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  • Ashraf Eassa
    When/if $INTC hits ~$30, I plan to begin reducing position.
    14 hours ago
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    • TruffelPig: I think $WB hits $30 before $INTC
      11 hours ago
    • Ashraf Eassa: Wouldn't be surprised. Just about anything outperforms Intel these days.
      9 hours ago
      • Ashraf Eassa
        $AMD if PC units down 4.4% per IDC, and $INTC PC units up 1% per report, then $AMD lost major share to $INTC.
        Tue, 4:24 PM
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        • Chris Lau: $AMD +6% AH
          Thu, 4:57 PM
        • Ashraf Eassa: +6% AH, computing solutions down 12% y/y. Got the business analysis right ;-)
          Thu, 8:03 PM
          • Ashraf Eassa
            Nice results from $INTC.
            Tue, 4:06 PM
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            • MrMatt: But look at embedded. Higher performance embedded is ARM, and they're clearly getting wins in that market.
              Wed, 6:07 AM
            • Qcom: Hey Ashraf...what's your take on $ASML ? Any articles coming up on this ticker?
              Wed, 12:06 PM
              • Ashraf Eassa
                Looking into $SIGM. Lots of cash, looks like a good potential take out target. Cheap after sell-off.
                Apr 12, 5:03 PM
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                • wigit5: hes a paid writer for Motley now! Ash is moving on up in the world!!
                  Apr 12, 9:49 PM
                • Noreika: Congrats Ash. You'll be missed on here.
                  Sun, 7:31 AM
                  • Ashraf Eassa
                    $IGNMF will be back in when/if it dips below $3. $MLNX scaled back in at $37.14. Stalking some $CRUS.
                    Apr 11, 3:58 PM
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                    • Ashraf Eassa: No, but I like it if it gets a little cheaper. <$19 and I start buying.
                      Apr 12, 1:34 PM
                    • smitsky: That sounds good.
                      Sun, 11:51 AM
                      • Ashraf Eassa
                        Bought $mlnx at $37.14
                        Apr 11, 3:18 PM
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                        • TimeOnTarget: Any underlying fundamental like, or just a technical swing?
                          Apr 11, 11:52 PM
                        • Ashraf Eassa: Grantley product cycle should drive HPC revenues, dramatically improving sentiment for the co/stock.
                          Apr 12, 12:06 AM
                          • Ashraf Eassa
                            Well over 50% cash after $IGNMF sale today. Great to have a big pile of cash on the sides to strike!
                            Apr 10, 6:34 PM
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                            • Bowtie: Are you ever going to write again on SA or only MF from now on. Waiting for GOOG to hit $450+
                              Apr 10, 9:43 PM
                            • Minutemen: I've got a big pile in tax-free munis waiting to be deployed. Can't complain the performance ytd and yield while I wait.
                              Apr 11, 8:00 AM
                              • Ashraf Eassa
                                Jeez, I'm down ~22% on my $UTEK. What a bad call...
                                Apr 10, 1:28 PM
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                                • Ashraf Eassa: TradeFails Anonymous!
                                  Apr 10, 2:45 PM
                                • vanebfbc: Eventually it would. Just have to time entries and exits more carefully if we are going to flip back to profit. (shorting natural gas)
                                  Apr 10, 4:35 PM
                                  • Ashraf Eassa
                                    Sold $IGNMF this morning for $3.50.
                                    Apr 10, 1:26 PM
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                                    • Ashraf Eassa: A gain of 20.3%.
                                      Apr 10, 1:27 PM
                                      • Ashraf Eassa
                                        Now 48% in cash. Stay liquid, my friends.
                                        Apr 9, 6:23 PM
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                                        • Nathan Brooks: Ashraf, I meant do you plan to increase the no of shorts to hedge against further market falls. I prefer that to raising cash.
                                          Apr 9, 11:55 PM
                                        • TimmiesRegular: I was going to comment this morning that you may be getting out too early, but I'm beginning to wonder myself.
                                          Apr 10, 4:08 PM
                                          • Ashraf Eassa
                                            Looks like my call on small-caps was good. Nothing goes up/down forever :-)
                                            Apr 8, 2:40 PM
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                                            • Ashraf Eassa: Even if you go bankrupt, that's not "forever" :-)
                                              Apr 8, 5:21 PM
                                            • Wilson Wang: Not exactly a rise bud. You called for it to rise on Monday and it took a crap and barely came back the next.
                                              Apr 9, 12:13 AM
                                              • Ashraf Eassa
                                                $INTC completely blows its 64-bit marketing advantage. $QCOM has delivered using stock $ARMH IP. What a joke.
                                                Apr 7, 9:43 PM
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                                                • fastestxc: It will be more about guidance than Q1 earnings IMO
                                                  Apr 8, 3:25 PM
                                                • Jim Kin: I've been rolling jan 2015s into jan 2016... still have some 140% gains on 2015s. Sold QCOM jan 2015s a week ago..
                                                  Apr 8, 4:58 PM
                                                  • Ashraf Eassa
                                                    If I can get a good dip in $QCOM, I think I'll bite.
                                                    Apr 7, 9:11 PM
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                                                    • The Growth Investor: I agree...was just looking at the chart and I have buys in near the 50-day MA.
                                                      Apr 7, 9:51 PM
                                                      • Ashraf Eassa
                                                        Picked up some $MLNX @ $37.13. Was going to sell puts, but I think I can get a good couple of bucks per share before earnings.
                                                        Apr 7, 3:13 PM
                                                          • Ashraf Eassa
                                                            If tomorrow's another down day, I've epic ton of dry power with which to start sellin' some puts! :-)
                                                            Apr 7, 3:49 AM
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                                                            • Goinidias: aye. sold some puts on bank of america. What are you thinking about as a target?
                                                              Apr 7, 10:29 AM
                                                            • Ashraf Eassa: Selling $MLNX puts.
                                                              Apr 7, 3:08 PM
                                                              • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                Small caps will probably outperform tomorrow after the beating they've taken lately.
                                                                Apr 6, 10:06 PM
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                                                                • ride76989: take a look at $SMRV def a buy at the state it is in.!
                                                                  Apr 7, 3:04 AM
                                                                • ride76989: take a look at $SMRV def a buy at the state it is in.!
                                                                  Apr 7, 3:08 AM
                                                                  • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                    Wondering where I am? Check my profile!
                                                                    Apr 6, 6:58 PM
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                                                                    • superuser: Congrats.... make your education useful. Thanks for free service!
                                                                      Apr 7, 3:04 AM
                                                                    • InvestWisely: MF advertising and site is geared to titillate like a Murdoch British newspaper. I hope you will not feel brain dead writing for them.
                                                                      Apr 7, 4:45 PM
                                                                      • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                        Is today a day to sell puts? Looking for ideas and will post trades.
                                                                        Apr 4, 9:58 AM
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                                                                        • marpy: u'r back Ash! Whn's the next story. I do not trade much tech but still like reading ur stuff. :-)
                                                                          Apr 4, 2:30 PM
                                                                        • Charles Moscoe: Sell puts, not so sure... I've been buying Nasdaq puts all week: Long TRMR big. You follow the Ad Tech space?
                                                                          Apr 4, 8:18 PM
                                                                          • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                            $IGNMF buy at $2.91 looking good. I know a bunch of people followed me into this one, so congrats :-)
                                                                            Apr 3, 11:35 AM
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                                                                            • JeremySpoken: Nice call Ashraf. I missed the sub $3 buys but this one has been on my watchlist since you brought it to my attn last year.
                                                                              Apr 3, 1:25 PM
                                                                            • amitjain251: Sold yesterday at 3.58....will look to re-enter around 3.00. Thanks for the call.
                                                                              Apr 3, 2:29 PM
                                                                              • Ashraf Eassa
                                                                                My SEP-IRA was up 8.89% this quarter, handily beating $SPY and $QQQ.
                                                                                Apr 1, 12:26 AM
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                                                                                • Martin Vlcek: Congrats to those up for Q1. I am roughly flat as I was cautious after that 113% gain in 2013. Discipline, avoiding loss is #1 this year.
                                                                                  Apr 9, 10:14 PM
                                                                                • Martin Vlcek: I am also roughly 50% in cash now, selling some puts with that money.
                                                                                  Apr 9, 10:17 PM