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  • Microsoft Earnings May Remain Under Pressure
    Mon, Mar. 10 MSFT 24 Comments


    • Microsoft's price cut for Windows will negatively impact margins.
    • US cash constraints will hurt the buyback going forward.
    • Valuation above industry peers will limit upside.
    • Stock becomes a short idea as it approaches $40.
  • Deckers: How Shares Go To $100
       • Wed, Mar. 5 CROX, SHOO, SKX 14 Comments
  • Google May Soon Face Its Biggest Challenge Yet
    Wed, Mar. 5 AAPL, GOOG 22 Comments


    • Google's upcoming stock distribution could be a tremendous challenge.
    • Apple will be impacted by this event in some fashion.
    • The outcome of this distribution will have an impact on many market indexes and ETFs.
  • Dendreon Will Get Much Worse Before It Gets Better
    Tue, Mar. 4 JNJ, MDVN, DNDN 51 Comments
  • Apple: Time For A Dividend Raise
    Tue, Mar. 4 CSCO, INTC, MSFT 60 Comments
  • Intel: The Best-Case Scenario
    Mon, Mar. 3 INTC 16 Comments
  • Tesla: When Do The Shorts Give Up?
    Fri, Feb. 28 F, GM, TM 103 Comments
  • Intel: The Worst-Case Scenario
    Editors' Pick • Thu, Feb. 27 AAPL, CSCO, MSFT 75 Comments
  • Apple Leads Notable Short Interest Moves
    Thu, Feb. 27 AAPL, CSCO, DNDN 19 Comments
  • Apple Needs To Deliver Now
    Wed, Feb. 26 CSCO, GOOG, INTC 200 Comments
  • Under Armour: An Out Of Control Valuation
    Tue, Feb. 25 LULU, NKE, UA 14 Comments
  • Facebook: Many Winners With WhatsApp Deal
    Tue, Feb. 25 AAPL, BBRY, GOOG 13 Comments
  • Philip Morris: The Depths Of Despair?
    Mon, Feb. 24 LO, MO, RAI 52 Comments
  • Coca-Cola: Another Strong Dividend Raise
    Mon, Feb. 24 DPS, GMCR, PEP 6 Comments
  • Twitter: The Valuation Is Coming Down
    Thu, Feb. 20 AAPL, FB, GOOG 20 Comments
  • Tesla: The Final Warning Before Earnings
    Wed, Feb. 19 TSLA 151 Comments
  • Dendreon: The Time Is Now
    Editors' Pick • Tue, Feb. 18 JNJ, MDVN, DNDN 65 Comments
  • Cisco: The Status Quo Has Changed
    Tue, Feb. 18 CSCO 17 Comments
  • Wolverine World Wide: Changing My Opinion
       • Sat, Feb. 15 CROX, DECK, SHOO Comment!
  • BlackBerry: Does The Rally Have Legs?
    Thu, Feb. 13 AAPL, GOOG, INTC 40 Comments
  • Tesla Bulls: Be Careful What You Wish For
    Wed, Feb. 12 TSLA 136 Comments
  • Coca-Cola: Time For A Dividend Raise
    Tue, Feb. 11 DPS, GMCR, PEP 13 Comments
  • Cisco: Is This John Chambers' Last Hurrah?
    Mon, Feb. 10 JNPR, RVBD, CSCO 6 Comments
  • Apple's Buyback: Here Come The Critics
    Mon, Feb. 10 CSCO, GOOG, INTC 94 Comments
  • Philip Morris: Big News For 2014
    Fri, Feb. 7 LO, MO, RAI 35 Comments
  • Green Mountain Deal With Coca-Cola Shows Desperation
    Thu, Feb. 6 KO, SODA, GMCR 72 Comments
  • Netflix Pushes Closer To The Edge
    Wed, Feb. 5 AAPL, AMZN, NFLX 49 Comments
  • Intel: Reality Has Set In
    Wed, Feb. 5 AAPL, CSCO, MSFT 88 Comments
  • Apple Can't Fix Its Biggest Problem
    Tue, Feb. 4 GOOG, MSFT, AAPL 83 Comments
  • Altria: Low-Risk High Yielder Approaching 6%
    Tue, Feb. 4 LO, PM, RAI 38 Comments
  • Earnings Season: Here Comes The Fun
    Mon, Feb. 3 DECK, DNDN, GMCR 6 Comments
  • Amazon Pullback A Potential Opportunity?
    Mon, Feb. 3 NFLX, AMZN 58 Comments