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Bill Maurer
Long/short equity, long only, short only, growth
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$5,000 would have made sure that those that really want the car are the first one(s) to get it. What if you're on vacation at the end of March / early April and you can't reserve yours for a week or two after that? Based on Tesla's production constraints, you may be waiting until late 2018 or maybe even 2019 to get it - in the US that may mean you also don't get the federal tax credit.
a $5k deposit - no. But 100,000 of them at $5k is half a billion dollars.
That's because total inventories did not decline that much, as a result of parts involved with the Model X. Take a look at the conference call for this - one analyst asked about it.
I think that will be more apparent once we see how the margins are when the X ramps up.
One can understand some of the losses, like the write-offs, the currency issues.
The short percentage I used was for the float, not the outstanding share count.
Tesla shares were also down $100 this year into that earnings report.
Well, they had a net loss in 2015. Expenses are way too high, can't be cut that quickly.
Let me know what year it will be when they get to $1.5 billion in GAAP profits.
Probably did buy some on margin.
Don't forget the reporting year is 53 weeks. Between the extra week and Altera purchase, they have a bit of a tailwind this year.
It's been about a 5% increase per year in total dollars:
Fiscal 2013: $10.564 billion
Fiscal 2014: $11.126 billion
Fiscal 2015: $11.561 billion
See it in the cash flow statement of the 10-K filing:
Will they accept a Model X as collateral? Oh wait, it won't be produced for another 6 months.
I don't think he is eligible to run for the Presidency...
His recent Form 4 may shed some light on this, but I don't know if this will answer any/all questions:
Possible, although given the collapse in all Musk-related entities, the question of valuation for any non-public stuff becomes a huge question mark.
I saw it back in November, but the recent sharp fall makes it more relevant.
Oh, I plenty understand the space. Facebook hit an all-time high this week, while LNKD hit a new 52-week low and TWTR is almost there.
Facebook makes sustainable revenues and large profits. TWTR can't figure out how to monetize itself and loses hundreds of millions.
Difference is that Facebook actually makes money, lots of it, and growth is more impressive.
I like to look more at forward P/Es.
The point is that when growth slows, people start to realize it isn't making money, and then pop goes the price.
Yes, people can find lots of jobs on LinkedIn. But when the site doesn't make money...
Lots of people use Twitter...doesn't mean it is a great stock to own.
The only thing that worries me is if TWTR disappoints next week. That would send at least FB, LNKD down a little further I would think.
Well Facebook doesn't give guidance and and Twitter reports next week. Additionally, Facebook's estimates consistently go up because the company continues to beat.
Meanwhile, LinkedIn's full year guidance a year ago - they ended up beating on revenues but missing on non-GAAP EPS.
I think it is the other way around - most LinkedIn execs are looking at Facebook and saying wow.
One makes lots of money, the other loses money.
Today, shareholders voiced their opinion.
Yes, where instead of prices get driven up for something, they get driven lower!
Tesla shares are in a reverse auction!
Do I hear 161, 161, 161, Yes. Do I hear 160, 160, 160, Yes. Do I hear 159, 159, 159. Yes!
Yes, the original plan was for a few billion in shares, but it has been increased since I believe.
You can still get the 5s. They continued it when the 6 line came out, just didn't launch a new version. It became the lower priced model.
As I discussed late last year, warm weather would really hurt them. Not only were revenues really bad, but guidance was perhaps worse. Inventory growth also accelerated, while revenue growth is decelerating. Not a good combo.
But they still have to report the sale for quarterly results, which is where they take the hit. Take a look at the most recent quarter, where they laid out how much currencies hurt.
Yes, that was my preferred title, but this one garnered more views so it stays.
If they were going to go budget/premium, they probably would just keep the 5s and lower the price when this new one comes out.
The strong dollar hurts when they translate the revenues back into dollars. So let's say they price something at 100 Yen, and the ratio is 100 Yen to 1 dollar, so they get $1 dollar. Well when the yen goes to 110 to a dollar, but the product is still at 100 yen, they only get like 91 cents.
It's a long-term story. Where was Apple when I first recommended it? Much, much lower.
And you for one should know that I don't usually maintain/trade positions in things I write about.