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  • Omega Healthcare Is A Classic Textbook Model Of Repeatability
    Editors' Pick  • Wed, Apr. 1 OHI 162 Comments
  • Until There's A Dividend, This REIT Remains A Pig In A Poke
    Editors' Pick  • Tue, Mar. 31 ARCP 113 Comments
  • A Canadian REIT That Says Buy Me
    Mon, Mar. 30 BRX, DDR, EQY 68 Comments
  • Gramercy Property Is Well Positioned To Deliver Something Special
    Mon, Mar. 30 GPT 22 Comments
  • This REIT Yielding 7.4% Should Benefit Investors When Rates Rise
    Editors' Pick  • Fri, Mar. 27 BXMT 173 Comments
  • Wheeler Is No Longer A Sucker Yield, Just Plain Risky
    Wed, Mar. 25 WHLR 18 Comments
  • The Dream Team REITs: March Madness Continues
    Tue, Mar. 24 AVB, BXP, FRT 24 Comments
  • A Potential New REIT For The Durable Income Portfolio
    Editors' Pick  • Mon, Mar. 23 CONE 9 Comments
  • An Undiscovered Canadian Gem That Pays 6%
    Mon, Mar. 23 WPTIF 89 Comments
  • The Lodging REIT Showdown: March Madness Continues
    Fri, Mar. 20 AHP, AHT, BEE 22 Comments
  • The Shopping Center REIT Showdown: March Madness Continues
    Tue, Mar. 17 BRX, BX, DDR 25 Comments
  • I Just Bought A High-Quality REIT With A Sound Margin Of Safety
    Editors' Pick  • Mon, Mar. 16 BRX 28 Comments
  • Health Care REIT Showdown: March Madness Continues
    Mon, Mar. 16 ARE, BMR, CTRE 65 Comments
  • Dividends Don't Lie: The Dead Money REITs
    Fri, Mar. 13 CLI, GOOD, WHLR 109 Comments
  • Nothing But Net Lease REITs: March Madness Has Arrived
    Thu, Mar. 12 ARCP, CSG, EPR 122 Comments
  • I'm Waiting Patiently For Mr. Market To Ignore This Wide-Moat REIT
    Editors' Pick  • Tue, Mar. 10 O 97 Comments
  • Tapping Into The Dividend Secrets Of Connecticut Water
    Mon, Mar. 9 CTWS 25 Comments
  • I'm Feeling Good About Physicians Realty's Vital Signs
    Editors' Pick  • Mon, Mar. 9 DOC 37 Comments
  • I'm Adding Chesapeake Lodging To My Coverage Universe
    Mon, Mar. 9 CHSP 7 Comments
  • Can You Profit From Prisons?
    Fri, Mar. 6 GEO 322 Comments
  • Has This Clean Energy REIT Left The Train Station?
    Editors' Pick  • Thu, Mar. 5 HASI 75 Comments
  • An Intelligent Way To Own Shares In American Realty Capital Properties
    Thu, Mar. 5 ARCP 82 Comments
  • American Realty Capital Is Still A Speculative Security Suspended In Animation
    Wed, Mar. 4 ARCP 210 Comments
  • Flying High With RLJ Lodging's Immutable Dividend Record
    Editors' Pick  • Tue, Mar. 3 RLJ 22 Comments
  • I'm Not Sitting Out This Dance: Host Hotels Is A Buy
    Editors' Pick  • Mon, Mar. 2 HST 42 Comments
  • There's A Lot In Store For STORE Capital
    Editors' Pick  • Fri, Feb. 27 STOR 30 Comments
  • Where's The Trust In Hospitality Property Trust?
    Editors' Pick  • Thu, Feb. 26 HPT 63 Comments
  • The Evolution Of A Virtual Industrial Park
    Editors' Pick  • Wed, Feb. 25 STAG 38 Comments
  • Hersha Hospitality Has All Of The Ingredients For Something Special
    Editors' Pick  • Tue, Feb. 24 HT 22 Comments
  • Don't Mess With Texas: Weingarten Is Ripe For Rewards
    Mon, Feb. 23 WRI 11 Comments
  • This REIT Doesn't Build Real Estate, It Builds Ecosystems
    Editors' Pick  • Mon, Feb. 23 ARE 24 Comments
  • A Blue Chip Mall REIT On Blue Light Special
    Fri, Feb. 20 TCO 32 Comments