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Austin Mading
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Algo, that's a good point you bring up. Even if they do decide to buy back the investment, I don't see them dissolving their product partnership.
tdizzle, thanks for you comment.
You are correct. I used an expected return rate of 10.5% in order to calculate a 12% discount rate. I should have been more clear in what rate I used, I apologize.
I agree that the author should have touched on the excessive amount of goodwill. Their growth strategy has been to buy other companies, and it's unclear whether or not they can produce any organic growth
I appreciate the comment. First, I would like to say that when I value stocks, I think long- term. Typically the Fibonacci retracement line you mentioned is used for swing trading. I do agree that if Altera were to trade in the $31-$35 range it would become a stronger buy, assuming the fundamentals are still solid. However, based on the fundamentals discussed in the article, I do believe that currently Altera is an attractive opportunity for investors in the long run.
I didn't include a paragraph on risk because I felt like the ten year track record of Atera proved risk to be below average. However, you do bring up a good point that analyzing both sides of a company will provide greater success. I will remember to do this on the articles I write in the future.
Once again, thank you for your comment.