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Benjamin Shepherd  

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  • The Tortoise and the Hare: Value Investing Ideas
    Jan. 20, 2010 BRK.A, CBS, JWN 2 Comments
  • Financials on the Rebound
    Jan. 20, 2010 IVR, CIM, RWT 3 Comments
  • Copenhagen Summit Didn't Meet Expectations, But Tighter Carbon Regulation Is Coming
    Jan. 20, 2010 GS, DB, JPM 18 Comments
  • Small Caps: More than Meets the Eye
    Jan. 20, 2010 TDW, STZ, PETM Comment!
  • Connor Browne: Asset Allocation Is Key in Current Environment
    Nov. 18, 2009 JPM, GS, USB Comment!
  • Paul Curbo: REIT Rally Is Sustainable
    Nov. 18, 2009 VTR, SPG, GGP 2 Comments
  • Rachel Benepe, Co-Manager of First Eagle Gold: Buy Gold as a Market Hedge
    Nov. 18, 2009 ABX, GLD 2 Comments