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Bradley Lamensdorf  

Brad Lamensdorf, a seasoned money manager and market strategist, is the editor of The Lamensdorf Market Timing Report, a newsletter designed to help investors improve performance via market timing by assessing the environment of the stock market using a variety of technical, fundamental and sentiment-oriented tools from powerful independent research firms. Many investors mechanically enter and depart the market without a true “game plan.” Studies have shown that retail investors, in particular, are very poor market timers, tending to invest at or near market peaks and sell at or near market lows. The newsletter is designed to provide risk parameters for both professional and retail investors around the short-term stock ...More
  • Description: Newsletter author.
  • Interests: ETFs
Lamensdorf Market Timing Report Our mission is to help you make money over the long term with advice on how to properly allocate capital into the market, reflecting both the risks and rewards that are currently present. Brad Lamensdorf, a veteran market timer and chief investment officer for the newsletter, points out that many investors ...More
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Market Timing Report: Sentiment Returns To Overbought Territory $SPY, $SH Dec 15, 2014