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Long/short equity, long only, short only, growth
Bill Maurer
Long/short equity, long only, short only, growth
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17 hours ago
Bill Maurer
Tomorrow could define the legacy of Elon Musk. $TSLA $SCTY
17 hours ago
Dude... scary AH.
16 hours ago
20 hours ago
Bill Maurer
$SCTY beats, but Q1 guidance implies very low installations. Shares hitting new low.
Sun, 10:24 PM
Bill Maurer
We've had $GPRO and $FIT. Where are the $TSLA, $LNKD, $TWTR falling stock commercials?
Sun, 9:24 PM
Bill Maurer
Technically, $BUD is not headquartered in the US, so the "not imported" thing could be up for debate.
Sun, 10:04 PM
But the beer is made in the US, so its not imported.
Sun, 8:50 PM
Bill Maurer
Interesting idea: $TSLA should have revealed the Model 3 in a Super Bowl commercial. The marketing costs would probably have been worth it.
Fri, 2:04 PM
Bill Maurer
Hey Trip, how's that $385 target on $TSLA working out?
Thu, 5:13 PM
Bill Maurer
$LNKD and $DATA plunging on earnings. Could be a rough day for tech tomorrow.
Thu, 5:12 PM
Bill Maurer
$DECK with a big revenue miss and guidance for the current quarter is awful. Warm weather strikes again.
Feb 3, 5:53 PM
Bill Maurer
Watching The Fugitive. Too bad Harrison Ford didn't have a $GPRO for that epic jump he did!
Feb 3, 4:34 PM
Bill Maurer
Use your $GPRO to watch shares fall off a cliff! Wow. Guidance was AWFUL, and that is putting it mildly.
Feb 3, 10:13 AM
Bill Maurer
With $TSLA shares falling by the day, at what point does Elon Musk start receiving margin calls? Who's the first lender to call him out?
Feb 1, 4:31 PM
Bill Maurer
$AAPL would have had an additionally 90 cents of EPS if it had Alphabet's tax rate!
Feb 1, 4:14 PM
Bill Maurer
It's a joke that $GOOGL $GOOG is worth more than $AAPL. $18 billion quarterly profit versus $5 billion. Not even close.
Feb 1, 5:18 PM
IBM's new email combined with a Watson search engine could give Google a run for the money.
Feb 1, 7:13 PM
IBM's Verse is already better for business.
Jan 28, 3:49 PM
Bill Maurer
$AMZN estimates down a bit so far this month. Surprising that there hasn't been a lot of mention.
Jan 26, 4:13 PM
Bill Maurer
$IBM adds $F CEO as director. I guess they like the high dividend payers whose share prices are collapsing theme!
Jan 26, 3:33 PM
Bill Maurer
57 minutes until $AAPL's most important quarterly report. Until April, that is...
Jan 26, 3:42 PM
Jan 25, 7:49 PM
Bill Maurer
More articles coming. Start to this week delayed by lots of snow!
Jan 22, 1:04 PM
Bill Maurer
Rig count down 13, but only 5 of that was oil.
Jan 20, 3:29 PM
Bill Maurer
$GASL is up more than 50% from day's low! Incredible moves in this market.
Jan 20, 1:18 PM
Bill Maurer
Interesting to note - $TWTR has gone positive for the day, now up more than 1%.
Jan 20, 3:35 PM
Lol an oscar
Jan 20, 3:40 PM
spike lee drama...
Jan 19, 12:00 PM
Bill Maurer
It wouldn't surprise me if $NFLX guided to Q1 loss - not saying that they will - but international expansion and free trials will hurt.
Jan 14, 5:16 PM
Bill Maurer
I have an $INTC article coming out shortly explaining why I think shares are falling in the after-hours.
Jan 13, 4:43 PM
Bill Maurer
Use your $GPRO to watch shares fall off a cliff!
Jan 13, 5:18 PM
LOL! :)
Jan 13, 5:23 PM
Too funny!
Jan 13, 4:19 PM
Bill Maurer
$AMBA may be worth more than $GPRO by tomorrow! GoPro probably will be trading for less than its yearly sales.
Jan 13, 6:25 PM
I too am watching patiently. Though $AMBA gets almost half of its business from $GPRO I think $AMBA still has much unrealized potential.
Jan 14, 1:52 PM
It's way oversold now $AMBA no?
Jan 13, 4:13 PM
Bill Maurer
Ouch. $GPRO issues big warning and cuts workforce. $AMBA may not be done falling yet.
Jan 13, 4:11 PM
Bill Maurer
$GPRO halted for news.
Jan 13, 5:05 PM
I wouldn't invest a dime in those stocks. They're way too unpredictable for me.
Jan 13, 5:08 PM
I wouldn't invest a dime bag haha :P
Jan 11, 9:57 AM
Bill Maurer
$FIT under $20, $AMBA under $45. Wow.
Jan 11, 9:58 AM
$FIT still overvalued ... How is that shop still worth $5bn?
Jan 11, 9:59 AM
It's under $4 billion now.
Jan 7, 1:52 PM
Bill Maurer
WSJ article out saying Panasonic will partner with $TSLA on Gigafactory, investing up to $1.6 billion.
Jan 6, 12:38 PM
Bill Maurer
Wondering if $F might go slightly conservative with dividend raise (expected tomorrow?) given decline in shares has pushed yield up.
Jan 6, 4:35 PM
My prediction range was 16.5-17.5 cents a quarter. Probably should take that range down a half penny to 16-17.
Jan 6, 4:43 PM
6.6-13.3% raise is reasonable. I'd be pretty shocked if we saw another 20% raise.
Jan 5, 12:19 PM
Bill Maurer
$AAPL falls as Nikkei states huge iPhone 6s production cut coming:
Jan 4, 2:23 PM
Bill Maurer
$AAPL just went positive. Today seems to be marking a short-term bottom. Perhaps key dividend point helped?
Jan 3, 1:08 PM
Bill Maurer
Trying to get an article out on $TSLA Q4 disappointment.