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  • I Found A Nice Margin Of Safety In Omega Healthcare Investors
    Wed, Jun. 11 OHI 64 Comments


    • Following the principles of value investing, I look for stocks that are cheap, as I know that's the most reliable way to grow my nest egg.
    • My research and instinctive greed told me that there was added security in knowing that Omega had attractive long-term characteristics.
    • The dependability of the dividend is the primary reason that I own this stock, and I'm satisfied the shares will appreciate and provide me with a long-term winner.
  • It Seems Like Groundhog Day: Omega Bumps The Dividend Again
    Mon, Apr. 21 OHI 26 Comments


    • In early January Mr. Market gave me the opportunity. I pounced on Omega shares at $29.80, just a few nickels below my target price.
    • Last week Omega announced that it was increasing its common dividend by $.01 per share over the previous quarter.
    • That’s beginning to sound like “groundhog day” for Omega since this makes the seventh consecutive quarterly dividend increase - raising the dividend from $0.49 per share to $0.50.
    • So although some might consider 7 quarterly dividend increases boring, I find it quite satisfying.
  • Is Omega Healthcare's Risk In Government-Based Income Overstated?
    Fri, Feb. 28 OHI 55 Comments
  • A Premium Healthcare REIT That Delivers Something Special
    Mon, Feb. 10 AVIV, DOC, HCN 68 Comments
  • I Want To Dance With Omega But I Will Wait My Turn For Mr. Market
    Oct. 29, 2013 ARCP, ARE, AVIV 59 Comments
  • Omega Healthcare Is A Sleep-Well-At-Night REIT That Pays 6.27%
       • Aug. 5, 2013 AVIV, HR, HTA 221 Comments
  • Omega Healthcare Investors Hits An All-Time High - Can It Keep Climbing?
    Apr. 5, 2013 OHI 69 Comments
  • I'm Picking Omega Healthcare Because I Want My Daughter To Be A Winner
    Feb. 21, 2013 FRT, O, OHI 88 Comments
  • Omega Healthcare: Is The Highest Paying Dividend REIT In The Healthcare Sector Sustainable?
    Nov. 26, 2012 OHI 114 Comments
  • Seeking Alpha And Diversifying With Omega
    Apr. 30, 2012 CIM, FRT, HCP 75 Comments
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