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  • Velti's IPO: Interesting Deal in a Strong Growth Niche [View article]
    Would love is an issue of time. I do a piece for my website ( like the piece above for nearly every US listed ipo every year. For a two week period here that is 20+ pieces. On top of that I have forum on the site in which I am posting often during the day.

    Both of these things are secondary to trading own account which is how I make a living....does not leave a lot of time to writing freelance pieces and in depth thoughts/looks on the ipo market. Unfortunately there just really isn't much money in doing those sorts of things these days and my slate is pretty full. I'd like to try and find some time at some point to do more of that sort of thing, I've 12 years of knowledge analyzing and trading these things week in and week out.
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  • Demand Media's Long-Term Success Will Depend on Its Operating Expense Ratio [View article]
    they do wholly own 3 million 2 million+ clip a year, that wholly owned number is not their entire article list...did not see anything in the prospectus that gave a % of user contributed articles would be interested in that number as well.

    Thanks for the comment...My feeling is DMD will be bought out within 1-2 years of being public.
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  • FleetCor: Unique and Exciting Deal [View article]
    FLT - $30-$35 is my sell zone if fortunate to see those,,,scaled sells from $30 on up. we'll see, hopefully will get there.
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  • Dangdang Makes Round Trip to IPO Spike Price [View article]
    Mark, your ' fund' has gone to your head a tad it appears. you quoted directly from another article posted on the same site, simply give a nod as to where you took that from is all.
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  • Dangdang Makes Round Trip to IPO Spike Price [View article]
    right here:
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  • FleetCor: Unique and Exciting Deal [View article]
    No not really....It is the Federal Reserve, not Congress by the way. the Fed can regulate debit card interchange fees. FLT is a charge account operation for fleets, different rules apply to credit as opposed to debit. Plus 1/3 of revenues are outside US and the oil companies(and their retail outlets) are partners with FLT.

    Abstractly, the pressure on fees impacts all of the non-cash payment operations in some fashion, but no this propsed 12 cent debit card swipe fee limit shouldn't directly impact FLT.

    FLT is not in the prepaid card or debit card business. the do fleet accounts in which they front the money for charges(payable monthly usually) in which FLT actually purchases the fuel and makes money on both the customer via transaction/credit charges and the spread between what they charge the customer and what they pay for the fuel from their partner energy companies. When a tranaction occurs, it is not a transfer from customer's account to the retail location, FLT is the one paying the initial transaction. The spend quite a bit annually actually to Mastercard and to merchants in processing and commission fees, unfortunately they do not break out in detail what comes in and out on avg of each transaction.....think the current Fed debit card swipe fee reduction is pretty much a net neutral for them,,,however we'll see going forward if the trend on fee crackdowns spreads and continues. FLT a little different animal though.
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  • Dangdang Makes Round Trip to IPO Spike Price [View article]
    He got the sharecount from my piece:

    Look at page 8 of the final prospectus..full post-ipo sharecount is 78.2 ADS equivalent shares,,,this does not include potential future options, those are not shares as of this time.
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  • Dangdang Makes Round Trip to IPO Spike Price [View article]
    Mark, if you are going to lift stuff word for word from my pre-ipo piece, please note that, thanks.

    Lot of the recent 'hot' ipos are valued pretty dearly here,,,,right now the whole lot of them from VRA to DANG to SODA are just momentum plays. the ipos that have worked in 2010 are as expensive right now as ipos have been since 10/07. conversely there are a number of recent deals that have had their prices slashed and still are lagging...been a very divergent ipo market in 2010.
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  • FleetCor: Unique and Exciting Deal [View article]
    This one is sneaky good ipocandy.....think it is a $30+ stock which came at $23. as disclosed above, am still long this one. pretty average week of deals overall, not as high on ISS as most...they priced WD/GCAP attractively, but this is really the only one this week I liked a lot in range. In the same broad space as very successful GDOT/ONE ipos, although no one seemed to be paying any attention to this one pre-ipo...ONE was another of my favorites in 2010.

    good point above about 1099 compliance.
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  • Can QR Energy Sustain an 8.3% Payout Rate? [View article]
    TRPG's coverage is $1.16 annually...They've no operations, they simply own a stake in NGLS. NGLS is showing the excess cash that you mentioned above, nearly all of which filters through to TRGP. Might want to look at page 61 of the final prospectus which gives you the cash that TRPG will receive from NGLS.

    QRE is projected sufficient cash flows to pay initial yield as well as cover CAPEX. QRE is a carbon copy of LINE, they've already a number of dropdowns set up for QRE which should kick in next expect those to be funded by debt and seco's. QRE not a bad one, just expect to be diluted over time a la LINE.
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  • E-Commerce China Dangdang's IPO: Dominant Market Leader Growing Revenues Strongly [View article]
    They have both pulled back nicely...I am not as much a fan of YOKU as the jury is still out there in my opinion. I've no position in either at the moment, may look to re-enter DANG in this 25-26 range though....the momentum stocks have pulled back sharply past few sessions, so very difficult to know where they headed short term at this point.
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  • Bona Film Group: Impressive Market Share in a High Risk Sector [View article]
    The headline they selected for this article is very misleading...If you look at the conclusion my feeling pre-ipo was the pricing range was much too high here. Not a deal I own nor will.
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  • 2 Super-Hyped Chinese IPOs [View article]
    Should add that I feel most of the China ipos are of lower quality and/or stretched in valuation in pricing range. BONA today a good example, felt/wrote in my pre-ipo piece I'd be interested at 1/2 the market cap of pricing range...looks like it may be headed that way too!

    We've also seen more than a usual amount of outright fraud in China ipos of past few years...a space in which one needs to tread very very carefully as there is a lot of junk and trapdoors there...I do like DANG however, although I do not own it currently(sold 30 1/2 yesterday) and have no plans on buying unless it pulls back.

    China ipos lately have tended to go down most days...DANG/YOKU trading in a vacuum right now which again has a lot to do with combo of 'hot/'hyped' ipo coming heading into year end. I am definitely not real bullish on China ipos overall.
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  • 2 Super-Hyped Chinese IPOs [View article]
    Griping does not help one make money. I traded DANG day one, think it ends up a nice longer term winner. YOKU not so much...either way there was a lot of money to be made trading them. As a trader ones job is to look for opportunities to make money in the market and these were definitely two. Yes YOKU at least is insanely overvalued here, but so was NetSuite at end of '07...all three a product of hyped ipo into year end and we've seen it many many times over the past 10-15 years. got to figure out what is going on sometimes, griping doesn't make one money. I do believe DANG has a good chance to be a longer term winner, the metrics are headed that way. Sure right now it is fully valued going out a ways, but that happens sometimes in the market,,,especially for a hot ipo going into year end.
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  • Inphi's IPO: Solid Semi Finds Solutions to the Wireless Bandwidth Bottleneck [View article]
    sold 1/3 today 19 1/2+.
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