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We are very excited to have teamed up with demographic experts Ken Gronbach and Nick Eberstadt to publish the Age Curve Report.

This is an in-depth monthly demographic and stock market report that examines today’s "Generational Opportunity" in equities. Our 2009 archive and our 2010 Market Outlook are free and available for download to non-subscribers on our web site:

We believe the current "Generational Opportunity" is similar to 1860, 1900, 1940 and 1975. All were periods of consensus gloom and doom, and proved to be a missed opportunity by many. Real dangers still exist and we are not saying it is risk free investing from here on out. There ...More
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The Age Curve Report Beacon Asset Managers has teamed up with Age Curve Consulting to publish an in-depth, monthly demographic and stock research report. The Age Curve Report will help you identify new demographic and stock sector trends, and combines our 3 Beacon research disciplines to help you stay ahead of the crowd while ...More
3 Beacon Blog The 3 Beacon Blog was designed to share the tenets of our investment approach–the three beacons of demographics, valuation and sentiment–on a timely basis to demonstrate how these tools can be used to both discover undervalued assets and to ensure preservation of capital during times of economic stress. Most ...More
The Age Curve For years marketers have held on to unwavering beliefs that have dictated how they market to their consumers. But the hard truth is that the changes we see in marketing and business are based on one undeniable factor–the size of the generations we are selling to. As each generation ages what they buy and how ...More