
                                                            I wonder if $AAPL will underestimate demand of its highest end iPhone this year...;)
                                                            Sep 13, 2:14 PM
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                                                            • MrMatt: They should just manipulate availability enough that sales aren't impacted, but everyone feels lucky they get the chance to buy one.
                                                              Sep 13, 9:52 PM
                                                            • reynold01: ashraf, i am waiting for your article. please write on Apple
                                                              Sep 15, 2:30 PM
                                                              • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                $INTC is now the world's second largest vendor of tablet chips.
                                                                Sep 12, 7:56 PM
                                                                  • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                    $ENTR finally moving. Think that if management delivers & designs ramp in 2015, stock goes much higher.
                                                                    Sep 12, 10:41 AM
                                                                      • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                        For those of you buying an iPhone 6, remember this: #GoldIsBest
                                                                        Sep 12, 3:20 AM
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                                                                        • Matt-Man: But not a gold colour one
                                                                          Sep 12, 7:49 AM
                                                                        • Ashraf Eassa: I think the iPhone 6/6+ will sell pretty phenomenally.
                                                                          Sep 12, 10:06 AM
                                                                          • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                            As a reformed $AAPL bear, I really can't understand why anybody would short the stock here. It's just too good of a business.
                                                                            Sep 11, 8:59 PM
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                                                                            • Ashraf Eassa: I'm looking for opportunities to deploy cash; not making any recommendation to others here.
                                                                              Sep 11, 10:24 PM
                                                                            • Shaduc: Thanks, I have been trying to sell my initial investments in MSFT CSCO HPQ ...
                                                                              Sep 11, 10:32 PM
                                                                              • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                                iWatch is the first smartwach that I've actually been legitimately impressed with. $AAPL
                                                                                Sep 10, 11:31 AM
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                                                                                • MattZN2: Watch - can't complain on the features, but daily charging req is a non-starter for me. iPhone-6 & ApplePay are home runs though. -Matt
                                                                                  Sep 10, 6:18 PM
                                                                                • Matt-Man: It is a good start,but probably will need couple cycles to get electronics to last reasonable time.Also iphone charger should work with it
                                                                                  Sep 10, 8:36 PM