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Benjamin Koellmann

I have had a passion for investing since my teens and have been investing personally for over 10 years. I mostly use fundamental analysis and common sense, as well as an understanding of how macro factors will affect my investment thesis. I'm a big believer in being greedy when others are fearful and so far this strategy has led to some of my best investment returns, even if it often requires a lot of patience and a strong conviction. I cover a wide variety of sectors and market caps, but I generally try to invest only in companies whose business model I can understand. Having lived on four different continents, I have a global investment outlook, but invest almost exclusively in US-listed stocks. I generally consider ...More
  • Description: Occasional Investor. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Bonds, Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs, Foreign stocks, Mutual funds, Options, REITs, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
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Thinking JPM could be a good buy right now. Company lost $2bn trading, but stock lost almost $20bn market cap since loss made public. May 14, 2012