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adam feuerstein: "I'll say it now.... MNKD and its supporters were right about Afrezza approval. I was wrong. Still waiting for T2 vote but it will also be positive."
Hope he learned something. Congrats!
I understand the conflict, but regardless, I do believe Dr. Suvannavejh has some good arguments, which are worth to be considered, as well as Feuerstein. I think the interview makes the April 1 AdCom much more exciting, and we will see how it goes.
Good articles, but I believe that mostly all of your points are already baked into the stock price, at this point.
Thanks, GUDoc. I appreciate your in-depth comments.
The purpose is to give you information on which you can make a reasonable and informed decision on whether or not to invest in PGNX in the following months.
Hi Stef34. We shall wait and see. However, it seems the company will be satisfied to achieve the same results as the previous 500-patient study, which was completed in 2011.
Hi Norroway. Typical guidelines, I assume.
I guess time will tell. I'm planning to write a few more interviews regarding OMER in the next upcoming months. It will be interesting to watch.
Thanks for the kind words HT. You can send Spencer a private message.
Thank you for the kind words David.
Cystagon is currently priced at about $9,000 per year.
I think the drug will be approved, but , I'm not a buyer at the current price.
Mr. Kolbert doesn't cover ACTC. However, Maxim has it in its "Spotlight" list.
The closer we get to the´╗┐ truth, the louder you'll shout "ignorance!".
If you had bought RPTP on the day this article was published, you could sell it for 25% higher, two months later. The stock is at the same level now as it was when it was published.
Up 45% today.
Patience with this one will be rewarded in my opinion.
I preferred to focus on Lymphoseek as its the reason why NAVB could double this year.
However, I agree, beside that NAVB got a strong pipeline.
Uri Landseman put his money where his mouth is. I think he really believe in this company.
As for the SPA - I can show you a list of companies (like PLX) that while holding SPA, they have been delayed by the FDA once or twice, or even rejected and the opposite.
Michael, you had amazing call with OREX.
People should at least give you credibility on that and listen.
If VVUS will not win the FDA approval - you will be a legend!
Regarding to Protalix, It's all about approving their blockbuster technology and less about their drug. Regarding to that, one should expect for a dramatic increase upon the approval. but if you insist, the treatment for the drug is very expansive - $250,000 a year, and Protalix and Pfizer are planning to sell it for much lower price duo to lower costs that this technology brings. Please do more research next time.
What I meant to say is that you never wrote one good word on any article you comment (not specific on that one).. I dont think that someone appoint you as a state comptroller. In this case, PLX is very positive in the eyes of many analysts and none of them sees your issues as significant.
All of your comments are bearish. why?
This is the presentaion. where exactly do you see 10 million in yearly revenue projection?
The only number that was mention regarding to CPI300 was:
"$150 million market"
I dont know M. E. Garza personally but I know one thing.. mostly all of his recommendations are a big sucsess.
The connections I found between M. E. Garza and the public offers its the sucsess and the offer that come after the sucsess its not coincidence and sound logic.
Sorry. I already bought DRRX.
Another wrong call. you need to focus on shorting.. like the one you had with OREX.
Wrong bet so far...