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Barak Paztal
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I agree partially with what catvision has to say.
I think that attrition can be avoided by using the right tools in China as well as any other place in the world. The same tools can be applied in Beijing, Jinan & Hangzhou. If people leave the company it will not be because of the salary but due to the lack of opportunities for career enhancement inside the company.
Regarding resources, I believe that in most of the 2nd and 3rd tier cities in China, there are a lot of resources. One must know which recruiting techniques to use.
Cheers, Barak
Great Article. Shows very good picture of Chinese youth. I agree with all said and see it with my Chinese team. They love buying mobile phones, cameras and go to travel abroad and they are willing to spend money on these products. I think this will be a very positive force that will help China to continue to grow in next few years while other nations will face much bigger crisis.
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On Dec 22 04:04 PM Sean Hyman wrote:
> Good article. Glad to see someone agrees with me on the fall of the
> dollar next year. Awesome!
MS did not miss this boat.
Actually they are very focused on it with Windows Vuze
On Dec 03 09:58 AM Murphy wrote:
> Google is taking all the visions Bill Gates had ten-plus years ago
> and making them a reality. How did MS miss this boat??
Very good feedback.
Actually cloud computing is in very early stage, unlike browsers.
So it makes sense for google to reach leadership position.
Just like they did when search was in early stage in 1995.
On Dec 03 01:36 PM jackdee wrote:
> >>Unlike Android, Chrome or Google Docs which face and will continue
> to face a lot of competition, this opportunity is wide open<<
> All I can say is WTF???? This is already an area where there is
> massive comp.
> Billins of dollars are being spent competing in this area. It is
> setting up to be a battle Royale and this muppet of a blogger figures
> it is wide open.
> Here is the big scary news google thinks it is ahead, the blogging
> fanboys think goog is ahead, but in fact they are running at least
> a lap down.
> The big blue sky is wide open alright but it is not blue it is Azure.