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Deep value, special situations, contrarian, event-driven
Austin Craig
Deep value, special situations, contrarian, event-driven
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"Since coal production continues to be at an all time low thanks to cleaner forms of electricity like natural gas,"
and in that moment he stopped reading the article.
This lacks analysis. Needs to cover Smiths recent expansions into new markets.
So community, what oil stocks should I be betting on if i think oil is going to go back to 100+ in the next few years?
I'm looking for healthy companies that have been beaten up.
Also not cooking your books help. The shareholder lawsuits are still pending.
I see the purchase as a wise acquisition. Yes, the core business is guns. Getting into more assessories (such as reloading) will help the company.
interesting idea.
Liked the picture.
eh we will see. I'm placing my bets on MU.
Memory? well.. phone and just about any electonic on the planet will need memory but honesly thats not where the sizzle is at.
sizzle = NAND tech. Get a SSD, install it and tell me thats not the future of desktops, laptops, servers and such. Granted conventional hard drives have their place (mass storage for cheap $ per GB) but still, SSD's will take a huge chunk out of this given time.
With time gold and silver are a win. The federal reserve corporation is doing a splendid job on making this happen.
I found this to be a refreshing article. Its rare I see something well researched much less I actually take the time to read all of the article.
Kudos for writing on something small.
Whats the difference b/t gameworks and "The way its meant to be played". TWIMTBP worked out wonderfully for Nvidia as developers got free support, resources, code... basically everything gameworks is providing.
PEG of 2.62 is a bit concerning. Thats one heck of a premium to pay for 'possible' future growth.
equally concerning is how much money wasted on sharebuy backs. I would much rather see this money go to acquiring companies/tech or put back into R&D rather than padding the numbers.
whats a streaming stock?
what do you guys think of metals mutual funds?
Shorting stocks is like being the guy who plays the "dont pass" line at the craps table. Aka.. your not the most popular chap in the room even though you might be right.
The buyout should help the sharehholders caught up in the lawsuit as it had a clause that if ocz is bought out in part of whole they get 6 or 7 milion more bucks. Not sure where that money is coming from though.
Wow... not any bids.. jeez.
commission is a positive development in my opinion.
I'm quite bullish on Micron.
Hindsight is 20/20.
When this article was published MU was going down and thus my calls were the absolute perfect move. So the stock popped.. so what.
If i had just bought and sold stock i would have made more money w/ increased risk. Its just that simple. Yet I choose to hedge a portion and given what we knew I'd make the same move again as it was the right move w/ the cards showing. I've been in far far FAR to many stocks where you think you know it all and then BLAM! you take a nasty hit b/c of unexpected news.
If earnings were bad I highly doubt anyone here would be saying you should NOT have hedged a PORTION of your investment.
Anyway.. im out. Got more stuff to go write about.
so i guess thats why the stock went down before earnings right and all the downgrades. lol
Well, yea.. if i had done nothing i would have made more. Yet.... MU was going down and thus I was experiencing less damage than a person who had just bought the stock and not sold anything. Only after earnings did the stock pop.
So lets look at the flip side. What if you bought at 21 and the stock went to 20. You are out a buck. If you sell calls on a portion of your investment you reduce some of your risk (and potential gains) but im more than fine with that. Making a couple % in days or a week or 2 is more than fine by me. Wash, rinse, repeat.
I'm still not getting the misleading part.
Wouldn't going bankrupt due to the inability to compete be the same as being banished from the market? lol
Both were in the end for what ever reason forced out of the markets. I do remember 3DFX tinkering w/ hidden surface removal in the voodoo 4/5 line. I also picked up a little Voodoo 4 when it was on sale for 50% off when 3DFX went belly up. Great little card. Too bad Rampage was never commercially released.
LOL how is it misleading?
I bought at 21. Sold a 22.50 call on a portion.
Stock leaps up as i thought it -might-.
Buy back 22.50 call and sell a 23 call for MORE profit, rather than making Less profit by holding the 22.50 call.
Yes, If i had never sold any calls i would have made more money on that portion. Yet on the flip side if i were wrong on my assumptions then the stock might have gone down and i would be negative.
I've been selling calls for years upon years and it is very profitable especially when a stock is flat for a day, week, month. Heck I had a chuckle a few months back when mr. market was offering a 2% gain on a 1 1/2 day call on Micron.
If calls are not for you thats fine. Everyone has his own investing style but dont knock whats very profitable.
And I only did this on a Portion of my holdings.
Yea.. i rolled them forward. Basically DrGoldin you buy the stock cheap at say 21 and then sell a call at a 23 strike. IF the stock goes to 23 or higher they take the stock from you at 23. You make a 2 buck profit here AND the call premium. Yes, I would have made more if i had not sold a call but at the same time nothing says the stock has to jump up. It could have went neutral where i could have made 0 on the spread and still captured the option premium. If the stock went down id have lost on that portion but made a call premium.. hopefully more than any loss that one might have incurred.
pretty good actually. I had sold some 22.50's when micron was 21 a share or so on a portion of what i owned.
did the math and after it popped covered the 22.50s and sold 23's. so yea.. im quite happy with it. Made a profit on both portions.
Will reload next week and sell more.
Just a typical day in the stock market. Usually you have a run up before earnings and the people jump on board. IF they beat the stock pops and then well.. it has little momentum to keep it going so you have a pull back. Just imagine a 4th of July fireworks display and when its over .. well.. its over.
This is not to say after a small break the stock cant continue to go up.
Tis true..
If you would care to point out what scares you i'm sure I could help you and this irrational fear.
very true