• Bleecker Street Research
    Nailed it on $T, now all I gotta do is figure out if I should sell it here. Most likely will sell half of position
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    • heatnup: Excellent call, well done...amazing revelation given that company has not been profitable for only 1 Q in 3 years
    • heatnup: Also, why not sell it all at the end of AH prices, god forbid a deal falls through
    • Bleecker Street Research: Thanks, I sold enough to cover my initial investment and am basically playing with house money now. I'll probably sell Monday morning.
    • Bleecker Street Research: Reason I was skeptical is that I owned some Clearwire in the 1s and sold after the first bid. Hurts when a bidding war starts after you sold
    • Mongoose7916: any thoughts on the next spectrum play? You seem to have a good track record.
    • Bleecker Street Research: If I knew I'd tell you, I'm looking though...