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  • BP Prudhoe Bay Makes Little Noticed 8-K Filing With The SEC
    Fri, Jan. 30 BPT 13 Comments


    • BPT filed an "8-K" with the SEC on 1/13 indicating a gas cap separator liquids limit had been reached and BPT's proportion will now be 50.7% rather 13.8%.
    • This is good news for the Trust and will modestly increase the volumes attributed to the Trust.
    • However, BPT did not realize cap had actually been hit last June, so about $.44 of the January payment was a non disclosed "catch up".
    • There also appears to have been a delay in the 8-k filing.
    • As a result, most BPT holders are unaware that part of the 4th quarter payment was not due to 4th quarter production.
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    Feb. 13, 2013 BPT 24 Comments
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