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Long/short equity, value, event-driven, long only
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I'm expecting it to reach a new 52w high.
sxiao, read that part of the article again.
BIOD and TNXP have similar G&A expenses (as you and I wrote). Now look at the R&D investments and the number of employees in both companies.
That's a very healthy investing approach and I do the same thing.
Read the bull case and the bear case, do your own DD and then decide. When investors fall in love with their positions, many things can go wrong.
glorysk87, sorry about the attitude.
Look, I'm not saying TNX-102SL will not succeed in the P2/3. I'm saying that:
1. Companies in Tonix's develpoment stage are valued at 50-60% of tonix's market cap (look at IGXT, RDHL, BIOD - all have more advanced programs, some ae partnered).
2. Tonix's claims to why TNX-102SL is better than the pill form are currently unspported and self-contraditcting and therfore, with the current data, no one can say it differs from the generic CBP pills.
3. With the reduced dosage and shorter plasma AUC (due to faster clearence), SL CBP might lose efficacy. It might not, but no one knows yet.
I haven't included numbers because there aren't any relevant ones. Tonix's high valuation (late 2013-early 2014) was built on a media hype, not on fundementals, and is too high for its stage.
BTW, as an investor, doesn't the 1:1 G&A/R&D spend ratio bother you? Have you taken a look at the salaries and bonuses? It looks like someone's having a laugh.
glorysk87, At least know the material of the company you're investing in.
The phase 2 you are citing with CBP-related pain reduction was performed with CBP pills, not a sublingual pormulation. We already know CBP pills are affective in FM.
Have you even read the article before commenting?
Re M&A talk in 2011 - see 2 comments above.
Here you go. Taken from Biopharm Insight (link for subscribers below)
Published 2011-03-15
Proprietary Intelligence
TONIX Pharmaceuticals selecting bankers for capital raise, will make contacts to prep for sale in Q4 - president
And yet, even though TNXP's CEO has been saying since 2011 that an M&A is close, no big company has yet to pick up the phone or offer a partnership
Funny how you keep trying to attack me, yet you still haven't found anything positive to say about Tonix, besides its management/BOD.
You realize that's not enough for a biotech company, right?
Funny how none of the loyal defenders and worshipers of Tonix and its management have nothing to say about how this respectful management drains the company's cash with their salaries and crazy bonuses, and spending ridiculously low $$ on R&D.
But sure, you own the stock, so keep your head burried in the ground.
To support valuation of a company, there's need to provide hard evidence of potential.
It's not my place to proove the drug won't work. It is, however, the company's job to prove it does, and so far there is not a single experimental result to support that.
You keep writing, but so far haven't written any fact that contradicts the article.
Attacking me is useless. What hard evidence of efficacy or advantage of oral CBP has Tonix provided?
Like Tonix, you BELIEVE. I don't believe. Show me facts and I'll believe.
Untill then, TNXP is over-valued.
Patent News, Take a look at our recent ITMN article.
Re TNXP, read the article again, take a moment and open the many links and references provided, that support every claim written.
Tonix has no proof for any of their claims. they are all "beliefs".
mershaw, you are correct and thank you for pointing out the mistake.
I obviously meant "Esbriet will demonstrate statistical significance in ASCEND trials..."
I asked the editors to correct the mistake.
You present an interesting and thorough article, but some data from the Peyronie's phase 3 data is missing. IMO, this missing data can be the difference between approval and non-approval of XIAFLEX for this indication:
1. When looking at the Flow diagram of the phase 3 studies, it is apparent that a significant portion of patients that passed randomization were excluded from the analysis (25-30%). The withdrawal rates from the study, however, were similar between treatment and placebo arms.

2. More alarming is the fact that among the XIAFLEX-treated patients, 3 had died during the study, while none of the placebo-treated patients died. In a penile curvature patient population (unlike terminal cancer patients) this could be a problem.
3. The PDQ PD bother primary endpoint was very marginally statistically significant. In addition, 3 out of 4 secondary endpoints were not statistically significant in at least one of the studies, prior to a post hoc meta-analysis that combined the study databases.
Other than that, it does not appear as if AUXL's stock will have a run-up towards the PDUFA date. If it didn't happen until now, it will probably not happen in the remaining 2 weeks.
Thanks for the thorough review.
Does anyone know where GTx stands with the Capesaris study (G200712)?
When can we expect an announcement on progressing to the next dose cohort, which will assure that an acceptable incidence of VTEs was monitored in the first cohort (125mg)?