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  • 5 Reasons The S&P 500 Could Fall 20% By The End Of 2013 [View article]
    Thank you for your comments. I agree with your points as well. If I had to make a guess, I think the correction would be less than 20% if there were none of the three Fiscal issues I outlined above. But that isn't the case, I really have very little belief that President Obama, or either party in congress can come together for a "Common sense" deal on the fiscal issues. Most likely more poor short-term fixes.
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  • Bakken Turbocharging These 2 Refiners [View article]
    Just because you lost money doesn't mean its a ponzi scheme.

    An example: You bought 40 shares of AAPL at $700 in September, but it dropped to $450 at the end of January. So you would have lost $10000, so using your logic of losing money, AAPL is a ponzi scheme?

    Obviously the answer is NO Apple is not a ponzi scheme, it was just the wrong time to buy.

    Sounds like you just chose the wrong MLP to invest in, or bought it at the wrong time.

    Still, do you have any real information, why MLP's in General are a ponzi scheme, or are you just speculating?
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  • Has Buffett Gone Mad? Berkshire Hathaway Founder Steps Up A $1B For College Basketball [View article]
    @phillip Marlowe that is the most left field theory I have ever heard of. #areyouserious Sounds to me like your not a sports guy lol.
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  • My 2014 Growth Stock Picks [View article]
    Thank you for your comment, I am talking about all cars,trucks in the US. Consumers are keeping there cars longer so as they get older they will need more parts etc. to maintain the performance of the car.
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  • MTUM: Profiting From The Madness Of Crowds [View article]
    I looked at this ETF and decided its name is a little misleading, after looking at its top holdings: JNJ, GILD,VZ,PEP,PG I would hardly characterize those at "Momentum stocks" I would go with the market leader in the momentum space which is the PowerShares DWA Momentum Portfolio ETF (PDP) whose top 5 holdings are: AAPL, STRZA, PCLN,ORLY, JBHT.

    Disclosure: No positions in MTUM, PDP, or any of the stocks mentioned and no plans to initiate a position.
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  • Creating A Portfolio To Outperform Obamacare [View article]

    1. IHF should continue to rise because the number of insured will be increasing under the ACA.

    2. The relevance of the healthcare inflation index, is to use it as a benchmark.

    3. The point I was making about biotechs is that they are researching amazing new products that yes contribute to medical inflation because of the high costs to develop, but those costs are passed on if a drug passes the FDA and is brought to market. So, I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of that.


    I dont appreciate your condescending tone of "nameless author posting his unqualified opinion." You don't even have a bio. at least I have a name to my opinion, you are just some random comment troller.
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  • Rentech Nitrogen Partners: Investors With An Eye Only On The Sky Might Miss Something [View article]
    Wow! that was a great article. I am a shareholder of RNF, and you have given me lots to think about, i knew some of the information but not in the detail you gave. Thank you for the excellent article.
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  • Short Candidates For When The Tide Goes Out [View article]
    When someone writes a comment on one of my articles 99% of of the time I always say "Thank you for the comment" but your comment is rude and provides nothing to the topic of my article.

    What do you think investors will dump first if there is a correction?

    -AMD which is unprofitable and pays no dividend.
    -INTC which is profitable and pays a 3.71% dividend yield.
    May 9 10:17 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Gold Foreshadowing A Stock Market Implosion? [View article]
    Great article, I completely agree with your conclusion that there is a possibility that gold could be the canary (also yellow like gold) in the coal mine for a major market correction.

    Whats odd is the dollar index, usually, gold is inversely correlated to the dollar, and looking at the chart for the Dollar index it hit a low at around 11 am which is the same time the GLD hit its morning low. After that the Dollar index hit a low it proceeded to rise steadily the rest of the trading day, and gold went sideways for awhile then fell off even more.

    I think the move in gold is currency driven, in my recent article about reasons could should be increasing: central bank buying,expense for miners are rising and are cutting back mining, rising US debt limit all of which are strong fundamental reasons why gold should be increasing, but I think the strong dollar has been hurting gold.

    What is really bad is the correlation, I use a 3 month correlation and SPY,and UUP are currently correlated over 80% and the last time that happened was 12/14/2007. So in a correction of stocks dollar usually rises, which would mean possible further pain for gold.
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  • It Is Not Different This Time - It Is Worse [View article]
    @shourey Production boomed because of Science and technology NOT because of any policy of President Obama. We would not have had the oil and gas production today without the science to find new oil fields (ie the Bakken and others) and the technology (fracking, horizontal drilling, etc.)

    If production has boomed why have gas prices gone up under president Obama? The reason why prices have gone Obama's EPA and its regulations. It is not cost effective for refiners to build a new refinery to refine crude for gasoline for Americans.

    The high production is a double edged sword, because of the high production here, our price of crude oil [WTI] is much lower than Brent. Because of that refiners are choosing to buy crude at WTI prices, refine it, and export it to the rest of the world for the Brent Prices. Look at the charts of the refiners over the since the last time Brent & WTI traded at the same price which was October 18 2010, the data backs up my point.

    Major refiners returns since that date:

    Valero Energy Corporation (VLO): +143%
    Tesoro Corporation (TSO): +299%
    HollyFrontier Corp. (HFC): +208%
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  • How To Be Protected Before The Next Market Crash [View article]
    In your hedging your long portfolio, the only problem I see is that SPY, and SDY and 96% correlated. I would keep SDY because it has a higher dividend yield than the SPY, and replace, SPY with an international ETF like the WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income ETF (DEM) which has a 82% correlation to the SDY.

    The results using since July 13th 2007, which is DEM inception date.

    Your Hedging Portfolio: 43.8% Total Return with 7.4% Volatility.
    Your Portfolio with my suggestion: 47.1% Total Return with 7.9% volatility.

    So with my single improvement you get:

    -A Better risk adjusted return.
    -More Diversification
    -Lowers your equity correlation to each other

    Just a thought.
    Apr 7 11:51 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Takes Out Major Support: Next Stop $1,350 [View article]
    I disagree you, gold has not broken its support, using the spot price, not the price of the GLD, as I show in my article I wrote yesterday, there is a strong support at the $1526.50 level, which has been tested twice and held, so that is the level I am watching, if it breaks that the next level of support is at $1433.40, but I believe that gold will hold the $1526.50 level.
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  • Bear Of The Day: Rentech Nitrogen [View article]
    I agree with Jonathan, I hold shares of RNF @ around $46/share. I knew that there would be risks in buying knowing that this year would be full of the maintenance outages, upgrades and expansions, while they were not producing, thus lowering the distribution. My purchase @ $46/share was my initial position, and I will be adding to it this year in anticipation of 2014 and 2015 when everything is upgraded and expanded distributions will grow. RNF has support between the 30-32 level so if that level holds I will be purchasing more.
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  • By a 75-24 margin, the Senate has passed a non-binding vote of approval for a bill allowing states to collect sales taxes from online retailers with $1M+  in annual sales and no presence within a given state's borders. The margin of victory suggests a filibuster shouldn't be a problem when a binding vote is made. Amazon (AMZN) and eBay (EBAY) have already begun collecting in a number of large states, and many investors have already assumed collections will expand in time. (previous[View news story]
    Let me ask you this, how many of the 46 million people on food stamps do you think are investing in the stock market? If over 10% of the population needs assistance just to buy food, there is no way they can afford to be buying stocks, so a rising stock market does not help them at all!
    Mar 24 06:47 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Stocks And Commodities Signaling A Downturn [View article]
    To answer your question.

    -No I have not bought any options because Options trading is not allowed in my Roth IRA. As for the VIX, no I do not buy anything VIX related for two reasons.

    -Most VIX products are ETNs, and I stay away from ETNs, and second, volatility is a trading vehicle, and I only like picking investment options that I could hold for a long period of time.

    If I was absolutely forced to choose a VIX product, to minimize my risk I would choose either

    iPath S&P 500 Dynamic VIX ETN (XVZ) OR
    UBS ETRACS Daily Long-Short VIX ETN (XVIX)
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