Bradley Safalow

Bradley Safalow
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If you really want to understand what's going on with the Washington Post, I strongly encourage you to read the reports on this website:
To make no mention of the significant regulatory issues that Kaplan Higher Education faces, nor the secular challenges facing WPO's other media assets appears irresponsible.
For whatever it's worth, subscribers to our research had this information and quite a bit more well before APOL reported.
I would be careful with BPI.
Perhaps it wasn't clear, the argument being made here is that there is no real evidence of a floor hear in home prices or even existing home sale volumes. Credit is tight, inventory is high, listings are on the market far too long, some markets are almost entirely reliant on FHA lending, and record low rates have not induced buyers. It's a vicious cycle and more and more market participants want to see job growth before they act.