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  • Gold At An Inflection Point
    on Yesterday, 1:00 AM GLD, IAU, PHYS 98 Comments
  • What Are The Controlling Arguments For Being Bullish On Gold?
    on Sun, Apr. 13 GLD, IAU, PHYS 173 Comments
  • Can Gold Drop Below $1000?
    on Sun, Apr. 6 GLD, IAU, PHYS 168 Comments
  • Silver Should Rally, But Can Then Drop As Low As $14
    on Sun, Mar. 30 GLD, SLV 202 Comments
  • Breaking News: Who Really Controls Silver And Gold?
    on Mon, Mar. 24 GLD, SLV, AGQ 177 Comments
  • The 'Crowd' Is Bullish Gold And Silver: Should You Be?
    on Mon, Mar. 17 GLD, SLV 187 Comments
  • Will Russia Continue To Affect Gold And Silver Prices?
    on Sun, Mar. 9 GLD, SLV 214 Comments
  • Are Silver And Gold Ready For New Lows?
    on Tue, Mar. 4 GLD, SLV 192 Comments
  • The Gold And Silver Smack-Down Cometh
    on Sun, Feb. 23 GLD, IAU, PHYS 374 Comments
  • Should You 'Invest' In AGQ, USLV, Or Any Other Leveraged ETF?
    on Sun, Feb. 23 USLV, DGP, UGL 24 Comments
  • Gold And Silver: Are Shorts About To Panic?
    on Sun, Feb. 16 GLD, SLV, IAU 187 Comments
  • Are $1400 Gold And $26 Silver About To Be Seen?
    on Sun, Feb. 9 GLD, SLV, IAU 283 Comments
  • Metals Bulls Are Getting Desperate
    on Sun, Jan. 26 GLD, IAU, PHYS 150 Comments
  • Who Cares If The Metals Are Manipulated!?
    on Sun, Jan. 19 GLD, SLV, IAU 168 Comments
  • Why Have You Been Wrong About Gold And Silver?
    on Sun, Jan. 12 GLD, SLV, IAU 251 Comments
  • Metals Setting Up To Kill Remaining And Newly Inaugurated Bulls In 2014
    on Sun, Jan. 5 GLD, SLV, IAU 107 Comments
  • Big Rally Or Big Decline Coming In The Metals?
    on Dec. 29, 2013 GLD, SLV, IAU 109 Comments
  • Is It Time To Accumulate More Precious Metals?
    on Dec. 22, 2013 GLD, SLV 153 Comments
  • What Effect Will A 'Taper Event' Have On The Metals?
    on Dec. 15, 2013 GLD, SLV 100 Comments
  • Dollar Down, Metals Down - Which One Is Lying?
    on Dec. 8, 2013 GLD, SLV 79 Comments
  • Silver And Gold: Another Rally Before Lower Lows?
    on Dec. 1, 2013 SLV, GLD 45 Comments
  • Metals Have Lower To Go Despite The COT Report
    on Nov. 25, 2013 GLD, SLV 47 Comments
  • Do The Metals Have To Rally With Negative GOFO?
    on Nov. 3, 2013 GLD, SLV 73 Comments
  • Will The Metals Exceed Their September Highs?
    on Oct. 27, 2013 SLV, GLD 58 Comments
  • Will Precious Metals Act As A 'Safe Haven' In The Impending S&P 500 Crash?
    on Oct. 13, 2013 SPY, SLV, GLD 149 Comments
  • How Soon Will Gold And Silver Hit Their New Lows?
    on Oct. 6, 2013 GLD, SLV 153 Comments
  • How Should You Trade Silver With All The 'Manipulation'?
    on Sep. 29, 2013 SIL, SLVP, SILJ 129 Comments
  • Silver And Gold: Are New Lows Still In Store Even After Fed?
    on Sep. 23, 2013 GLD, SLV 117 Comments
  • Is Silver Going To Go To New Lows?
    on Sep. 15, 2013 SLV, SIL, SLVP 144 Comments
  • Prepare Now For Silver's Upcoming Decline
    on Sep. 8, 2013 SIVR, PSLV, DBS 204 Comments
  • Silver: Do We Have One More High Coming?
    on Sep. 3, 2013 SLV 25 Comments
  • Are Gold And Silver Investors Really That Foolish?
    on Aug. 26, 2013 GLD, SLV 78 Comments