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  • Bio Matt
    Currently holding $SRPT $GILD $HRTX $MRK $ONCS Looking for entry points into $SGEN and $BLUE
    Apr 10, 10:45 AM
      • Bio Matt
        Current biotech/pharmaholdings: $GILD, $HRTX, $BLUE, $ALXA, $SRPT, $GALE, $MRK. Best performer, $GALE
        Jan 9, 8:26 AM
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        • bourgeois_badboy: @ Piem18848 Kramer tends to like anything a day after it has a huge day. He's magical like that.
          Jan 10, 4:41 AM
        • piem18848: Whatever it takes to increase my portfolio is "Good" still wonder if Cramer told adam and his short friends before endorsement?
          Jan 10, 10:52 AM
          • Bio Matt
            Current biotech/pharma portfolio: $ALXA $SRPT $AMBS $GALE $ONCS $RAFA $MRK